5 Best Android Video Editing Apps

The more sophisticated technology in the field of Smartphone makes Big Companies like Google Nexus, Samsung, HTC and others compete to create innovation as good as possible especially in the camera, how not until now Android already has a camera above 20 mega Pixel Wow enough for the same level Android, therefore the clearer the catch of Camera and Record Video makes people more Hobby using video for a particular purpose and therefore created the Video Edit Application located in the Google Play Store and Here are 5 best android video editing applications we have successfully summarized to assist you in video editing:

Editor Video

The list of the best android video editing apps first is VidTrim - Video Editor. Goseet-made applications offer a variety of features including video trimming, video conversion, frame grabbing, and some other interesting features.
Vidtrim Editor Video
If you frequently upload your creations videos to social media or YouTube, then using this app is the right choice. This is because VidTrim is equipped with a transcoder facility that allows you to be able to change the resolution of your video and make it smaller so that it can shorten the upload time you do.

You can also share your videos with your friends via e-mail, YouTube, or social media directly from within this app.

The next best android video editing app is AndroVid - Video Editor. Zeoxy has a lot of video editing features that will facilitate you in making a quality video, such as trimming, splitting, merging, and transcoding.
Androvid Editor Video
This application also allows you to add text, songs, and even effects to the video you edit. One of the benefits of AndroVid - Video Editor is the availability of many effects that you can use as needed, such as fade in, swapping, and accelerate or slow or slowmotion mode in your video. So, everything you need in video editing is already available in this app.

KineMaster - Pro Video Editor is one of the best android video editing apps produced by NexStreaming Corp. This app has several features you need to edit videos directly from your smartphone, from colors, brightness, saturation, to 3D effects.
Kine master Editor Video
KineMaster also provides many themes, effects, and background music that you can choose as you wish. Not only that, this video editor application has been using a drag n drop system that allows you to import various media files very easily. KineMaster application can run on the smartphone with Android operating system 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and above. But in order for you to get experience and editing performance is best, it is recommended to use the latest version of android operating system.

the best android video editing application this time is VivaVideo. If all the applications mentioned above only have the ability as a video edit application only, then different from this one application. VivaVideo is an application that combines camera video applications and video editing applications into one. The camera features video capture modes with options such as basic, selfie, slow motion, fast motion, music video, collage, and FX. While some video editing features owned by VivaVideo include photo slideshow maker, video collage maker is quite unique, and video editor is very powerful.
Viva Video Editor

By using Magisto Video Editor & Maker, you can combine your photos and songs into an awesome video or movie. The app developed by Magisto can automatically organize and add effects to your videos.
magisto Video Editor
In addition, the resulting video is also considered very innovative. You can also share your videos directly to the community in social media. Additional features of this best android video editing app are effects and filters, facial recognition systems, automatic video stabilization, transitions, and much more. Magisto Video Editor & Maker is the best choice when you need professional video editing applications.

The more sophisticated technology in the field of Smartphone makes Big Companies like Google Nexus, Samsung, HTC and others compete to cre...
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3 Best Android Root Applications are Most Powerful and Safe

high searches The way Root on Google makes me create this article as I have previously posted on How to Root Samsung Galaxy, Root Sony Xperia and Root Lenovo Vibe. Root rooting is an activity that is commonly done by android users at this time. This jealousy itself is booming since the mobile-based operating system that came up with Google in 2007. Although this activity is an activity that has been done by many smartphone users today but the activity of rooting has also been considered legal by some people in the past. However, the smartphone vendor to remove the warranty on the phone already in rooting this is their policy.

But not a few vendors who still apply the warranty on devices that have been in rooting. Judging from the usefulness of rooting itself is actually a process to make the phone becomes more special than the phone in general (which is not in rooting) this is because the phone can to access applications that can not running on mobile phones that have not been in the rooting, can also be a mobile phone can run applications special.

The Best Android Root Application List supports all types of Android

Are you interested in trying to root? see some advantages of rooting then surely you will be interested in trying to do it. Here's a root application in the best android powerful that I think is good and also stable and good for rooting. Please refer to some of the application recommendations below.

This one application is made by developers from China which is a package with kingoroot application which is made by the developer of china. By using this application for rooting we can delete the default application in the phone not only that this application will make your phone work faster and improve the performance of the phone of course.

Best tool Root Android

This application is also classified as reliable because of the support for root 104136 mobile phone models at once. For the success or failure of this application for rooting the developer has tried the application first, and the possibility of failure of this application is only 5%, of course, this includes a trusted application is not it? how according to your response it's up to you all. But the failure is only 5% with one condition that is provided that you still use the official ROM instead of custom.

As already discussed earlier this app is one package with Kingroot. This application is also often called the application kingo app this app is classified as a new application but not less good with its predecessors so as to row of application Oldest. This application is classified as root app for PC. This application is also support for many models of hp so as to add quality and appeal to this one application.
Best tool Root Android

The phone is already in the rooting will automatically be installed Super User if you use this application automatically will install the application Kingo SuperUser and Kingo SuperBattery application called Kingo SuperUser Battery is to set the battery that you use on your phone, seen of some advantages of this application therefore many who have been using this application and consider it as an application that is quite good and stable. How do you want to try rooting with this application?

SuperSU application made by Chainfie really super application. This application has a feature that offers you whether you want to rooting normally or thoroughly of course with your offer to be free to choose which not only with root using this application you can improve the performance of your phone. This application also frequently update/update periodically so you can always enjoy various new features and new things related to rooting of course.

Best tool Root Android

Another feature 
is that you can unroot. Very interesting is not it? SuperSU allows you to manage superuser rights or commonly people call it with full access, not only that full access is also very user friendly and also many more available other interesting features.
high searches The way Root on Google makes me create this article as I have previously posted on How to Root Samsung Galaxy , Root Sony X...
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How to Get Free Internet With Psiphon Pro Android

This one application is a free app that is in the Google Play Store for Android version but there is also for Windows version, if in previous post we discuss how to Get Bitcoin Free on Android then now I will discuss is how to get free internet by using Psiphon Pro on Android spelled out a very easy way to do because by using this Psiphon Pro we do not need too many settings in this application, Psiphon Pro also provides several types of state servers such as America, Singapore, Germany, China, Japan, and others.
How to get Free Internet
  • Android: If you have installed Psiphon for Android through the Google Play Store, it will automatically be updated by the Play Store when there are updates available. If you have Psiphon for Android installed manually, Psiphon Client will download updates when available, and a notification will appear asking you to install updates.
  • Windows: The Psiphon client for Windows will download and install updates as they become available.
  • Manually updating: If the self-renewal mechanism Psiphon does not work (for example, if it has been blocked), you can find information about getting the new download of Psiphon from the Downloaded Page.

A little introduction about Psiphon just goes if you are interested to use Psiphon Pro you Can download it in Google Play Store.
  1. The first step is to download the App in the Play Store
    How to get Free Internet With psiphon Pro on Android
  2. Once application is installed in Android please go to settings select your server
    How to get Free Internet With psiphon Pro on Android
  3. Connect Psiphon Pro by pressing Start
    How to get Free Internet With psiphon Pro on Android
  4. wait until Psiphon Pro is actually connected, if it is connected will be marked with the letter "P" which was red turned into Blue
    How to get Free Internet With psiphon Pro on Android

Done Please at Try and good luck.
This one application is a free app that is in the Google Play Store for Android version but there is also for Windows version, if in previ...
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