How to Get Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) 100% Connected

for those of you who are looking for free VPN, I will share VPN free download place and how to use VPN which I will explain to you in detail until you understand and can by using VPN. for those who already understand how to use VPN maybe some of which I wrote already can skip and later I will love the free VPN link, you are looking for.
How to get VPN Free
  • what is VPN
what is VPN, VPN stands for (virtual private network) which means that you have a private network connected to the server to hide your ip address so that the exchange of data becomes more secure and private, it is typing VPN and VPN functions in general.

along with the development of Internet network modification, VPN can also be used with a proxy server that is usually in use Indonesia today, so the path like this

computer <-> proxy server <-> vpn client <-> vpn server <-> internet

nah so that's roughly the scheme of using VPN, so computer, laptop or smartphone client using proxy server for VPN connection then automatically all your computer identity will change according to id VPN server while using internet connection with VPN.

the example of the case you use the connection from the VPN server us, then when you surf the internet all your data will be recorded as internet users from us. so do I know about the function and benefits of VPN.

where to download VPN for free
after you know the meaning of VPN and VPN function, so now I will give you some sites that provide VPN for free, actually many sites that provide free VPN account it is all his account only VPN trial that use in restricting hours or days.

ok just let me give some free vpn sites that I often use for certain purposes.
vpnbook is a site that provides VPN trial for 3 days if not wrong but after 2 days password will appear for next day.

VPN book provides several different servers and provides 2 types of VPN ie VPN OpenVPN TCP / UDP and VPN PPTP
How to use VPN for free
ok, now I will sample to you how to use the correct VPN along with tips on using of OpenVPN software, softener VPN, and PPTP VPN. since its commonly used is VPN using OpenVPN then now I will explain first how to use OpenVPN then the next softener and the last PPTP VPN.
how to use OpenVPN
actually the use of OpenVPN quite easy if the default setting is not in the fox, but the use of OpenVPN will be a bit complicated if you want to edit the request header on config OpenVPN. ok now start with its steps.

step - step install OpenVPN
  1. if you do not have OpenVPN software you can download it here.
  2. download according to your operating system version.
  3. then double click the exe that was already in download then next> I agree> next> install.
  4. later if there is a notice like this.
  5. click checklist then click install
  6. last click install finish.
  7. done.

  • How to use OpenVPN

first of all is to first download the configure its OpenVPN in vpnbook or on other sites that provide free VPN that I have mentioned. then you download the configuration is just one course. the example I downloaded is us1.
Free VPN on OpenVPN
you can choose another configure but that must Write is username and password in the carry it. because if n the in the note cannot login ntar to openvpn server.

after you download you copy the contents in the zip folder to the folder C: Program FilesOpenVPNffig

well if you have live open its openvpn application by right click run as administrator,

then see the openvpn icon on the bottom right in the tray.

and after that right click and select his server and connect. his example see this.
How to Connect to OpenVpn

and that's how easy it is to get a free VPN and how to use it.

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  1. open is one of the oldest protocols out there. but i feel we have better alternatives now if the need is of privacy and not just region blocking. like IKEv2 for instance. and i think vpn providers like ivacy, express and pure do offer those protocols. i wish configuring those protocols on windows through its manual dialer was as easy though.

  2. Singapore is Best Server for VPN

  3. I always use vpn if connect interney