Understanding iPhone Jailbreak, Benefits And Risks iPhone Jailbreak

For you users of Apple gadget devices, be it iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is certainly not foreign anymore if you hear the term jailbreak. Because as we know almost most nice and interesting apps are available in the average paid App Store. This is what triggers most Apple users to jailbreak to be able to get the flexibility in doing anything as a superuser. The notion jailbreak iPhone is actually not much different from doing root on android device. Only here we discuss the root of Apple devices known as jailbreak.
Jailbreak iPhone
Understanding iPhone Jailbreak
Understanding Jailbreak iPhone is a process to get full rights on Apple devices. So this jailbreak can be done by inserting a patch into the / etc / fstab folder so that all parts of the previous iPhone are read-only now read-write, which means it can be read and accessed directly. Initially the Apple was deliberately locked access rights with the aim of maintaining the security of important data so that can not be accessed completely. But you need to know that this jailbreak is different from unlock, even if you want to unlock then you also have to do this jailbreak first. So jailbreak activity is not only done on the iPhone only but also can be on the iPod and iPad for the purpose of that goal.

Benefits And Risks Of Jailbreak On The iPhone
Before doing jailbreak, of course, must be thought through carefully, because in addition will get some benefits that can be obtained, there are also risks that must be ready for us if occasionally happen. Well, to discuss more clearly what are the benefits and risks of doing jailbreak, you can refer to the following information:

JailBreak iPhone

Benefits of Doing Jailbreak

  • Got Access To Cydia

Benefits of Jailbreak: Cydia is a place or container that provides a variety of applications for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or more exactly similar to the App Store. But there's already App Store, why use Cydia? Because through Cydia we can download a variety of applications for free that are not available in the App Store. So if to get a certain application in the App Store we have to pay, but sometimes in Cydia, we can get the application for free. Even for applications like iAP Cracker that do not pass the test and are not allowed in the App Store, we can also get in Cydia with ease. And most importantly here we can not install Cydia if the iPhone device that we have not done a jailbreak.

  • Can Install Paid Applications / Not In Allow Easily

The Benefits of Jailbreak, the main reason most people jailbreak their gadgets is that they can install tweaks or third-party apps that Apple does not allow. Because now there are many applications in the App Store and its paying. Well, by doing jailbreak we can get the application for free and easier.

  • Discretion In Organizing Ringtones

So if your device has been done jailbreak, then we can set and use a lot of ringtone options without buying or using iTunes. Even here we can also make different ringtone settings in each application by downloading "Pushtone" available in Cydia.

  • Freedom in Using Themes

As we know that in iPhone devices we have limitations in setting the theme as desired. But by doing jailbreak, the limitations will turn into freedom in organizing, editing or changing themes as you wish.

  • Can Unlock

The last benefit besides those mentioned above, we can also unlock the phone so that we can use the card more freely.

Risk of Jailbreak
  • Easy to Expect Malware

This is the risk of doing the first jailbreak because in general applications that are installed on the device that has been in the jailbreak download via Cydia, of course, this can make our mobile phone vulnerable to malware. Because we as users do not know whether the application we download is free of virus or made by people who are not responsible. Therefore for you users who have important data or mobile phone used for business needs should not be a jailbreak.

  • Battery Quick Out

One of the problems that often complained by iPhone users who have been in the jailbreak is a problem quickly run out of battery. The risk of doing this jailbreak without us realize with the flexibility in getting, sometimes we will tend to burden the iPhone with a heavier job out of capacity and of course affect the use of batteries.

  • Loss of Factory Warranty

If you do a jailbreak then immediately you have lost the official warranty from the factory. Since this is an activity that is NOT SUPPORTED by Apple, then automatically the valid warranty period will be burned and not valid.

  • IOS Upgrades Will Be More Difficult

Generally, the OS upgrade process will run immediately when we download through iTunes. But for the case of phones that have been done jailbreak will make the upgrade process with a very long time. In fact, a warning will appear whether IOS is compatible with the iPhone that has been jailbreak or not. So if IOS is found in the download is not compatible, you should not be forced to upgrade because it can make your iPhone dead total.

that's the meaning, benefits and risks of jailbreak on iPhone hopefully help.

For you users of Apple gadget devices, be it iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is certainly not foreign anymore if you hear the term jailbreak. ...
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Top 5 Best Application Video Editor for iPhone and iPad

Unlike the Best 5 Photo Editor Apps for iPhone this time I will write Some other video editing apps only allow you to edit photos with slide shows or just be able to add songs only on the recorded video. It will be very tedious and seem less creative. I will recommend video editing apps on iPhone and iPad that allow you to add filters, transitions, and share them directly to various social networks. Let's review the best video editing app for iPhone below.

5 Best iPhone and iPad Video Editing Apps

iMovie is one of the most popular video editing apps among Apple users. This app can perform some simple video editing tasks and apply multiple themes to different videos. With iMovie, you can create Hollywood-style trailers with ease. There are 15 themes that you can choose to customize with your video display. Be a professional video editor by relying on iMovie.

iMovie Editor Video

As the name implies, Magisto is indeed able to conjure regular video into extraordinary. With Magisto, the edited videos and pictures will be even more perfect because you can add various effects and other transitions.

magisto Editor Video

Magisto also provides features to share your editing results directly to various social media. Amazingly, Magisto has a built-in theme that makes it easy for you to create a movie or trailer. Magisto is a quick and easy solution for video editing and movie making.

Video editing app for iPhone and iPad, you can use LumaFX app. This application is capable of in terms of video editing such as insert color effects are blur, blur, affix pixel effect, also pinned the effect of distortion as the creator of other effects. Not only that, even LumaFX has a keyframing feature where its users can edit and animate any effects on the video to be edited. Some supporting video files are also available on LumaFX such as 120 fps, 240 fps slo-mo, and video time lapse.

LumaFX Editor Video

As the name suggests, this app is very reliable to get perfect video editing results. Perfect Video is a high-quality application. The reason, this application can produce videos with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 in different formats.

perfect Video Editor

The slideshow maker feature in this app can create a simple yet beautiful slideshow of images. Cutting or merging a video can be done in just a few minutes. If you want to create an image slider with the effect of fade in or fade out, this app is capable of doing so. Perfect Video can also be used to give text to each of your videos.

Professional video editing can be done via iPhone or iPad. This one iPhone video editing app has unique features in it so it's not surprising that Cute Cut gets a lot of positive reviews from its users. This app supports video with 16: 9 aspect ratio HD and 4: 3 SD video. There are gradient effects, 30 tools for drawing and 20 transitions as well as a number of other features within Cute Cut. Through the App Store or iTunes, you can download Cute Cut for free or unpaid.

CuteCut Editor video

Unlike the Best 5 Photo Editor Apps for iPhone this time I will write Some other video editing apps only allow you to edit photos with sl...
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Top 5 Best Photo Edit App for iPhone and iPad

Along with the development of the times and technology this makes us easy to do something, especially in the Field Editing, no need a Professional person in his field can all become Photo Editing easily and quickly if in the previous article we discuss about Video Editor Application for iPhone so this time I will discuss about the best App for Edit Photos on this iPhone list.

Image Source: iDownloadBlog
This photo editing app from Google is free though its function is incredible, In addition, to adjust the brightness, contrast, and many other settings, there are also interesting filters that can make your photo more dramatic.

Snapseed Foto Editor

One of the coolest features in Snapseed is enhancing the face and poses that can improve the pose and beautify the face!

Image Source: SLR Lounge
Ever wondered why the photos can be really good programmed when just photographed iPhone? Editing dong answer! VSCO Cam is one of our favorite photo editing apps.

VSCO Cam Foto Editor

Cool filters are provided to make the photo tone even more awesome. Of course, the programmers also pay attention to the techniques and use the camera accessories so that the photo becomes more unique again.

Image Source: Product Hunt
For you iPhone 7 Plus users definitely already do not need to use this. Yes, AfterFocus is a photo editing app that can make our photo background blur or cool language.

AfterFocus Foto Editor

This effect is perfect for you who like selfie using tongsis with background blur, portrait photos so look more okay!

Image Source: The Wire Realm
Ever wondered why it's so hard to get a nice flat-laying photo? Or why our face so strange if have place on the edge? This is caused by frequent lens distortion and disrupts our efforts.

SKRWT Foto Editor

SKRWT is present to help improve lens distortion events like the example above! The lines of the photo so clean and interesting,

Image Source: iMore
This is one of the most complete photo editing apps in the App Store. Neue Filterstorm contains a lot of settings that can make more interesting photos. There are also cool effects like double exposure for you that are creative!

Filterstorm Neue Foto Editor

Along with the development of the times and technology this makes us easy to do something, especially in the Field Editing, no need a Prof...
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