Top 5 Operating Systems for Hackers 2018

if we previously discussed 30 Basic Command in Linux so this time I will discuss the list of the best Operation System a hacker, This is the time when hacking often happens to governments, the private sector, and the general public. No wonder there are many cases of hacking, now is the era of information disclosure and globalization. These hackers are also very clever to hide their real identity to the public and almost no one hackers who successfully tracked. Why are they so hard to track? The first one definitely uses a VPN. Second, the operating system is not Windows anymore. Do you know any OS other than Windows created for hacking purposes? Even he said over Windows? Curious?

top 5 hackers OS

As we all know, Linux is also one operating system that has the best hacking capabilities other than Windows. Especially Times Linux, this OS is often used by professional hackers when in action. This OS is well known and claimed to be the number one mainstay OS for hackers.

top 5 hackers OS

This OS is the advanced OS of BackTrack, which is a Linux distro that is specially created for the purposes of penetration and testing the security of computer systems. In addition, many say this OS is the most stable OS and more secure than the previous OS. The OS also provides more privacy and security to users who are based on Debian Linux development. One of the advantages of Linux Times compared to other OS is the tools along with the unique features in it is always updated.

BackTrack is a very popular OS by hackers before a new version of its OS (Linux Times) releases. This OS really has tools and features that support hacking activities, ranging from scanning, enumeration, exploitation, forensics, reverse engineering, wireless hacking, and more.

top 5 hackers OS

BackTrack was developed for a long time by IT developers. Unfortunately, this OS is no longer developed by the manufacturer, but you can still try OS Ubuntu Linux development results of this.

3. Pentoo

The next OS is Pentoo. Pentoo is a Live CD OS and is claimed to be one of the mainstay OS for hackers. OS that can be run with live CD is made for security testing and is based on the development of Gentoo OS.

top 5 hackers OS

The OS also comes with some unique tools and features for hacking like Backported WiFi stack, XFCE4, and more. You live make bootable USB to run Pentoo and do not need anything to install.

If this one OS has the same development OS with BackTrack, ie from Ubuntu Linux. Nodezero is a complete OS that was created for hacking purposes and is often used for testing computer system security tests.

top 5 hackers OS

Nodezero is developed from Ubuntu and this is what keeps your system updated. So every Ubuntu can update, then Nodezero was also updated. In this OS there are about 300 tools that serve for the penetration test and basic service settings required during penetration.

Well, the last OS is also no less great than other hacking OS. Parrot-Sec OS is a mixed OS of Debian-based GNU / Linux OS in collaboration with FrozenBox OS and Linux Times which aims to provide the hacker with the best experience to do all things related to hacking. Both during penetration and computer security test trials. This OS is also often used by IT security experts.

top 5 hackers OS

Parrot-Sec has enough tools and features complete with MATE desktop as its default display screen. In addition, there are currently many communities that also support this OS so you can try this OS without worrying about how to use it.

Okay, that's some operating system that has hacking capabilities other than Windows. The hackers cannot be traced because some of these OSs are used well. In addition, there are several other OS that also strongly supports hacking, such as Network Security Tool (NST), Arch Linux, BackBox, GnackTrack, Bugtraq, and others. It would be very nice if it has a skill in hacking and really mastered it. However, please do not use for a moment's personal interest and often harm many people. Do not be arrogant, because who can be arrogant only the Almighty.

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