What is Hosted and Non-Hosted On Google Adsense Account

What is Hosted and Non-Hosted On Google Adsense Account - Before proceeding to register your blog to Google Adsense, of course, my friend must know first some important points you should know about Google Adsense (GA) itself.

Why is this important? important here is meant for my friend has a basic knowledge of Google Adsense itself, so later when you register my friend already understand what is Google Adsense? Starting from the requirements of registering, the process of signing up to my friend has become an Adsense publisher.

Adsense Hosted Non Hosted

Surely this will not complicate my friend, my friend just need to read a little from the blogs that provide experience about Adsense. Maybe what has been shared by our other bloggers who have experience can be used as the basis and initial provision to enter and plunge into an Adsense publisher.

You need to know that Google Adsense has 2 (two) kinds of account type, As I said earlier "my friend just need a little reading" only. Both types of Adsense accounts clearly have some differences.

Sometimes this difference that makes my friend wonder and confusing for my new friend plunge into the world of blogs and Adsense. As I've seen either in forums or in groups of facebook bloggers are still a lot of our friends who are confused when they find a problem with Adsense account and blog.

What is Hosted and Non-Hosted On Google Adsense Account?

1. Google Adsense Hosted

  • The Adsense Hosted
    an account is an AdSense account associated with the host partner host website (third party website), Hosted account can only be obtained by Adsense publishers by signing up through Blogspot (blogger) or Youtube.
  • This hosted hosted
    An account can only be used for domain publishers using the domain (blogspot.com) or youtube only.

2. Google Adsense Non Hosted

  • Non-Hosted Account is the opposite of the hosted account, non hosted account is an Adsense account that is not related to the web host partner host sites (third party). Non hosted accounts can be obtained by AdSense publishers who have their own hosting/blogger hosting by registering from google Adsense site directly or via Blogger platform.
  • But on Adsense account non hosted ads can be installed or displayed on any site owned by publishers such as web/blog with "Top Level Domain" (TLD) like com, net, id, web.id, info, org etc., this account can also be used in Blogspot and youtube.

Differences Google Adsense Hosted and Non-Hosted Account

1. Google Adsense Hosted Account

  • Registration of Adsense hosted account can be directly through Blogspot (blogger) and Youtube.
  • Registration of Adsense hosted account is only through one stage of review (the process of registration until received more quickly).
  • Hosted hosted ads cannot be attached to blogs with "top level domain" (TLD) domains such as com, net, id, org, web.id, info etc.
  • Hosted Google Adsense accounts are not vulnerable to banned or overly sensitive like non hosted.
  • Hosted Google Adsense account pretty difficult registration because the blog on the list must be in accordance with the wishes of Google Adsense.
  • Hosted Adsense ads can be displayed on many blogs (Blogspot domain) and more than one youtube account.
  • Adsense hosted ads can only be displayed on Blogspot and youtube only.

2. Non-Google Host Adsense Account

  • Registration of non hosted Adsense account can be direct to Google Adsense website or through blogger platform.
  • This non hosted Adsense account enrollment can only be registered by blog with "top level domain" (TLD) such as com, org, id, web.id, info etc. (cannot with domain blogspot.com).
  • Registration of non hosted Adsense account through 2 stages of review. The first review of ad placement and second review is final (accepted or rejected).
  • Ads can be installed on blogs (TLD) such as com, org, id, web.id, info and Blogspot and youtube.
  • Non hosted google Adsense accounts are more easily accepted because they use paid domains (not free) and look more trusted in their blog processing (more professional).
  • Non hosted Adsense accounts are more susceptible to violations (banned).

I think a little explanation above about what is hosted and non hosted on google Adsense account and the difference between google Adsense hosted and non-hostess account, hopefully, this article useful for anyone who stops here.

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