Top 5 Best Photo Edit App for iPhone and iPad

Along with the development of the times and technology this makes us easy to do something, especially in the Field Editing, no need a Professional person in his field can all become Photo Editing easily and quickly if in the previous article we discuss about Video Editor Application for iPhone so this time I will discuss about the best App for Edit Photos on this iPhone list.

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This photo editing app from Google is free though its function is incredible, In addition, to adjust the brightness, contrast, and many other settings, there are also interesting filters that can make your photo more dramatic.

Snapseed Foto Editor

One of the coolest features in Snapseed is enhancing the face and poses that can improve the pose and beautify the face!

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Ever wondered why the photos can be really good programmed when just photographed iPhone? Editing dong answer! VSCO Cam is one of our favorite photo editing apps.

VSCO Cam Foto Editor

Cool filters are provided to make the photo tone even more awesome. Of course, the programmers also pay attention to the techniques and use the camera accessories so that the photo becomes more unique again.

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For you iPhone 7 Plus users definitely already do not need to use this. Yes, AfterFocus is a photo editing app that can make our photo background blur or cool language.

AfterFocus Foto Editor

This effect is perfect for you who like selfie using tongsis with background blur, portrait photos so look more okay!

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Ever wondered why it's so hard to get a nice flat-laying photo? Or why our face so strange if have place on the edge? This is caused by frequent lens distortion and disrupts our efforts.

SKRWT Foto Editor

SKRWT is present to help improve lens distortion events like the example above! The lines of the photo so clean and interesting,

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This is one of the most complete photo editing apps in the App Store. Neue Filterstorm contains a lot of settings that can make more interesting photos. There are also cool effects like double exposure for you that are creative!

Filterstorm Neue Foto Editor

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