Understanding the Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Here is Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Actually, what is SEO? and what are the SEO benefits for the website? In the 2000s as the rapid development of cyberspace like the presence of Search Engines, indirectly SEO knowledge is also needed in Indonesia, but many people do not know exactly what SEO is? What is the meaning of SEO? How is the early history of SEO? What is the use of SEO? What are the benefits of SEO? What is SEO Technique? all because in 2000 the virtual world is still not developed and the competition between various websites is still low.
Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a technique for optimizing and maximizing the relevant value of website pages to increase keyword ranking that is accompanied by increasing visitors from Google Search Engine. SEO is done through a systematic process (analysis, implementation, report) which means doing SEO techniques included in the category of Blackhat SEO / Whitehat SEO / Greyhat SEO. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages when we run.

Like Blackhat SEOs who do malicious actions with the aim of speeding up a website ranking in Search Engine search, but has a harmful impact. Whitehat SEO is a natural and relevant action in improving the ranking of a website and this technique should be done. Greyhat SEO is a blend of the two previous techniques to improve website ranking. For Greyhat SEO is indeed a 50% combination but it also has a harmful impact on your website. SEO which stands for "Search Engine Optimization" or Search Engine Optimization. SEO was first used on July 26, 1997, by a SPAM message posted on Usenet.
The benefits of SEO

After knowing what SEO is, then it will now discuss SEO benefits for website owners. SEO techniques are actually a lot of positive impact for the owners of websites or blogs. The impact itself depends on the purpose of the website itself, such as for example affiliate website coupled with SEO techniques will increase the sales of affiliate products. There is also an online sales website combined with SEO then visitors increase, the same as sales will increase, and consumers will continue to return to your website (System of Trust).

Other you can see news website or blog information tips, tricks, tutorials when coupled with SEO then website visitors will be more targeted and the website is increasing the activity of visitors. Here are the other benefits when SEO is combined with a website or blog:

• The website becomes crowded with keyword targeted visitors
• Customers keep coming to the website
• Indirectly increase your income as a Publisher
• Search Engines Cache is the most important
• Business on the website grows
• Product sales will increase
• Reciprocal link to the affiliate product website
and others

Actually, there is a lot of things to get when you develop a website or blog plus SEO Techniques. When a piece of articles Understanding SEO still feels lacking, the following references reference link SEO

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