Quality Backlink Criteria for Off-Page Optimization

For those of you who are active in the World Website either Blog or Wordpress will certainly know what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) be it SEO of page or Seo on page, but I will discuss this time is the Quality Backlink Criteria SEO Of page if you already curious with what I will discuss Let Read to Done.

Quality backlink Criteria

Quality Backlink Criteria SEO Of page is divided some of them are:
  • Relevant

The reason for backlinks coming from relevant topics/niche is very good and quality is because these types of links look more natural to search engines. In terms of user experience (UX), links on relevant websites also do not interfere with visitors, even very likely to get clicks of course into visits (traffic).

  • Contextual Links

Contextual links are links within content (articles). The reason this type of backlinks is high quality is that the links that are in the article are usually related or relevant to the content of the article (written topics). And as already explained in the first criterion, links from relevant topics are highly favored search engines.

  • High PR (DA PA)

Google rewards its authority and trusted websites with Pagerank, the higher the page rank the higher its authority. Thus, backlinks that come from a domain with high Pagerank also, of course, have a better quality than the backlinks from sites with low PR, PR0 or PR N / A.

  • Aged Domains

If a web authority is high, usually the age domain of the web is also long. There is rarely a web that can get PR4 or PR5 in a matter of months (except for web whose domain comes from domain drop, redirect or fake).

  • High Traffic

People say, "google follow people". In some cases, links on websites with high traffic have better quality than links on websites with low traffic, because links on websites with high traffic are more likely to get clicks from visitors on the website.

  • Low Outbound Links

This is related to Link Juice. Getting backlinks with outbound links (outbound links) that pretty much will reduce the effectiveness of the backlink because it must be shared with other links within the same page.

  • Unique (Different C class IP's)

Getting backlinks from websites with different hosting and different IPs also affects the ranking of our website in search engine Google.
Logically, if backlinks from different IPs are possible, backlinks are not likely to be manipulated just as if we were creating backlinks from our own websites (with the same IP and hosting).

  • Dofollow Attributes

According to the theory, Dofollow is a link that counts Google as a 'vote' for your website, whereas nofollow does. So if you get a lot of quality backlinks with 7 criteria above but the link is not dofollow, then it is a big loss.

  • One way links

One way links or one-way links.
A few years ago link exchange (exchange link) among fellow bloggers is a normal activity and very often done. This activity is quite effective to increase Pagerank and strengthen the backlinks from sites that do link exchange.

For those of you who are active in the World Website either Blog or Wordpress will certainly know what is called Search Engine Optimizatio...
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10 Differences iOS and Android | iOS VS Android

for you Android users and iPhone users must have been wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of 2 OS so that makes a good difference from the price and Performance be far for some people not many know about this, whether 2 OS is the same or not, then here I will cover it thoroughly in 10 Differences iOS and Android most comprehensive yuk directly refer to.

iOS vs Android

10 Complete iOS and Android Differences

1. Price
Most people know that iOS produced by Apple company is very different from the Android produced by Google which has now penetrated into many factories. From the price point, the iPhone certainly has an incredibly high price if we compare with Android, which is about 5 million more while Android can reach by the public, about 1.5 million upwards you can already have an android. This is due to Apple products that only issue one to two models/types just in every year, very different from Android that issued a wide range of models and its type depends on the factories that produce. The price of the iPhone is still largely determined by the Apple company, while Android relies on its own factory.

2. Quality
Discussing the quality, of course, the quality of the iPhone can not doubt us again, resilient and reliable. This iPhone smartphone is only manufactured by Apple that is not manufactured by any manufacturer, so the product offered is just an iPhone brand. The apps on the iPhone are so limited that they are reviewed by Apple that they are better quality. Very different from Android of course, which makes it easier for its users to download the app they want in Play Store, where you can just download the app that is not good and not according to your wishes.

3. Appearance
Actually in terms of appearance, both are not much different because they are both good and attractive, it's just caused by price factors so that the quality of the iPhone tends to be more impressive than Android, because Apple has a Quality Checker in the factory, ranging from materials used, installed applications, to enhancements sold on the iPhone Store. Another case with Android is produced or made in bulk and done by many factories in the world so that Android looks cheaper.

4. Share Data
On the iPhone data from IOS cannot be shared via Bluetooth to other smartphones that Android type. This weakness causes the iPhone exclusively, but its own advantages because the iPhone is more difficult to hit things like viruses, malware or other things that can make the files, data, and OS systems are damaged. For you Android users would know things like this, which when you open the site and suddenly open another site you do not want that makes your smartphone exposed to the virus.

5. Memory
In the iPhone products, do not remove the extra like external memory, because everything is internal and available various capacities ie 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. Unlike Android which each product has internal memory and can be added external memory up to 32 GB. Based on memory, Android products are superior to or better than iOS.

6. Camera
For the photos from the iPhone is better and sharper because Apple always presents high-resolution camera and light capture sensors that affect image quality. iPhone also features Digital Signal Processor to adjust the color, adjust the image brightness and tone mapping. This causes the iPhone camera is used to substitute for DSLR cameras are considered very easy and practical to use. Unlike the Android produced depends on the needs of users, such as the Android product Oppo F1s, which prioritizes the front camera for selfie, and not all Android Oppo has a front camera feature like those of Oppo F1s.

7. Game
Clash of Clan game or CoC which initially only exist in iPhone only, but because so famous, its developer released into a version of Android. CoC game that originally started in the IOS is applied to the iPhone that has a standard and quality on the appraisal game that is applied in the App Store. Until now, good games like the IOS was popping up, for example, Mobile Legends game. iOS has better endurance than Android, seen when installing games that are quite heavy, you do not need to update the version of the higher iOS because iOS is already high standard. Unlike Android that sometimes after installing the game can not be played because of an insufficient specification to run game applications. To be able to play it you have to change your Android system to a higher level, or replace the smartphone with enough specifications to be used.

8. Spareparts & Extensions
Apple has spare parts that are not cheap, so many iPhone consumers who complain because of its expensive spare parts that must be replaced, looking for spare parts of its products is difficult, because the iPhone itself is a resilient product and stubborn make the least sparepart in circulation. Unlike Android that is relatively cheaper and affordable price in the community, so the spare parts are easy to look for. As for its extension or Android enhancement itself, because many factories that make this type, so it is universal. So for example charger from Oppo product can be used for Vivo product, although different factory. Unlike the Apple factory that only produces a special charger for Apple only.

9. Compatible With Computers
iPhone when the memory is used up then it must find a way out so that data can be backed up to another memory or computer. Applications in the computer in use is definitely only one that is iTunes. Apple's app running on the computer as an intermediary of files, videos, music, or any other data into the computer. So have to install its application, if android will not be so busy this usually enough by using USB only then all have been settled.

10. Update Version
Apple makes it easy for consumers to access the latest iOS version update data, which only shows the notification of the new version of the iOS. In contrast to Android, because it is quite time-consuming to search for the latest version of general sites and official site of Android.

for you Android users and iPhone users must have been wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of 2 OS so that makes a good differe...
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