Top 5 Best Tool on Kali Linux

Bismillah, 5 Tool Used By Hacker To Run the Action, I think everyone who understands or at least know the problem The IT world must know Who is Hacker, Iya Hacker most People assume that the hacker is someone who understands Computer or Program or maybe most people think the hacker is someone who can break someone's account or hack someone's website answer: Yes

Top 5 Best tool on kali Linux

But have you thought about any application or tool that is used by the Hackers in Indonesia or the World to run the action, would make the readers wondering there is also a opinion Hacker more dominant Using Linux, the answer is Yes because Linux Open Source and More great than any other OS Like Windows or OSX

but not a bit Pula hacker who uses OS Operating System Windows to run the action, in the sense that hackers are not the Only Linux Holders but many Pula who use Windows OS, and in this article I will discuss 5 Tool Used By Hacker To Running Action:


The First Tool I Kenalpan Is Metasploit, Metasploit is a security software that is often used to test the resilience of a system by exploiting software weaknesses of a system.Metasploit was created by HD Moore in 2003 as a portable network tool using Perl scripting language. Then, the Metasploit Framework is completely rewritten in the Ruby programming language.

Top 5 Best tool on kali Linux

On October 21, 2009, the Metasploit Project announced that it had been acquired by Rapid7, a security company that provides integrated management vulnerability solutions. Like comparable commercial products such as the Immunity Canvas or Core Impact Security Technologies, Metasploit can be used to test computer system vulnerabilities to protect them or to enter remote systems. Like many information security tools, Metasploit can be used for both legitimate and unauthorized activities. Since the acquisition of the Metasploit Framework. Metasploit is usually used to attack application layer with 0-day attack which is the method of attack on software that has not been in pat*h. Metasploit is commonly associated with the term "remote exploitation", meaning that the attacker is at a remote range can control the victim's computer.


and the second is NMAP, an open source tool for network security exploration and auditing. It is designed to check large networks quickly, although it can also work against a single host. Nmap uses raw IP packets in a sophisticated way to determine which hosts are available on the network, what service (application name and version) is provided, what operating system (and version) is used, what type of firewall/packet filter is used, and a number of other characteristics.
Top 5 Best tool on kali Linux

Although Nmap is commonly used for security audits, many systems and network administrators consider it useful for routine tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime. Until now still in the Category Tool Scanner The Best.


Tool for BruteForce.THC Hydra (The Hacker's Choice) Hydra uses a dictionary attack to test weak or simple passwords on one or many remote hosts running a variety of different services.

Top 5 Best tool on kali Linux

It is designed as a proof-of-concept utility to demonstrate the ease of badly selected cracked passwords. It can do a quick dictionary attack against over 30 protocols, including telnet, FTP, HTTP, https, smb, multiple databases, and more. Search for Username or Password List By Description.

Subgraph Vega

Vega can help you find and validate SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), reveal sensitive information, and other vulnerabilities. This scanner is written in Java, GUI-based, and can run on Linux, OS X, and Windows. It includes an automated scanner for quick testing and has a proxy feature in a tactical inspection. Vega scanners can find XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, and other vulnerabilities.

Top 5 Best tool on kali Linux

Vega can be developed using the API in the web language: Javascript. This tool is also available for Linux and Windows

Social Engineer Toolkit

Is a Tool that relies on Human Weakness or Neglect, or Social-Engineer Toolkit is an action to manipulate one's mind? to get the expected goal. Soc-eng is a general term and everyday people do this, but the use of Soc-Eng in the world of hacking and Pen-Test becomes slightly different. The main function of Soc-Eng in the world of Hacking is to get information, get access permissions and many other things as well.

Top 5 Best tool on kali Linux

There are many kinds of Soc-Eng, tips and tricks this much scattered on the internet like the tutorial you are reading this, and also a lot of tools that can be used to perform techniques of Social-Engineering attacks.

and that's about 5 Tool Used By Hacker To Run The Action

Bismillah, 5 Tool Used By Hacker To Run the Action, I think everyone who understands or at least know the problem The IT world must know W...
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How to Get Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) 100% Connected

for those of you who are looking for free VPN, I will share VPN free download place and how to use VPN which I will explain to you in detail until you understand and can by using VPN. for those who already understand how to use VPN maybe some of which I wrote already can skip and later I will love the free VPN link, you are looking for.
How to get VPN Free
  • what is VPN
what is VPN, VPN stands for (virtual private network) which means that you have a private network connected to the server to hide your ip address so that the exchange of data becomes more secure and private, it is typing VPN and VPN functions in general.

along with the development of Internet network modification, VPN can also be used with a proxy server that is usually in use Indonesia today, so the path like this

computer <-> proxy server <-> vpn client <-> vpn server <-> internet

nah so that's roughly the scheme of using VPN, so computer, laptop or smartphone client using proxy server for VPN connection then automatically all your computer identity will change according to id VPN server while using internet connection with VPN.

the example of the case you use the connection from the VPN server us, then when you surf the internet all your data will be recorded as internet users from us. so do I know about the function and benefits of VPN.

where to download VPN for free
after you know the meaning of VPN and VPN function, so now I will give you some sites that provide VPN for free, actually many sites that provide free VPN account it is all his account only VPN trial that use in restricting hours or days.

ok just let me give some free vpn sites that I often use for certain purposes.
vpnbook is a site that provides VPN trial for 3 days if not wrong but after 2 days password will appear for next day.

VPN book provides several different servers and provides 2 types of VPN ie VPN OpenVPN TCP / UDP and VPN PPTP
How to use VPN for free
ok, now I will sample to you how to use the correct VPN along with tips on using of OpenVPN software, softener VPN, and PPTP VPN. since its commonly used is VPN using OpenVPN then now I will explain first how to use OpenVPN then the next softener and the last PPTP VPN.
how to use OpenVPN
actually the use of OpenVPN quite easy if the default setting is not in the fox, but the use of OpenVPN will be a bit complicated if you want to edit the request header on config OpenVPN. ok now start with its steps.

step - step install OpenVPN
  1. if you do not have OpenVPN software you can download it here.
  2. download according to your operating system version.
  3. then double click the exe that was already in download then next> I agree> next> install.
  4. later if there is a notice like this.
  5. click checklist then click install
  6. last click install finish.
  7. done.

  • How to use OpenVPN

first of all is to first download the configure its OpenVPN in vpnbook or on other sites that provide free VPN that I have mentioned. then you download the configuration is just one course. the example I downloaded is us1.
Free VPN on OpenVPN
you can choose another configure but that must Write is username and password in the carry it. because if n the in the note cannot login ntar to openvpn server.

after you download you copy the contents in the zip folder to the folder C: Program FilesOpenVPNffig

well if you have live open its openvpn application by right click run as administrator,

then see the openvpn icon on the bottom right in the tray.

and after that right click and select his server and connect. his example see this.
How to Connect to OpenVpn

and that's how easy it is to get a free VPN and how to use it.

for those of you who are looking for free VPN, I will share VPN free download place and how to use VPN which I will explain to you in deta...
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Top 5 Operating Systems for Hackers 2018

if we previously discussed 30 Basic Command in Linux so this time I will discuss the list of the best Operation System a hacker, This is the time when hacking often happens to governments, the private sector, and the general public. No wonder there are many cases of hacking, now is the era of information disclosure and globalization. These hackers are also very clever to hide their real identity to the public and almost no one hackers who successfully tracked. Why are they so hard to track? The first one definitely uses a VPN. Second, the operating system is not Windows anymore. Do you know any OS other than Windows created for hacking purposes? Even he said over Windows? Curious?

top 5 hackers OS

As we all know, Linux is also one operating system that has the best hacking capabilities other than Windows. Especially Times Linux, this OS is often used by professional hackers when in action. This OS is well known and claimed to be the number one mainstay OS for hackers.

top 5 hackers OS

This OS is the advanced OS of BackTrack, which is a Linux distro that is specially created for the purposes of penetration and testing the security of computer systems. In addition, many say this OS is the most stable OS and more secure than the previous OS. The OS also provides more privacy and security to users who are based on Debian Linux development. One of the advantages of Linux Times compared to other OS is the tools along with the unique features in it is always updated.

BackTrack is a very popular OS by hackers before a new version of its OS (Linux Times) releases. This OS really has tools and features that support hacking activities, ranging from scanning, enumeration, exploitation, forensics, reverse engineering, wireless hacking, and more.

top 5 hackers OS

BackTrack was developed for a long time by IT developers. Unfortunately, this OS is no longer developed by the manufacturer, but you can still try OS Ubuntu Linux development results of this.

3. Pentoo

The next OS is Pentoo. Pentoo is a Live CD OS and is claimed to be one of the mainstay OS for hackers. OS that can be run with live CD is made for security testing and is based on the development of Gentoo OS.

top 5 hackers OS

The OS also comes with some unique tools and features for hacking like Backported WiFi stack, XFCE4, and more. You live make bootable USB to run Pentoo and do not need anything to install.

If this one OS has the same development OS with BackTrack, ie from Ubuntu Linux. Nodezero is a complete OS that was created for hacking purposes and is often used for testing computer system security tests.

top 5 hackers OS

Nodezero is developed from Ubuntu and this is what keeps your system updated. So every Ubuntu can update, then Nodezero was also updated. In this OS there are about 300 tools that serve for the penetration test and basic service settings required during penetration.

Well, the last OS is also no less great than other hacking OS. Parrot-Sec OS is a mixed OS of Debian-based GNU / Linux OS in collaboration with FrozenBox OS and Linux Times which aims to provide the hacker with the best experience to do all things related to hacking. Both during penetration and computer security test trials. This OS is also often used by IT security experts.

top 5 hackers OS

Parrot-Sec has enough tools and features complete with MATE desktop as its default display screen. In addition, there are currently many communities that also support this OS so you can try this OS without worrying about how to use it.

Okay, that's some operating system that has hacking capabilities other than Windows. The hackers cannot be traced because some of these OSs are used well. In addition, there are several other OS that also strongly supports hacking, such as Network Security Tool (NST), Arch Linux, BackBox, GnackTrack, Bugtraq, and others. It would be very nice if it has a skill in hacking and really mastered it. However, please do not use for a moment's personal interest and often harm many people. Do not be arrogant, because who can be arrogant only the Almighty.
if we previously discussed 30 Basic Command in Linux so this time I will discuss the list of the best Operation System a hacker, This is ...
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30 Basic Linux Terminal Commands | Kali Linux, Ubuntu, backbox, parrot OS

some of the leading Operation System Like Times Linux, parrot Security OS, backbox, Black Arch, Ubuntu, Debian and many more, anyone who does not know one of the Open Source Operating System or Linux, of course you already know it may even be proficient in using it, and for those of you who have not or just learned about Linux is the 30 Basic Commands in the Linux Terminal.

basic Command Linux
  1. any_command -help: Displays help information about the usage of the command.
    "-help" is the same as the command on DOS "/ h".

  2. Ls: View the contents of the file from active directory. In Linux dir command is only an alias
    from the ls command. For ls own commands are often created alias ls -color, at the time in ls displayed the colors according to the files, usually green for executing, etc.

  3. Ls -al: View the entire contents of the file in the current directory and hidden files, then displayed screen per screen.

  4. Cd directory: Change directory. Using a cd with no directory name will to take you to the home directory. And cd - will get you to the previous directory.

  5. cp source destination: Copy a file.

  6. mcopy source destination: Copy a file from/to dos filesystem. Example
    mcopy a: autoexec.bat ~ / junk. Use man mtools for that command similar: mdir, mcd, mren, mmove, mdel, mmd, mrd, mformat.

  7. mv source destination: Move or rename files.

  8. ln -s source destination: Creating Symbolic Links, example ln -sf / usr / X11R6 / bin / XF86_SVGA / etc / X11 / X, create a Symbolic link of the file XF86_SVGA to X Create a Symbian Links, eg ln -sf / usr / X11R6 / bin / XF86_SVGA / etc / X11 / X, create a Symbolic link of the file XF86_SVGA to X

  9. rm files: Delete the file.

  10. mkdir directory: Create a new directory.

  11. rmdir directory: Deletes the empty directory.

  12. rm -r files: (recursive remove) Delete files, directories and their subdirectories.
    Be careful using this command if you are logged in as root, because root can easily delete all files on the system with the above command, there is no command to undelete on Linux.

  13. More: To view the contents of a file, with the addition of more commands, then the contents of the file the screen is displayed per screen.

  14. less filename: View a screen file per screen, and press "q" key if want to get out,

  15. pico filename: Edit a text file.

  16. pico -w filename: Edit a text file, by disabling the word wrap function, very useful for editing files like / etc / fstab.

  17. lynx file.html: View html file or browse to net with text mode, where image / image can not be displayed, but lynx is a very browser fast, very useful if you just want an article without image.

  18. tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz: To untar a tar file at once, uncompress the file (* .tar.gz or * .tgz), to put it in the directory desired add option -C directory, example tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz -C / opt (put the file in / opt directory.

  19. tar -xvf filename.tar: To untar an uncompressed tar file (* .tar).

  20. gunzip filename.gz: Uncompress a zip file (* .gz "or * .z). with using gzip (also zip or compress) if you want to compress files.

  21. bunzip2 filename.bz2: Uncompress files with format (* .bz2) with utility "bzip2", used on large files.

  22. unzip Uncompress files with format (* .zip) with utility "Unzip" compatible with pkzip for DOS.

  23. find / -name "filename": Search for "filename" on your computer starts with the / directory. The filename may contain wildcards (* ,?).

  24. locate filename: Search for files with the string "filename". It's easy and fast from the above command.

  25. Pine: Email reader is very easy to use, and a favorite of many Unix machine users. Or you can use email that is very customize, that is mutt,

  26. talk username1: Talk to the keyboard with other users who are logged in
    on our machine (or use talk username1 @ machinename to talk with another computer). To accept conversation invitations, type talk username2. If someone tries to talk to you and it felt annoying, you can use mesg n command to reject the message. And use the who or rwho command to see who the interrupt user is.

  27. Mc: "Midnight Commander" as a file manager, fast and good.

  28. telnet server: To connect our computer to another computer with using the TELNET protocol. Use machine name or machine IP Number, and you will get a login name from the machine, enter it password, oh yes .. you also have to have an account on the remote machine. Telnet will connect you with another computer and let you in to operate the machine. Telnet is very unsafe, every thing you type to "open text", also with your password! Use ssh instead of telnet for access the machine remotely.

  29. rlogin server: (remote login) Connecting you to another computer. Loginname and password, but if your account has been used, then you will get error message on your password. Very unsafe too, g
  30. rsh server: (remote shell) Another way to connect you to the remote machine. If your login name / password is being used on the remote machine, your password will not apply. Idem with rlogin, replace with ssh.
some of the leading Operation System Like Times Linux, parrot Security OS, backbox, Black Arch, Ubuntu, Debian and many more,  anyone who ...
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