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How to increase blog visitors, hear these words is very fun, especially if you are still learning blog or web, of course, the first thing you have to do is how visitors can increase your blog, this is all reasonable because not all web or blog can get this award. the most important point is that you should also note that creating a website or blog that is good traffic is not easy. but that does not mean can not, all could be if you want to try.
SEO On Page SEO of Page

Traffic and SEO is a composition that can not be underestimated because these two things are always related to each other, where SEO itself is an effort to reach traffic. SEO effort is what is called traffic or internet users visit the web or your blog. if SEO is closely related to traffic and website you should do is off page SEO optimization and SEO on-page optimization. this is the thing you should do.

Here I share how to increase the traffic of visitors or visitors to your blog, 3 three elements that you should look at and these 3 elements are the sources of your blog visitors, so if you want your blog crowded visited s optimize to these three elements, among others are :


I'm sure if you already understand exactly what is a visitor to the search engine, the largest source of visitors to internet users from search engines. to achieve this all you have to do is get into the SERP on the front page. this is mandatory you press because if your website or blog is still on page 2 or even backward again can be ascertained that your website will be hard to have a lot of visitor traffic.

To answer the above is through SEO, be it SEO off page or SEO on the page both of these things should work optimally if you just rely on one of them can be said your website will be flawed in search engines. that's how to bring visitors from search engines.


With our relationship with the blog owner and active for blog walking of course will bring good traffic of course, but maybe to bring blog traffic will be slow. but if you are consistent on one day we waib blog walking to 20 blogs this will have a good impact to increase your blog traffic.

That's all three things you should do to bring visitors to your blog or website. if you are diligent to do three things above then your website will be flooded traffic. mode above is a real effort made by large websites. without the three things above then, your website will be nil known by internet users.


For the second is to bring visitors through social media, you can use any media, be it social media facebook, twitter, google plus and more. but ... to bring visitors from social media it will feel hard but if you can do this then you will enjoy your blog visitors are abundant.

In one news is rumored there is one website out there that only utilize visitors from social media. even the news that I read really unexpected us if this website has a unique visitors every day almost 30,000 obtained only from social media. maybe 30% comparison for search engines and 70% from social media. how great is not it? which is surprising again to hear the statement of the owner of this site says "I am the focus of social media because traffic from social media will remain stable, if I focus from the search engines may be my website is lost because the algorithm rules are always changing" this is what he said.

This is a good inspiration, of course, but can we build visibility in social media? of course, this is very difficult because of the time that we may count. if we attempt to build visibility using social media then it could be the possibility of your website or blog will never be updated. that's the truth, even if you want to succeed you have to hire people, this is what you have to do.

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