How to Define Target Visitors Country Blog / Site / Web

How to Determine Target Country Visitors Blog / Site / Web - In the previous discussion admin already discussed how to optimize blogs on webmaster tools, one secret tips is to determine the target country blog end. Country targeting on webmaster tools is so important that webmasters can give Google more signals about the country or location that is the focus of blog creation. So the power of blogs in google search engine is much bigger, and the possibility of winning the competition in SERP open wider because by doing this we have narrowed the location of the competition so that automatically expand the chance our web/site to win and appear on the main page of search results.

How to Define Target Visitors Country Blog / Site / Web

Actually, determine the target country blog visitors is not a necessity because Google is automatically redirecting Search engine_nya based on user Country ID. So we do not have to bother anymore.
But many webmasters suggest determining the target country so that blogs become more SEO and have optimal performance because blogs with targeted visitors are much better in the eyes of search engines, especially google property.
There is also a lot of news that the admin heard he said Indonesian blogs that are not in the target country setting much more difficult to compete with the web/sites that have been set the target country is Indonesia in, so if the main content of the site using Indonesian language better organize target country of Indonesia for the opportunity to appear on the main page search much larger.

To make a country the focus or destination of your target visitors, you can do it in 2 ways. that is, through webmaster tools and the addition of meta tags on blog templates. If friends want to focus the target audience from a particular country can follow the guidelines to change the target country of visitors below:

How to Define Target Visitors Blog / Web / Site

The First Way to Define Target Visitors Through Google Webmaster Tools
To determine the target country of visitors through webmaster tools you must first register the blog and verify it in google webmaster tools if this is already the friends do the step of setting the target country is as follows:
  1. Please access/login first to google webmaster tools.
  2. After entering please click the web/blog that will be in the settings or set the target country.
  3. On the right menu select Search Traffic >>> International Targeting >>> Country
  4. Click the small box next to the posts targets users in to enable the target site target state.
  5. Once the target country is active, please select which countries you want to make the main target of the blog.
  6. Finally, click Save.
  7. Done.
By doing the above steps now your site is much more seo with more targeted visitors. But through the settings that exist in the webmaster tools above, we can only determine the target is limited to one country only. That's why if friends want to make some countries (more than one).

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