How to Speed Up Internet Connection in Windows 7,8,10

Tips on How to Speed ​​Up a Sluggish Internet Connection Powerfully - A further development that we can not deny and can not be avoided anymore, but as a positive thing then continue and for the negatives just fill it. Internet usage there are two kinds of people who access it, as for the type of active internet users and passive internet users.

Internet Speed Up

Both users have different and different purposes in accessing the internet, while for active internet users is someone who uses the internet in their daily lives, usually for workers who are served with work related to the internet that includes active Internet users. The passive internet users are users who are just browsing but not active in the internet world.

But there are times when we often experience the problem that is when want to access the internet network, we are experiencing obstacles that internet name is slow and of course it is a very annoying thing once. Especially for Internet users with an active category that is often once in front of their devices by connecting the internet network.

Whereas the requirement to be connected with the virtual world is to have an internet connection, the meaning of connecting not just connect only loh pal, but has a really stable connection for browsing in the internet with the convenience of internet access.

We internet users know that internet connection will greatly affect our internet access later. If the internet connection that we use fast then it will be faster also we can browse the website browsing, this is the opposite if the internet connection we have slow it will be slow also web it will open alias lola in opening website because so slow.

In accordance with the above title then I will share How to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection Lemot, adapaun about tips and how to refer to as follows.

Tips on How to Speed Up Internet Connection on PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) Computers & Laptops

Must be very bored ya sob with the name internet slow and slow, slow internet often make upset and make sleepy when browsing. Because the length of internet connection then not a few people eventually angry themselves, now to avoid the internet lemot then can listen well this one way to speed up the internet speed.

  • Increase Internet Speed ​​using Qos Packet Scheduler
    The steps we need to do is dnegan setting the existing Qos settings on the device is used, First we press Start> Then press run and type gpedit.msc then enter.
  1. Select local computer policy> Then go to Computer Configuration> Click Administrative Templates> Go to Network section and there is Qos Packet Scheduler
  2. Well my friend just click double limit reservable bandwidth
  3. Then select menu enable and limit bandwidth limit to 0 value
  4. Then press apply and restart the computer you are using

  • Tips to Increase Speed ​​Up Internet Connection with Port
    Then the way that the different keruda the first way, if the second way to set Qosnya while the second way we need to do to improve internet speed by setting the port on your computer.
Internet Speed
  1. Go to Start> Then go to My Computer> Then left click and select properties
  2. Open Device Manager menu on the left
  3. Then click the port (com & lpt)
  4. Double click the respective port or press enter it, then you select the port settings and change the bits per second to 128000 and change the flow control part into hardware and if it click ok. For more details can see the picture below.
  • Tips on How to Speed ​​Up Internet with Open DNS
    The third way is to improve internet connection by using open dns feature, open dns explanation is a free dns public that has good dns performance, by replacing the standard dns you have with dns of open dns then your internet connection speed will be fast until reach 20% faster than usual, well caran speed up internet connection with open dns following.

  1. First click Start> then go to Control Panel> select Network and Internet> then go to Network and Sharing Center> next we select Local Area Connection> and press Properties
  2. If it is then we choose Internet Protocol Version 4> then select properties
  3. Then we will change the default DNS to open dns by replacing it like this
  4. Preferred DNS Server:
  5. Alternate DNS Server:
  6. Then click OK

In addition you can take advantage of dns from Open DNS, you can also use other DNS. But for now the fastest dns is still held by open dns.

Well enough so my first friend this time about tips on how to speed up a slow internet connection on a laptop computer, if any questions about this article then can just ask it through the comments field. Follow the latest ruralrefined articles to find other interesting information, and do not forget to click follow blog at the bottom.

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