How To Improve The Quality Of Blog Without The Easy Tool

Some considerations that become the basis for the site to be displayed on the first page of Google one of them is Pagerank.

Many different kinds of sites expect to get high page rank. But you need to know is Pagerank is not everything and maybe now Google will not update page rank for each website.

If we pay attention to GTO (Google Technology Overview), we will know that the top ingredients that trigger the good SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of a blog are a factor of relevance and significance with the data searched visitors. With this, it is clear that the true value of a blog is a value of relevance. How many articles searched by users in search engines on the browser match the content we create. Therefore a good article and quality that will appear in the main results of search engines later.

While the number of incoming Backlink and Ranking Blog only occupies about 18% factor in the search results. SEO Tips for Designing Your blog can be of relevance in building a good blog page.
Blog Quality on SEO

The following 3 indicators can improve the quality of Blog:

1. Conversation Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of how much visitors/visitors to interact (to convert) compared to those who only look at our website design. Conversion Rate can be in the form of buying products (e-commerce), signing up on mailing list, clicking on ads, donating, downloading files, or even just commenting.

The implementation to improve it can be done by improving the description of a product (e-commerce), increase public confidence, website design that is easy/interesting, lifting a topic of a unique article and really new and others.

2. Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a presentation of how many visitors leave your blog page based on time of visit. This bounce occurs when a visitor visits our blog page and then is not interested in the article that we created so that the pages opened by visitors will soon be closed.

How to improve and increase the number of bounce rate can be done by providing descriptions of content that is appropriate and consistent so that the theme of a content is not much different from the real theme.

3. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

In the context of organic search results, Clickthrough rate is how often visitors click on your blog as much as the number of blogs it displayed in the search result. A low CTR may indicate that the visitor thinks your blog is irrelevant to the data is searched for, or that visitors may have found another better blog page.

And how to increase clickthrough rate is to pay attention and improve the title and description of your blog. Is the description interesting? Or is there a unique reason that can be offered to the user to click on a link to your blog?

Besides the 3 things above, there are still some other factors that can be used as a good measure of a blog such as traffic factors, daily reach, the amount of pageview and time on site.

Other factors can also be done by increasing the ranking Alexa quickly and significantly.

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Some considerations that become the basis for the site to be displayed on the first page of Google one of them is Pagerank. Many diffe...
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How to Optimize Off Page SEO Easy and Qualified

Doing SEO optimization off page is the same as promoting a website on other sites in order to know among internet users and Search Engines. Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Many people associate SEO off page by building links but not only that. In general, off page SEO should be done with a promotional method - outside of website design - for the purpose of getting a higher site ranking from search engine results.

On the one hand on page SEO works inside the blog/website itself and on the other side off-page, SEO works inside the outside of the blog area. On page and off page plays an important role in improving the ranking of blogs in search engines, then after you do on page SEO optimization, you also have to do off page SEO optimization, for on page and off-page can run optimally.
How to Optimize Off Page SEO Easy and Qualified

Well on this occasion I would like to share to you again on how to optimize off page SEO to get traffic and improve ranking well in search engines. Please see.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing pages from outside your site by getting a link back to your site. The more backlinks coming into your site the better your site is in the eyes of the search engines. So the core of off page is building an external site to get a lot of traffic from search engine search or from social media sites and so on.

Why is Off Page Important?

Search engines have been trying for decades to find a way to return the best results for search. To do that, they take into account SEO factors (off page and on page), some other quality factors and off-page SEO.

Off page, SEO provides an excellent indication of how the World (other websites and users) view certain websites. A useful website is more likely to have references (links) than other websites; it's more likely to have a mention in social media and it's more likely to bookmark and share among those who may also like it.
How to Optimize Off Page SEO Easy and Qualified
Steps to Build Off Page SEO

Many ways we can take to optimize off page SEO with the maximum, but it takes a long time and patience to do that. We can not win on search engines within 1 week or 2 weeks only if the keyword in a target is a popular keyword, but if our keywords are not popular, 2-day 2-day course we can hang out in page one of Google. But what's in use when our article wins but no one is looking for the same aja lie.

  1. Social Bookmark
    This technique is very easy and very liked by the bloggers to do off-page SEO optimization. Here we are enough to leave a link that leads to our site, but we are not enough just leave the link but we also have to interact to fellow users of this social bookmarking. That way visitor will come alone. You can use Social Bookmark as Digg, Reddit, and Others.
  2. Social media
    You already know how many users Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Take advantage of the social media that is promoting your site and do not forget the content of your site with articles that are interesting for your friends who come from the social media, always interested and addicted to continue to read your article. One more thing multiply your friends let many eyes see your site link. The more the more opportunities to bring in an abundant visitor.
  3. Web Directory
    Submit your article to the website directory, because this way includes a very powerful way to bring in a quality backlink. With the help of website directory make it easier google find our article. Moreover, the web directory is dofollow and page rank high, not no longer possible your site nongrong continue in page one search engine.
  4. Forum Site
    This way is very suggested by Google to promote the new site / blog. Because by the way you commented the purpose of helping someone who needs enlightenment here is your chance to put your link that matches the person's problem, then we no longer need to spam comments on the blog, because it is very strictly prohibited by google (read here) .
  5. Fishing Link
    Suppose you have completed an article and then publish it on your website, then all you have to do is to make your article link as a reference, you can do reference link on people site, by writing like in, etc. , That way it will lure people to do the same to use your site as a reference as you have done.
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Doing SEO optimization off page is the same as promoting a website on other sites in order to know among internet users and Search Engines...
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How To Optimize On Page SEO Easy And Qualified

How to Optimize SEO On Page on blog 2017 - Maybe you are currently looking for a good way SEO on-page optimization in the eyes of the search engine is how and maybe even you are looking for the best techniques for on-page SEO on your website! If that's true, maybe this is the article you've been looking for.

All SEO actors realize that doing on page and off-page SEO optimization on their blogs has an effect on ranking well in the search engines. And we also believe that it is not easy to get a good ranking of search engines (especially Google) unless you have the best techniques to build On-Page and Off-page SEO on your site page.

SEO Marketing

We know, one of the best ways to increase blog traffic is from search engines. Therefore we must understand what SEO is and how SEO work is like. Well, in this article I will explain the best way SEO on-page optimization on your site.

Before we step in to optimize SEO on a page on the blog, you should know first what is SEO on a page?
What is OnPage SEO?

SEO on page refers to the factors that affect the pages of the site in organic search on search engines. These factors are controlled by you with the coding contained on your blog page. Examples of on-page SEO optimization on Blogspot or WordPress include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

How To Optimize On Page SEO Easy And Qualified 2018

Previously I've written about how to optimize off-page SEO on our site, then this time we will discuss on page SEO techniques like what? As follows;
How to Optimize SEO Title Tage
Use title tags as the first place to put keywords. Keywords placed in the beginning of the title will be better than keywords placed in the middle of the title behind the beginning of the title, but not all should put the keyword at the beginning of the title.

You can put keywords at the beginning of what titles if the keyword can attract potential visitors to your blog and what if you think less interesting you can put keywords in the middle or back of the title.


First: On page SEO optimization on the website - this title is very good and highly targeted keyword because the keyword of the title is SEO optimization on the page.

Second: the best way SEO optimization on page 2017 - this example title is also very good because it is more attractive to potential visitors to your blog. The more interesting the title and the more unique the number of incoming clicks on your site.

From the example title above which may occupy the main position of search engine search is the number one, but in terms of clicks or interests of visitors would choose number 2, because it is more convincing.
How to Optimize Meta Description SEO
Meta description is number two after the title that must be optimized. Why meta descriptions should be optimized? because when someone searches for information through a search engine, Eyes will first see the title as an article option which is fit to search and to two meta description relevant to the title, same as search engine, search engine will also search for a description relevant to the title.

easy example when you search for something on google, look at the title and descriptions, note that appears on the main page must be very relevant, then that's what you should do as well.

Keep the length of the description 165 characters, because google only display 165 characters only, then try your meta description really interesting for potential visitors to melt when reading your blog description meta and finally they decided to click on the incoming link to your blog.
SEO Of Page

How to Optimize SEO Link or URL
Url or also called the link is no less interesting with the meta description. Often we encounter varying URL addresses there are short and there are elongated, a lot of debate about the problem of this URL there is to say use a long link according to the title of your blog, because the URL will appear and play the same role as the meta description and some say make the URL address is short and easy to remember by people.

From a debate above, I conclude you better use a short but containing the URL, meaning make a link that is short and relevant to contain keywords.

Example 1:

From the above URL example, humans or search engines will be easy to conclude that your article shows about SEO optimization on a page. Briefly clear and targeted with keyword articles.

Example 2:


From example number two above, yes it shows how best optimization SEO on page 2015, but must in remember, not all URL address will appear in search engine, usually only show some part only, hence long URL not all become better and obviously it's hard to remember, although now rarely anyone remembers url problems, usually people are always looking for something through search engines, but it never hurts to shorten the URL.

As Google itself states 2 to 3 of the urls are more weighty keywords.
How to Optimize Internal SEO Links
Try when you write articles provide internal links that are relevant to the topic of your discussion, as I did above, all that aims to get link juice, the more link juice will have a positive impact on our article.

Examples of a lot of internal links that are provided on the site Wikipedia, according to a good article Wikipedia is an article that provides relevant and relevant internal links, as well as search engines also like articles that have relevant internal links before determining the site entry on the first page of the machine search.
How to Optimize SEO External Links
In addition to providing an internal link to an article, external links are also very influential on SERP. Giving External links or outbound links from our site, really helps our articles occupy a good position in the search engines, what else the site is considered a new site. You can take an example on the MOZ site, see how they provide an external link.

You should know that search engine spiders jump from one site to another to collect relevant data and then select new ones to determine which articles are relevant to show on the search engine's main page. Then the outbound link is very important role in SEO.

Most of us stingy to give backlinks for articles we usually read, but the article gives us a lesson that is useful for us, let alone the impact of giving outbound links to our article is very good. To provide an external link, use the Anchor text variation for the target keyword to be more optimal.
SEO Blog
How To Optimize SEO In Pictures
In addition to giving the article more colorful and make it easier for readers to understand our articles, images also have a positive impact on our site, the longer the visitors stay on our site, it will get a plus for our site, because the longer visitors stay on our site, will reduce the bounce rate out rate.

As you know google determines a quality article also see from bounce rate out rate, if your bounce out rate is high, your article will be deemed not qualified by google.

alt tag is an SEO optimization used for image optimization, txt robot cannot see the image that a Post us, but by using attribute alt this robot txt can detect the image in our blog. all website platforms have many that support with this attribute, please optimize your image for your picture posting can be planned.
How To Optimize SEO H1 Tags For Article Title
Make sure each article title occupies the H1 tag position, and make sure the H1 tag has only one in a template. You can check the title of your blog article in a way, please click one of your articles then blog title right click then Inspect Element will appear like: <hi class ...> or <h2 class ...>. See the picture below:
Actually this is not so complicated, because if you are already using free or premium seo templates, usually already in setting TAG H1 for post title, but if you still use default template blogger, you replace replace, because default template blogger defoult H1 for blog title and H2 for post title, So this is not SEO friendly.
How to Optimize Keywords
Keywords play an important role in on-page SEO optimization, then doing keyword research before creating articles is suggested. Google itself is very concerned about keyword density and how to place keywords, the placement of relevant keywords will be more easily indexed by search engine spiders.

Keyword density is also, although many of the experts seo have different views, some say keyword density with keywords that are repeated origin does not reduce the quality of the article is not a problem and there are some who say keywords do not need too much about 3% of articles, as more and more keywords will be feared as spammers by google.
How to Optimize Long Tail Keywords
Broadly speaking the long tail keywords are not as much as the number of clicks on the keyword Short tail keyword, but searching for long tail keywords will have a good impact on your article. Sometimes what if the main keyword (short tail keyword) cannot occupy the main position, because this keyword is classified as popular keywords of course difficulty to occupy the main position is very difficult, then the long tail keywords will help you to occupy the main position, because the level competitors are not too many will be very easy to occupy that position.

Examples of long tail keywords are how to do seo optimization on page is good or it could be how to optimize seo onpage on the website. When you search for long tail keywords make sure it also has a lot of search levels and a bit of your competitors, in order to occupy the first position and get a pretty good number of clicks.

You can find long tail keywords using the tools or it could be with this one tool is enough by the bloggers, namely;

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How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website

in this post I will discuss about How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website, as we know Alexa Rank is very important for a blog or website, in addition to river in search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, Amazon and others, Alexa rank will also convince visitors of our blog or website to our work or post, and here I will provide a way to increase Alexa rank.

How to Increase Alexa Rank
  • Diligently post or Update Blog

Diligent blog updates means making pages constantly.A website should regularly publish pages or posts. For that, if your website only focuses on selling a product, make a blog (eg: "" or "") on the website. That way you can create articles regularly.
How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website

We recommend that articles are made not by copying someone else's. In addition, make a quality article, meaning original and helpful or beneficial to the reader. In addition to the need to increase Alexa rank, it is also favored search engines like google. Google will be happy with a fresh website, a website that regularly creates new pages.
  • Find More Visitors

This is the most important thing in an effort to increase Alexa rank, Alexa will calculate web traffic and page views to rank the parameters. For that, if you really seriously want to increase Alexa rank, look for the end as much as possible. can be through Social media, advertising or anything else

If the website is good in search engine optimization then visitors will flood the website. With the record, should make a lot of quality articles and much sought after. Due to the large number of articles, the chances of the emergence of these websites in search engines will also increase and will increasingly in demand by the readers
  • Get quality backlinks

Alexa through his blog suggested finding backlinks from sites related to the site owned (related site). This is one way that can be done to increase Alexa rank. One way that can be done to get backlinks is to comment on other blogs, whether it is Dofollow blog or Nofollow. The best way is to comment on blogs that have similar topics to the website owned. In addition, another way to get backlinks can be by exchanging links. But remember backlinks must be obtained from relevant sites (have the same niche or topic) and not done excessively means backlinks too if too much and too often do not like google and other search engines, To find out various errors in getting backlinks, see direct article from google about Link schemes. In addition to affecting the ranking of Alexa, get backlinks in large quantities and quality also affects the SEO. Google will see the relevance of a website's backlinks. Thus the position of your website on search engines will get better and better.

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That's some way that can be done to increase the Alexa rank of a website.
hopefully useful, if any questions please Comment below.
in this post I will discuss about How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website, as we know Alexa Rank is very important for a blog or w...
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