How to Resolve Unfortunately Settings has stopped on Android

Overcoming Android Unfortunately Settings has stopped, in various cases on Android I've found something like the above would make us annoyed and upset, actually, something like this is common in Android and no stranger cause can be various Factors includes:

Settings has stopped on Android

  1. Fully Internal Storage Space
    If your phone starts a little slow or Reload at least the smallest thing you need to check your Storage Space Phone. indeed Android Smartphone now provides a fairly large storage there are 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 Gb, 32 Gb and there is even a 64 GB and 128 GB, if we Save all the files in our smartphone too much or even narrow the storage effect you happen will experience something like the above

  2. Full Application
    because of the many features and easy to get in the Play Store makes us want to try various Applications how not most applications in the Play Store Free and only with the Quota alone will certainly tempt us to download the Application and if too many applications that we put on that will happen is like on top of "Unfortunately the Settings have stopped"

  3. Smartphones affected by virus
    surely Android users and PC users understand the existence of the Virus, this can happen because we do too much Unsafe activity on the Internet or maybe too often Share Files with friends, do you do unsafe activities on the internet will lead to Virus and its Impact Smartphones will experience a decrease in performance as it starts to feel slow and may possibly lead to bootloop.

  4. The existence of Damaged hardware
    this could happen due to the hardware is damaged or weak hardware, usually that often happens is because too often we do Trial or Root failed this will result in hardware on our Smartphone will experience Damage and Minor impact could be like the Camera cannot run and Like or Like "Unfortunately Settings has stopped"

of the several factors above is obvious because the Smartphone caused damage and the solution how? The solution we read in Below
  1. Disable settings
    This way is the easiest way you just go to Settings, App settings and search Settings After that you Click then "Forced Stop" restart Smartphone.
    Settings has stopped on Android

  2. Restore Factory
    If the above is done and still not successful then the next step is to Restore factory or restore data to the original, this way will delete all the files we have saved it is recommended you must backup first and then do factory restore.
    Settings has stopped on Android
  3. Flash
    If the first and second way has been done and the Smartphone is still with the damage then the last way is by way of Flash, this way has done By Professional but if you want to try it better because it will add knowledge and experience, and you must be prepared risk, is your Smartphone will experience Soft Brick if this way fails to do.

    Settings has stopped on Android

and that's how to cope Unfortunately Settings has Stopped on Android Good luck.

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