Functions and Understanding Top Level Domains TLD and Examples

in this post, I will discuss the Functions and Understanding Top Level Domain TLD. The domain is a unique name given to identify the name of a computer server such as a web server or email server on a computer or internet network. Domain name serves to facilitate the user on the internet when accessing the server but also used to remember the name of the server visited without having to know a row of complicated numbers known as IP addresses. This domain name is also known as a unity of a website such as "". Domain names are sometimes referred to as URL terms.

Top Level Domain

and here's the general Top Level Domain type:

  • gov - Used For For Government
  • edu - Used For educational institutions
  • org - Used For Nonprofit Organizations / Activities
  • miles - Used For Military
  • com - Used For Profit / Commercial Organization
  • net - Used For Network Organization
  • name - Used for personal / family
  • tv - Used For Television
  • info - Used For Information purposes
  • biz - Used For Business Interests
  • travel - Used For Tourism
  • xxx - Used for Adult Entertainment (Pornography)

from the list above list are many more Domain names both paid and free.

As below From the domain of the domain there is a sponsored domain like .aero .cat .coop .jobs .mobi .mpro .pro .tel .travel there is also an unsupported domain like .biz .com .edu .gov .info .int .mil .name .net .org. In addition there are also proposed domains such as .berlin .bzh .cym .gal .geo .kid .kids .mail .nyc .post .sco .web .xxx even there is also a deleted domain that is. Nato

Some examples of domain-domain infrastructure are .arpa .root.

So far according to an institution called Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Classify, 3 types of top-level internet sphere are:

  • Country code top-level domain (ccTLD)
    Used for country code and consists of 2 letters, for example, .jp for Japan
  • Generic Top Level Domain
    Used for a wide range of organizations and consists of 3 or more letters eg .com for commercial organizations.
  • Infrastructure top level domains
    The only one is .arpa

But over the development there are so many domain names that exist on the internet include:

TLD Worldwide

  • .aero = aircraft industry
  • .arpa = Address and Routing Parameter Area
  • .biz = business
  • .com = Commercial
  • .coop = Cooperative
  • .info = information
  • .int = international
  • .pro = profession
  • .travel = tourist industry
  • .tv = television
  • .jobs = human resources
  • .museum = museum
  • .name = individual name
  • .net = network
  • .org = organization

and here are some examples of the most used domains in the world:

  1. 3 (site) .com (Commercial), Commonly used for commercial or public sites and one of the most used domains in the world.
  2. (site) .org (Organization), most used by sites or forums of organizations and associations of a community on the internet.
  3. (site) .info (Information), is used on some sites that provide information facilities and information provider services.
  4. (site) .edu (Education), used for educational and knowledge sites.
  5. (site) .gov (Government), used for government sites and ministries of a country or region.
  6. (site) .mil (Military), used by state or military defense sites.
  7. Understanding the website and its type.

website is often also called Web, can be defined a collection of pages that display various kinds of information text, data, still or moving images, animation data, sound, video or a combination of all, both static and dynamic, forming a series of interconnected buildings in which each is linked to a network of pages or hyperlinks.

various websites

Type of website there are 3 (three) kinds of them, can be read below:a

  • Static Website is a website that has a page that does not change. Which means is to make a change on a page can only be done manually yitu by editing the codes that become the structure of the website itself.
  • Dynamic Website is a website that is structurally intended to update as often as possible. Usually in addition to where the main can be accessed by users (users) in general, has also provided a backend page that is to edit the contents of the website. Example

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