8 Best Operating System For Hacking In addition to Windows

8 Best Operating System For Hacking In addition to Windows

For you who are obsessed about hacking, surely dong watch TV series Mr. Robot? The film tells the story of a hacker named Elliot is indeed making you think hard after watching every episode of his. You're wondering baseball hell what operating system used by world class hackers while in action?
Hacking activity can not run without the help of computers, one of which plays an important role is the operating system. Professional hackers or newcomers may use different concepts and program codes when hacking, but it turns out the most widely used operating system by them is Linux-based OS. Reported by TechViral, the following Jaka serve 10 best operating system used by hackers in the world.
8 Best Operating Systems Used by Hackers In addition to Windows

1. Kali Linux

best Operation System for hackers
Times Linux is one of the most popular and best OS for hackers to launch their attacks. OS used by professional hackers is practically using Linux Times, and some even make their own OS. This OS is a reincarnation of BackTrack, a Linux distro created specifically for the purposes of penetration and testing of a computer security system. Times Linux was staying digadang more stable and powerful than previous generations.
The OS also provides privacy and security from other OS vulnerabilities and is fully developed to the Debian development standard. Excess Linux Times among which tools used are always updated. You interested? Times Linux can be learned, there are many sites that discuss the operating system of this successor BackTrack.

2. Backtrack

Best Operation For hacker
Before the presence of Kali Linux, Backstrack is a very popular operating system by hackers. This backtrack has tools that can support the hacking process, with a wide scope ranging from scanning, enumeration, exploitation, forensics, reverse engineering, wireless hacking, and others. The Evolution of BackTrack does take a lot of time in its development. Unfortunately this OS is not developed by the manufacturer, but you can still taste OS based on Ubuntu distro this.

3. Pentoo

sistem operasi hacker terbaik Pentoo
Pentoo is one of the best operating systems for hackers who are just Live CDs. Live distributions with live CDs are built for security testing and are based on Gentoo. Linux distro is accompanied by tools for hacking such as Backported WiFi stack, XFCE4 and so forth. You just need to make bootable USB to run Pentoo and there is no special requirement to install it.

4. Nodezero

best Operation System for hackers
Nodezero is also a complete operating system for hacking based on Ubuntu, which is used for penetration testing on a regular basis. NodeZero uses the Ubuntu repository so our system will always be up to date. So every time you get an update for ubuntu, then Nodezero also get it. In NodeZero there are about 300 tools for penetration testing and set the basic services required in penetration testing.

5. Parrot-sec Forensic OS

best Operation System for hackers
This Operating System is a combination of Debian-based GNU / Linux OS combined with FrozenBox OS and Linux Times which aims to provide the best and powerful experience while penetrating and also testing security in a system. Parrot-Sec OS is also commonly used by IT security experts.
Parrot-Sec Security has a fairly complete tool with the MATE desktop as its default view. With so much support in the Parrot OS community, there is no harm in learning to use this OS to perform system security testing.

6. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

best Operation System for hackers
Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a Fedora Core based operating system that can be used for hacking or security testing with Live CD form. Live plug can boot directly on your computer. The toolkit is designed to provide easy access to the best-of-breed open source network security applications and should run on x86 platforms. The purpose of this toolkit development is to provide Network Security Administrator with a set of open source network security tools.

7. Arch Linux

best Operation System for hackers
Arch Linux is a Linux distribution for IA-32 based computers and x86-64 architectures. The operating system is open source and there are free software supported by the community. Arch Linux is one of the OS or even the only OS that gives freedom to its users to modify freely about OS to be used.

8. BackBox

best Operation System for hackers
BackBox is an Ubuntu-based distro used for hacking purposes. According to the developers, this OS is made for penetration testing to make it easier to do. This Ubuntu based operating system has a lot of penetration applications commonly used for penetration into the system, computer forensics, sniffing, exploitation and much more.
For you who are obsessed about hacking, surely dong watch TV series Mr. Robot? The film tells the story of a hacker named Elliot is indeed...
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Type of Computer Based on Transmission Technology

The term computer comes from the word compute, which means counting. That is, every process performed by a computer is a process mathematical count. So, everything that a computer does, whether displayed on the screen, sound, images, and others are processed in such a way as to calculate electronically.
Type of Computer Based on Transmission Technology

The computer serves as a tool for writing, drawing, edit pictures or photos, create animations, operate programs scientific analysis, simulation, and for control of equipment. Originally, the computer is expensive and large equipment. Finally, arise a smaller computer and designed for use by one user with the ability to operate diverse programs. The computer like this is called Personal Computer or abbreviated as PC. Lately has been created also mobile PC that is often known as notebook or laptop. This computer is easy to carry and move (mobile).
Types of Computers
In general, the types of computers today are divided into as follows.
  • Supercomputer
Supercomputers are a type of computer that has the speed the most powerful process. Usually used to handle which applications involve complex calculations, such as weather forecasting and rocket design. This supercomputer is composed of 9152 Pentium processors P6 with a speed of more than 1.3 trillion instructions per second. In the year of 2004 IBM has completed the Blue Storm supercomputer project with speed of 20 trillions of instructions per second.
  • Mainframe or Large Computer
The mainframe is a very large computer with speed 50 to 20,000 MFLOPS. The price reaches millions of dollars and has the size of more than one room. Its usefulness is dealing processing of data with very large volumes. Examples of this computer is the IBM S / 390.
  • Minicomputer or small computer
Minicomputers are often called Midrange systems, they are the powerful machine. Usually serve the network with a simple terminal, as a server on a scale enterprise medium, has a speed of 3-1000 MLOPS. An example of this computer is IBM AS / 400.
  • Workstation or working terminal
A workstation is a powerful machine. Computers it has the ability to complete the calculation application which is complicated at 50-500MLOPS. These computers using a UNIX or NT operating system. This type of computer is equipped with powerful RISC processors like Alpha or MIPS digital.
  • Microcomputer
Microcomputers are better known as personal computers personal, is a cheap and made/produced computer lot/bulk, with speed 1-50MLPOS. Usually use DOS, Windows, or similar operating systems. This computer is used for standard applications. Microcomputers are divided into Desktop
PC, Tower PC, Notebook, Palmtop, PDA, and Laptop.
  1. Desktop PC is a large and common type of PC used in home or office with a case (CPU box) inside sleeping position placed on the table.
  2. Tower PC is a PC with case standing. Generally, CPU box is placed next to or under the table.
  3. Notebook (mini-laptop), is a type of computer that has properties like a laptop, it's just a bit smaller in size than the laptop.
  4. Palmtop or Handled PC (Hand PC), is a computer sized slightly larger than the calculator so it can be put on over the hands.
  5. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), is a type of handheld computer use the pen instead of the keyboard.
  6. The laptop is a type of microcomputer that is easy to move or taken traveling.
  • Microcontroller
The microcontroller is also called Embedded Computer, which is a microprocessor the small size that is usually installed on the equipment smart electronics, cars, and elevators. The advantages of this microprocessor are to make the equipment programmable. Computers consist of the so-called physical supporters of hardware or hardware that includes a processor, RAM, keyboard mouse, and many other components. In addition to supporters physically, there are also non-physical support components or often called with software or software. The software is a program that used to control a computer function.

The existence of software (software) is very important. No devices software, a computer cannot be enabled. Software (software) is an instruction stored on disk or CD ROM. With this software then the computer can determine What are you doing? The software is generally used for control the hardware (often referred to as device drivers), perform the calculation process, interact with that software more basic (such as operating systems and programming languages), and others.

So, a computer that only has electronic equipment or software alone will not work. With the existence of hardware and software, then the computer can serve as a useful tool.
Personal Computer and its Supporting Components
In the era of free trade, Personal Computer (PC) is also developed with open standards so a lot of companies are making hardware. Any kind of hardware can be made by the company which is different, but the hardware still can still be used. Components of supporting devices of a personal computer consist of the following key supporters.
  1. Monitor
    The monitor is the screen used to display the program and data being processed.
  2. Keyboard
    The keyboard is a useful keyboard to give commands on the computer.
  3. Mouse
    A mouse is a tool used as a pointing device that isto click on a menu or button displayed on the screen.
  4. Casing
    The casing contains many devices that are used for processing. In the casing, there are devices, including hard drives, RAM, CD / DVD Drive, processor, mainboard, and others.
  5. Speaker
    Speakers are devices used to generate sound.
  6. Printer
    The printer is a device used to print data to in paper documents.
  7. Scanner
    A scanner is a device used to scan images or writing.
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The term computer comes from the word compute, which means counting. That is, every process performed by a computer is a process mathemati...
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The Most Effective Way to Get a Fast Blog Indexed Google, Yahoo & Bing

Blogs indexed by famous search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo are the ideals of famous website makers to free bloggers. Many of them bloggers ask how to get visitors up to hundreds to thousands per day by optimizing his blog SEO. Indexed by the search engines is certainly very important for your blog crowded visitors but it is not as easy as we imagine when looking at a blog that has a lot of visitors. you have to work hard to get through the tight competition in Google SERP especially.
The Most Effective Way to Get a Fast Blog Indexed Google, Yahoo & Bing

There are so many who provide tips for many visitors with a quick posting method index by google, yahoo, and bing. I've done tricks for the sake of tricks and the results are pretty good to the blog that I have created and applied with the tutorial that I will discuss this:

Powerful Tricks Keindex Quick Posting in 1 Minute:

Submit Sitemap to Google / Bing Search Engine

The sitemap is a table of contents that explains what is in your blog/website, the sitemap here is not a table of contents as it appears on the page but an XML sitemap, XML is a language that is only understood by search engines. For Wordpress users can create a sitemap with plugins, and for Blogspot users are usually already integrated, as in the example below.
  • http://arycurve.com/sitemap.xml
  • http://arycurve.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 http://arycurve.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated
  • Social Bookmarking / Social Media

Share your content on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Linkedin, etc. Social Media: Social media is an effective sharing place that you can use to promote new articles that you create.
Ping website/blog to call Google / Bing spider
Ping was originally a method for bloggers to alert search engines to new content on their blogs. However, it has evolved where everyone can use it to update not just blogs but also traditional websites.

Ping is a very useful means of alerting search engines and directories for updates in your content. There are many online ping service sites available. Some of the best I know are:
  • pingoat.com
  • pingler.com
  • pingomatic.com
  • Internal Linking On Blog / Website Page

Creating a link from the old page to your new page. For example, links from pages that have been indexed to the page you just posted.

Linking your web pages is not just about building external backlinks. It is also important to build links to your website (internal linking) that will remind search engines about the presence of new content on your site.
Comments On Blog For Quick Search Engine Indexed
Blogs with active readers and lots of new content will be regularly crawled by search engines, by commenting on such blogs then you will get the impact of its popularity and will get your own pages indexed quickly.

Commenting on such blogs then you will get the impact of its popularity and will get your own pages indexed quickly. Try to comment on the last post on blogs that are well known and have a high ranking.
Update Content Blog / Website Regularly
Make sure you update your site regularly, fresh content is essential to get new pages indexed. If the content on your blog is stale then the search engines will not crawl your blog regularly. On the other hand, if you keep your blog fresh and updated (although updating index pages) then search engine spiders will keep coming back.

Make sure you update your site regularly, fresh content is essential to get new pages indexed.
Create targeted Article Title
Visitors will find your blog page one of them sourced from the search engine, they find your blog from search, the keywords they use for search will be adjusted to the title of the article, therefore, we have to consider is to determine the title that has great opportunities sought people.
Submit Post URL to Google webmaster.
Once you already know all the tricks how to get your article quickly indexed quickly up to 1 second please now try to apply some of the reviews that I have exposed above one by one. It is often to update the most important content.

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Blogs indexed by famous search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo are the ideals of famous website makers to free bloggers. Many of them...
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Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed

Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed Slow, On Smartphone Masakini Especially Android but not infrequently also most Android especially in MTK Processor Spek and Ram 1 Gb to the Bottom often experience Ngelag or slow, even when we press Smartphone back button like not working for some time sec, of course,use make us feel annoyed and uncomfortable to our Android Smartphone, just open the Android Specifications factor but also there is a serious Application Error Installation and filled with Ads and the following I will discuss Increase Android Speed.

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The first thing you should do is.
Android Slow
  1. Removing Applications that if not very Important, this proved powerful because the existence of the Android Application is very consuming RAM capacity, especially if the application has a fairly large size.
  2. Clear history and Cache Browser, History and cache Browser is the Internet Search History we have done so long as it has Android Smartphone, it can be imagined if 1 year we have Smartphone it will be a lot of History or History that accumulate in Browser, and then cache.

    You could say the cache is the Account and password stored in the Browser in the sense that any account we ever input in the Browser will be saved if we select the Save Mode, this will certainly be a lot of piles of stored accounts Like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and many others.

  1. Deleting existing files memory Internal, internal memory or commonly mentioned is the memory of this phone is also very influential on the android primarily especially suspended on the Smartphone with Internal 8 Gb to the bottom why, Internal 8 Gb down it is Empty memory space that is completely unfilled Anything including the ROM itself so it can be ascertained when you first bought the android The internal space listed on the Box was a room that was not intact.
  2. Avoid Installation of Apps that display a lot of Ads, these are often encountered when using or running Internet mode in addition to annoying Ads also Quotably Quota consuming, so Avoid installing Applications that contain lots of Ads.
  3. Number of Applications Running or Running, this also has a big effect on the Android Smartphone in question is often we do open more than 2 or 3 applications whereas when we want to end it using only the Back or back button, this will cause Stacking applications Running or running, or Read Also How to Eliminate Ads on Android when Data on Enable.

    If the above steps we have done and still no change the last thing I suggest Is restart your Android to factory settings But do not Forget Backup first \ your important data Like Photos, Videos, Contacts and others why should be in Backup first first, because After we do Reset tau restore Factory all data on Android will be Deleted unless you save the file in SD card or Memory External and Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed Slow version Arycurve may be useful
Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed Slow, On Smartphone Masakini Especially Android but not infrequently also most Android especiall...
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Collection of Best Internet Marketing & SEO Tools

In running internet marketing business or SEO optimization on blogs, sometimes we need the help of software or tools to facilitate the activities that we will do it.As we all know that internet marketing software and SEO tools are usually not free, even if it is free may be only a few days trial. But take it easy, do not worry, because I've put together a list of internet marketing software and free SEO tools that will help you in making money via the internet.

Although the collection of internet marketing software and SEO tools that I will inform you the price is free, but the quality is no less good with software or tools paid (premium).
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Probably right away, here are 3 internet marketing software and 3 free SEO tools that I think is best so there will be a total of 6 best Tools and Software to support your internet marketing & SEO blog business.

Free & Best Internet Marketing Software


Software Internet Marketing MailChimp

The first internet marketing tool required by internet marketers is MailChimp. MailChimp itself is a tool for managing messages.

What is meant here set can be interpreted in many ways, for example, we can set or schedule when we will send messages to subscribers or the term scheduled post. So we need to again bother to always send messages because there is already a feature scheduler.

MailChimp offers 3 membership packages, the first is Entrepreneur (free), Growing business (paid) and High volume sender (paid).

The third option of the package certainly has advantages and disadvantages, such as Entrepreneur package though free but the number of emails that can be sent per month is limited, for Growing business package the advantages can send email to unlimited (unlimited) but the weakness is expensive, the price can be up to $ 10 per month.

But I think for businesses with small-scale, Entrepreneur free package is good enough.


Software Internet Marketing InstaPage

InstaPage is a tool to make it easy for users to create landing page. As for the definition of landing page is a static page created by internet marketers to offer and sing visitors to immediately buy products sold.

Steps using InstaPage to create landing page is actually very easy, where we only need to choose a template (there are 70+ templates) and just set the appearance by drag & drop.

Another plus is, InstaPage can we combine with MailChimp, so later when visitors fill out the registration form, then we can automatically send email to the registered email account.

Just like MailChimp, in addition to providing a free package (not trial), InstaPage also provides three upgrade packages that are Basic, Professional and Unlimited.


Software Internet Marketing Buffer

A buffer is a tool for scheduling post on social media accounts. What's interesting about Buffer besides its free price is the ease with which to navigate the post. So there will be time-sharing (hours, days, years) and there are also groupings based on the social media account you use.

As far as I know, BufferApp currently only supports 5 Social Media that is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, App.net and did not close the possibility of future will increase.

What I like about BufferApp is the Connect RSS feeds feature, so later we can update the post automatically by using feeds.

Unfortunately, the Buffer software or app is only available for mobile users (Android and iOS). As for laptop or computer users only available extension for Google Chrome only, which you can download free of charge in Chrome Web Store.

Free & Best SEO Tools

Open Site Explorer

Tools SEO Open Site Explorer

I think personally, Open Site Explorer (OSE) from Moz is the best SEO tool to check backlinks of opponent blogs or to check backlinks that lead to our own blog.

In addition to the tools to see the backlinks of opponents, is also available Keyword Difficulty feature to find out how the level of difficulty of competition for a keyword.

Back to the backlink, there is also a feature 'group links by subdomain' as the name implies, the function of this feature is to group the links based on the main domain, so the term can be more concise, and suitable for bloggers who want to implement Link Building.

Actually there are many other features that exist in OSE, such as Inbound Links, Just-Discovered, Top Pages, Linking Domains, Anchor Text, Compare Link Metrics, Link Opportunities, and Advanced Reports, but unfortunately, all that can only be accessed by Pro members. And for regular members (free) can only use Inbound Link feature, but this feature is also good enough to flow backlink.

The OSE tool is also available in the Mozbar Extension for Google Chrome which you can download for free directly throughChrome Web Store.


Tools SEO SimmilarWeb

SimillarWeb is a tool for web browsing. This tool is also suitable for analyzing competitor blog website, such as find out what keywords are the mainstay of competitors, there is also information about the estimated number of visitors along with the origin of these visitors and many other features.

Seeing the many features presented by SimmilarWeb site, it seems no exaggeration if I call SimmilarWeb as one of the Best Free SEO Tools today, especially for the purposes of analysis of competitors.

SimmilarWeb also provides information about Mobile App Rankings, so later there will be a list of best android applications based on the number of users and ratings.

CuteRank dan SerpFox

Tools SEO CuteRank

CuteRank is a free SEO software to monitor, monitor, check and to know the position of blog rankings in google, bing, and Yahoo based on certain keywords. While for SerpFox is an online SEO tool to check blog rankings.

CuteRank software deficiency is only allowed to monitor 1 website/blog only, the advantages we can See more keywords at once.
Tools SEO SerpFox

For the free version of SerpFox is also not much different from CuteRank that only allows to monitor 1 blog, the advantages of SerpFox is we do not need to waste quotas to check, because the data retrieval process in Google, all done automatically (real time) by this site.

More or less that is free internet marketing software and the best SEO tools that I use most often, if I will try to update software and other free tools (but I do not promise).

That's it from me, hopefully the information about the Best Internet Marketing Software & Tools SEO Tool above can be useful for blogger friends and internet marketers.
In running internet marketing business or SEO optimization on blogs, sometimes we need the help of software or tools to facilitate the act...
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Complete List of General Terms In SEO You Need to Know

General Terms Of SEO you need to know is very much at all because SEO is indeed widespread, especially if you are new to the world of blogging and SEO.If you are still very new, to understand the discussion below, you should read one by one each section so that you are not confused later.

Complete List of General Terms In SEO You Need to Know

Complete List of General Terms In SEO

Term In Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of finding the right keywords to target ie having a high search with the lowest possible trade. Keyword Research is the earliest part of SEO and can greatly affect your rank results later.
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If you choose keywords that are medium to top competition but your blog is still relatively new, this is a very big mistake. This will result in your blog's high-rank opportunities in Search Engines almost non-existent due to overly strong competition.
  1. Keyword Planner is one tool owned by Google that helps us do keyword research
  2. Competitors are our competitors in the pursuit of targeted keywords
  3. Exact match types are keyword search types that will display keywords in the title without adding other keywords, these results are the most relevant and often used bloggers for keyword research.
  4. monthly searches is the number of monthly searches on a keyword

Term In Offpage SEO
  • Dofollow is a type of link whose point will be forwarded by Google to the page it refers to.
  • Nofollow is the opposite of Dofollow, ie google will not forward its page points to the referenced page.
  • Link Building is the process to build backlinks that will be directed to your blog
  • The backlink is a term where links or links from other blogs that lead to our blog.
  • A footprint is a footnote that you enter into a Google search query to search for blogs to be used as a place to plant backlinks.
  • Keywords or keywords are the main words emphasized in a page.
  • Outbound links are outbound links that exist on a page to another page. In looking for backlinks, you should plant backlinks in place of minimal Outbound links.
  • Social Bookmark is a site that allows us to publish and Bookmark our articles.
  • Blog Comment is a technique to find backlinks by commenting on other people's sites.
  • One Way Backlink is a one-way backlink like doing backlink from blog comment.
  • Link baiting is a backlink that we can for free because there are bloggers who voluntarily put our link on his blog.

Term In Onpage SEO
  • Title Tag is the code that governs the page title display in the browser tab section, usually, this code is placed under <head> code.
  • Crawl is the process of google to crawl a site, the more often the site is crawled by Google, the better the blog in the eyes of Google.
  • Meta Description is a meta that displays the text of the description phrase on the google search page.
  • Relevance is the relevant level or similarity of a site determined by Google as a determinant of Search Engine rankings.
  • Permalink is the URL that exists after the URL homepage, for example, http://www.arycurve.com/2018/01/the-modules-in-seo.html, the blue is the permalink.
  • Authority is the determination to the authority of a site according to Google, the more authority the site then the better according to google.
  • Page Authority is the authority of a site page.
  • The Author's domain is the authority of a site domain.
  • Heading Tag is the tagging of the text to tell this text the most important, more important, less important, and so on.
  • Bold is a bold text of optimized keyword text.
  • Alt Tag is giving alt to the picture to tell Google the name of an image because Google itself cannot crawl the picture.
  • Long Tail Keyword is a long keyword that works for us to rank higher in google because of less competitive level.

Term In Blackhat SEO
  1. Hidden Text is a technique to hide the actual link, usually, its color will be equated with the background color.
  2. Cloaking is a technique of making search engines display results that are not the same or different from the results seen by readers or visitors. This technique is the most severe punishment if known by Google, ie deindex.
  3. Stacking keywords are putting a lot of keywords on one page so that the keyword can be digested by google search engine.
  4. Link spam is to plant backlinks in any place, this includes blackhat because according to Google will reduce the convenience of a website page.

SEO Terms In Google Algorithm
  1. Sandbox is the time it takes a site to seek trust back to google because it has lost trust and disappeared from google index page.
  2. A honeymoon is a term to describe a website that can be directly on one google page in a few moments, and if not optimized correctly, its position may change.
  3. Google Penguin is an algorithm designed to overcome and attack web spam webs such as hidden text, cloaking, keyword buildup, and more.
  4. Google Panda is an algorithm that attacks web-web with poor quality like plagiarism article, unqualified article, and others.

So that's some general term SEO you need to know, hopefully, this short article useful for you.
General Terms Of SEO you need to know is very much at all because SEO is indeed widespread, especially if you are new to the world of blog...
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Creating the Blog Title Header is in the Middle

Creating Header Title Blog is in the Middle, For the world of bloggers whose name modify Template or theme of course is a common thing done sometimes because of lack of satisfaction with the template there is also due to error location, here I will explain about making Title Blog or blog title is in part header on the left Actually the location of the blog title on the left does not reduce the beauty of our blog view, However, not a few of fellow bloggers who want to change the position of their blog title which is on the left to center or center position. Therefore, I took the initiative to make a post about How to make a blog title in the middle. and How I will give to explain the title of this blog I got from Forum Blogger.

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this way has been widely used and 90% bloggers succeed as they did not work maybe the first factor is still laying or the second is a template that has been locked or Locked by the Template Maker.

Header Blog Center

How to Load a Header The Blog Title Is In The Middle:
  • First Login first at blogger.com
  • Click the Design button and Edit HTML
  • Back Up first template buddy for just in case
Then search for a code like this:

.header-inner .Header .titlewrapper {
padding: 22px $(header.padding);
  • If you've found a code like that or similar like that, delete and replace with the code below:
#header-inner {text-align: center ;}
.header-inner .Header .titlewrapper {
padding: 22px $(header.padding);

  • Click Preview or Preview first to prevent the occurrence of Error, if successful just click save
    If How To Make Header Blog Title Being in the middle of this successful buddy apply in your blog. Do not forget to leave messages through the comments field that is available. Please try.
Creating Header Title Blog is in the Middle, For the world of bloggers whose name modify Template or theme of course is a common thing don...
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Type of Processor Android Smartphone Good quality

Type of Processor Android Smartphone Good quality, who does not want to have Android Smartphone with high spec and high quality. A high processor will be supported by another high device also as example Random Access Memory or (RAM) usually presented bigger follow Processor in pairs on the Android Smartphone as well as Camera and Sebagainya, the point Brand that offers Android Smartphone with high Processor will definitely be supported by other high specs too.
Type of Processor Android Smartphone Good quality

here I will discuss Is the Android Smartphone Processor as we know the processor or Brain Computer, is an Important role for an android Smartphone if no tool this one Android Smartphone will not live or Dead total but do not get the wrong Processor on Android is the same time with the Processor is on the computer or laptop only on the computer or laptop Processor type like its predecessors namely Processor with Pentium Base, Intel Core, Intel Atom, Intel Celeron, Intel Dual Core, Intel Core2Duo, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 and the last for the current Intel Core i9 is Intel version unified with AMD Processor version and the other. While on Android we will discuss below please read carefully and to completion.
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Here are tips on choosing an android processor:

  • Choose a processor with leading brands such as Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos, Nvidia Tegra if you have a high budget. If instead, you can choose a processor with a MediaTek (MTK) or Intel brand.
  • Choose the highest series of chipsets you choose, for example, if in the low card class Qualcomm Snapdragon typically uses the 200 and 400 series, the middle class usually uses the 600 series and for the flagship class or the highest typically wears the 800 series. this is written, the highest snapdragon Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and the latest rumor will come out the 835 series snapdragon.
  • Select a chipset with a high clock speed of at least 1 GHz, higher is better.
  • Choose the most modern and new architecture today such as ARMv8, Cortex A53, Cortex A57 and others.
  • Choose the smallest and most sophisticated manufacturing. Examples of such as 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 40nm, and 28nm, 14nm, 10nm.
  • Also, choose a processor with a large and fast cache.
  • And most importantly, choose a processor with a core that has at least 2 cores (dual-core). Much nicer like 4 cores (quadcore), 6 cores (hexacore), 8 cores (octa-core), 10 cores (decacore).

That is the type of Processor that is on Smartphone Android, can definitely differentiate
Type of Processor Android Smartphone Good quality , who does not want to have Android Smartphone with high spec and high quality. A high p...
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Benefits of Using SSL on Websites | Website Hosting

For those of you who have an online business through the website, have you Don't worried and afraid if the data visitors and your important files are known or even stolen? Oh, really scary. But do not worry, the security of your important data and information will be maintained with the presence of SSL. What is SSL? What are the benefits of using SSL for a website? Let's discuss one by one:
Benefits of Using SSL on Websites | Website Hosting

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between server and client, usually known as a web server and browser; or email server and email client (eg, Outlook). This security technology enables sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials sent securely. Usually, the data sent between browser and web server in text form is prone to intercepts. If an attacker can intercept all data sent between the browser and the web server, the attacker can see and use that information.
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SSL is a security protocol.All browsers have the ability to interact with the web server securely when using the SSL protocol. However, browsers and servers require certificates for the security of the connection. To get a certificate, you must create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your server. That way, the browser lets users know that the site is secure, so users can safely browse the site and even enter their confidential information.

For those of you who have an online store through a website, SSL will keep the internet from criminal attacks and also benefit you and your customers. Some benefits of using SSL on the website:

  1. SSL certificates can improve your website rankings on Google. Google officially announced on 6 August 2014 that HTTPS encryption-only available with SSL certificates. It will be a positive thing for search engine rankings and SEO. Google is a leading search engine in the world and is a major source of website traffic both personal and business websites. So, having a website ranking in google is very important.
  2. SSL maintains sensitive information during the process of sending over the internet in an encrypted way. So that only the recipient of the message that can understand from the encryption.SSL provides data encryption through HTTPS that will protect the data of your website visitors, provide data integrity so you know that your data or website cannot be modified or tampered with. For those of you who develop an online business through a website, the browser will provide a visualized gesture such as a green key or green bar to ensure and notify website visitors if they are on an encrypted and secure connection. This will bring better benefits to customer confidence and in some ways, it is certain that these visitors will become customers on your website. SSL Provider will also provide a trusted seal that aims to instill trust for your customers. In the picture below, you can see the address on the green bar that came with the validation length (EV) SSL Certificate.
  3. SSL certificate also provides authentication. With SSL, you can be sure your information is sent to the destination server and not to other machines that do not have rights to that information. This is very important because the basic nature of the internet is data transmission and information that will pass some number of machines. Every machine has the potential to be a fake website or an impersonation to trick your users into submitting information to the machine. However, by using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and SSL certificates from trusted SSL providers, this can be avoided.
  4. Protecting Data Theft In Forms of Phishing A phishing email is an email sent by a criminal trying to imitate the look of your website. These emails usually contain links to their sites or use attacks while on the go to use your site's domain name. It is very difficult for criminals to receive a proper SSL certificate, then they will not be able to perfectly malign your site. This minimizes the possibility of phishing because users will see a trust flag in their browser.
For those of you who have an online business through the website, have you Don't worried and afraid if the data visitors and your impo...
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