How To Install Kali Net Hunter on Android Smartphones

The developers of one of the most developed open source operating systems devoted to penetration testing, 'KALI Linux' has announced with the release of the new Kali project, known as NetHunter, which runs on Google Nexus devices.

Times Linux is a Debian-based open source operating system for penetration and forensic testing, managed and funded by Offensive Security, a world-class information security training provider and penetration testing service provider. Times Linux appeared when first performed as an OS for a series of penetration testing and network monitoring tools, and Kali Linux was used as a tool for software testing and software security.

Install kali net Hunter on Android

After Times Linux spread its influence on the world of hackers and internet security, Linux Times has now released its version of "Kali Nethunter", a security version for Android devices. Nethunter is a mobile distribution software designed to be able to run on systems that go through USB while installing and running on an Android phone.

The Linux NetHunter Times project provides a wealth of experience for Nexus users, who run the NetHunter penetration testing platform, can launch attacks including Teensy keyboard via HID attack and BadUSB man-in-the-middle (MITM) network attacks via USB (HID), wireless 802.11 frames injection, and can configure the trap access point in just one click.

"As an overview NetHunter supports to be programmed to perform attacks via HID Keyboard (a-la-teensy), as well as" BadUSB "network attacks, allowing an attacker to easily perform MITM attacks and targets will not be suspicious, by simply connecting an Android device to the computer's USB port, "said Offensive Security Member Linux Times. "In addition to building this feature, we have done some configurations of the Kali Linux tools available for use, many of which can be configured through simple web interfaces."

Nethunter is currently available for Nexus devices only, but to be used for other Android devices is in development. Nethunter contains Linux Times with complete toolset, including support for self-destruction, Linux Times capabilities with VNC desktop mode on Nexus phones.

The hacking tools are designed to be used by attackers who have physical access to the device - hacking from within - or someone who gains access through social engineering, tailings etc.

Times NetHunter itself is a custom ROM made from Kali Linux so that all the functions that exist on Kali Linux can we run on Android, can it? simple answer is very possible considering the android itself based on Linux. but unfortunately, officially Linux time can only run on certain Smartphone android only. as in the following picture:
But Do not worry this time FerBoM will teach you how to install NetHunter times on all hp android, and in this way FerBoM has managed to install Kali NetHunter In Asus Zenfone Max, curious how? Check out the following reviews:
  • The first thing that is most important to install NetHunter is Android you have In Root, if not please in the root first, then you also have to install Busybox. then the next step is to download NetHunter Times Here and then select for OnePlus One CM 12.1 then download with a .zip format as in the following picture.
Install kali Net Hunter
  • Once downloaded, extract the download and open it in \ nethunter-oneplus1-lollipop-3.0 \ data \ app next Copy nethunter.apk, Term-nh.apk, & VNC-nh.apk then install on your android.
Install net Hunter on Android
  • Then open again in \ nethunter-oneplus1-lollipop-3.0 \ data \ local then copy the kalifs-full.tar.xz file to your Android and place it in SdCard Or your Internal Memory.

Install kali Net Hunter

  • After that Open Nethunter Allow Root Access Like the picture below.
  • Next Open Terminal Allow Root Access after that select AndroidSU, then type a command at the following terminal:
  • mount (Space) -o (Space) remount, (Space) rw (Space) / system (then enter)
  • ln (Space) -s (Space) /data/data/com.offsec.nethunter/files/scripts/bootkali (Space) / system / bin / bootkali (Then enter)
  • ln (Space) -s (Space) /data/data/com.offsec.nethunter/files/scripts/bootkali_login (Space) / system / bin / bootkali_login (Then enter)
  • ln (Space) -s (Space) /data/data/com.offsec.nethunter/files/scripts/bootkali_bash (Space) / system / bin / bootkali_bash (Then enter)

Install Kali Net Hunter On Android

Install Net Hunter On Android

  • Open More NetHunter Then select Chroot Manager Time see the picture below
Install kali net Hunter on Android
  • Then Select Install Chroot Times.

install Kali Net Hunter
  • Select Use SDCARD
Install kali Net Hunter on Android
  • Next Select Full Chroot.
Install kali Net Hunter on Android
  • After All is done then Wait for Installation Approximately 10 -20 Minutes or more
Install kali Net Hunter On Android
  • If Installation is Completed then Select Install & Update
Install kali net Hunter on Android
  • Congratulations Up Here You've managed to install Kali Nethunter In your android.

Install Kali Net Hunter On Android

You need to know by installing Kali net Hunter on Android will result in your battery quickly drained, but with installed Kali net Hunter on Android make your Smartphone feels alive.If you have trouble Please leave Comment Below.
The developers of one of the most developed open source operating systems devoted to penetration testing, ' KALI Linux ' has annou...
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How to Resolve Unfortunately Settings has stopped on Android

Overcoming Android Unfortunately Settings has stopped, in various cases on Android I've found something like the above would make us annoyed and upset, actually, something like this is common in Android and no stranger cause can be various Factors includes:

Settings has stopped on Android

  1. Fully Internal Storage Space
    If your phone starts a little slow or Reload at least the smallest thing you need to check your Storage Space Phone. indeed Android Smartphone now provides a fairly large storage there are 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 Gb, 32 Gb and there is even a 64 GB and 128 GB, if we Save all the files in our smartphone too much or even narrow the storage effect you happen will experience something like the above

  2. Full Application
    because of the many features and easy to get in the Play Store makes us want to try various Applications how not most applications in the Play Store Free and only with the Quota alone will certainly tempt us to download the Application and if too many applications that we put on that will happen is like on top of "Unfortunately the Settings have stopped"

  3. Smartphones affected by virus
    surely Android users and PC users understand the existence of the Virus, this can happen because we do too much Unsafe activity on the Internet or maybe too often Share Files with friends, do you do unsafe activities on the internet will lead to Virus and its Impact Smartphones will experience a decrease in performance as it starts to feel slow and may possibly lead to bootloop.

  4. The existence of Damaged hardware
    this could happen due to the hardware is damaged or weak hardware, usually that often happens is because too often we do Trial or Root failed this will result in hardware on our Smartphone will experience Damage and Minor impact could be like the Camera cannot run and Like or Like "Unfortunately Settings has stopped"

of the several factors above is obvious because the Smartphone caused damage and the solution how? The solution we read in Below
  1. Disable settings
    This way is the easiest way you just go to Settings, App settings and search Settings After that you Click then "Forced Stop" restart Smartphone.
    Settings has stopped on Android

  2. Restore Factory
    If the above is done and still not successful then the next step is to Restore factory or restore data to the original, this way will delete all the files we have saved it is recommended you must backup first and then do factory restore.
    Settings has stopped on Android
  3. Flash
    If the first and second way has been done and the Smartphone is still with the damage then the last way is by way of Flash, this way has done By Professional but if you want to try it better because it will add knowledge and experience, and you must be prepared risk, is your Smartphone will experience Soft Brick if this way fails to do.

    Settings has stopped on Android

and that's how to cope Unfortunately Settings has Stopped on Android Good luck.

Overcoming Android Unfortunately Settings has stopped, in various cases on Android I've found something like the above would make us a...
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