How to Fix Bad Sector Hard Disk with CMD

in this article, I will provide how to overcome the Hard Disk bad Sector, Why it could be bad Sector following Explanation.


  1. The Sudden Computer Die
    The cause of bad sectors on your hard drive can be because in turning off the computer / laptop is not normal. It's good to turn off your computer / laptop by clicking the shutdown button of your operating system. Never directly disconnect the power cable or directly press the power on-off button when the computer / laptop is operating.
  2. Off Electricity
    For those of you who live in electrically hazard prone areas are recommended to use UPS. For those of you who use a laptop / notebook as a pc is recommended do not remove your battery when using laptop / notebook, because it can damage the components of your laptop / notebook, for laptop battery / notebook problem you can read the article Controlling Battery Should Removing Laptop Battery / Notebook ?.
  3. Rarely Computer Maintenance
    Occasionally do maintenance on your computer / laptop like defrag harddisk. Why? Like your room that blanket never tidied alias mess. Just like a hard drive, its performance may decrease.
  4. Affected by Virus Attack
    Virus attacks can cause damage to the operating system, the virus left in causing the computer to frequently hang and restart forcefully.
  5. HardDisk Age
    If you think your hard drive has been long enough to backup your files before the performance of the hard drive decreased.
  6. Less / Excessive Voltage
    If a normal power supply tire is suitable for use of hardware components can extend the life of the hard drive and avoid bad sectors.
  7. Human Error
    The sixth cause of human error (human error) such as exposed to water or fall when giving the computer / laptop.
  8. HardDisk Interested in Magnetic Field
    The seventh culprit is interested in electromagnetic fields. If you do not use a case on your computer avoid hard drive bets from areas containing magnets, such as speakers, cell phones, etc.
Bad sectors on the hard disk is divided into two, namely physically and software. Bad sectors physically, can be caused by a hard drive that is too hot, harddisk is rarely cleaned so dusty or even because it falls. And most likely, if the physical bad sectors then the hard drive should be replaced new. While the bad sectors in software is caused if the computer is shut down without a shutdown command, exposed to a virus or suddenly die electricity. If bad sectors in software, then the hard drive can still be fixed.

We can check and repair hard disk bad sector using the existing facilities in Windows, the CMD. Here are the steps:

  • Open CMD, run as As Administrator
bad Sector
  • Input Command to CMD "chkdsk /r /f i:"
Command CMD

  • Explanation of the command:
    1. "chkdsk "is a command to check disks.
    2. "/ r" function to move bad sector.
    3. "/ f" serves to fix bad sectors.
    4. "i:" is the name of the disk partition to be fixed.

      Wait for the checking process. The checking time depends on the size of the disk partition being checked. The smaller the size of the hard drive partition, so checking his bad sectors harder even faster. This checking process is done full scan.for more details please note the picture below, please do not let the pressure cancel or close because it will result in more damage Harddisk
    Scan Harddisk CMD
    • When finished, then there will be a report of the results of checks. do not be disappointed if the hard disk you repair is not correct because for this way can only fix the bad Sector level to lower level only, if bad Sector hard drive you have severe may be difficult to repair.
    CMD bad Sector

    Done, and if you have trouble fixing Bad Sector this way please leave Comment

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