How to Root Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F With TWRP and Odin

Hello Friend in this Post I will share about How to Root Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 type SM-A520F, Before to stage Root let's Prepare first materials for root process Galaxy A5 2017 this:

  1. Odin
  2. TWRP for SM-A520F
  3. SuperSU: SR3-SuperSU-v2.79-SR3 (SuperSU copy file in SDCard, not internal)
  4. Make sure the driver is installed on the computer and HP has been recognized by the computer.
  5. Before proceeding please backup all your important data!

How to Root Samsung galaxy A5
How To Root Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
  1. Enable the Developers option, enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.
  2. Turn off HP and reboot to download mode, how: Press the power button + home + power down simultaneously until the download mode appears after that release.
  3. Open the Odin app, plug HP into the computer and wait for it to be recognized by Odin. In the Options option check only Auto Reboot option (the other does not need). Then in the AP column please enter the file A5-SM-A520F-TWRP-
  4. Continue with a START, wait for the process to finish and HP will reboot automatically.
  5. Turn off HP again to go to Recovery. How: push power + home + volume uphold until TWRP menu appears.
  6. When the "swipe to allow modifications" option appears to DO NOT EXECUTION / SWIPE, just select "use read-only" because it will cause an error / fail boot (later I will guide to patch this problem below).
  7. After entering TWRP continue with flash file SuperSU that had been downloaded and stored in SDCard (select install).
  8. Reboot HP and check whether SuperSU is installed properly. Use the root checker app from Play store.

Congratulations! If you successfully follow well then Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 you are in a state of Rooted. The root process of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is complete.
Odin For Flash Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Advanced tutorial (Optional only, for TWRP patch to be used in full function, like backup etc).
  • Please note, to do this patch has its own risk that internal storage (including all files/data) will be lost. So you have to be careful and make sure all your important data that is in the internal storage is in the safe.
  • How to patch TWRP on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
  • Download No-verity-no-encrypt Patch file
  • Copy to SDCard, not internal!

  1. Install Flashfire app on Playstore (Flashfire) and will request ROOT access (Grant).
  2. Open Flashfire app, then selects Backup menu and do Full Backup and make sure select SDCard to save the backup result.
  3. After finishing the backup process, check first in SDCard whether Flashfire backup folder already exists its contents. If there is already backup file contents, proceed to the next process.
  4. Reboot to TWRP.
  5. When entering TWRP menu option will appear -> "Swipe to allow modifications" -> select "do not show this again" -> data format (select yes), then go to menu Install -> select storage micro SDCard -> flash file
  6. When finished, reboot HP and continue with the HP setup to complete.
  7. Continue with install Flashfire again from Playstore.
  8. Open Flashfire app -> select restore -> restore data partition.

Hello Friend in this Post I will share about How to Root Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 type SM-A520F, Before to stage Root let's Prepare firs...
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This is the Difference Between Intel Processor and AMD Processor

Did you know about the type of processor that you may not know like the type of Intel Processor and Type AMD Processor, before we go to the main discussion Let's find out what it is Processor.

What is Processor?
Intel and AMD Processor

The processor or in the Indonesian language called 'Processor' or better known as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the brain of the Computer is an IC that controls the entire course of a computer system used as a central computer controller that serves to perform calculations and perform tasks. The processor is located on the socket that has been provided by the motherboard and can be replaced with another processor as long as it suits the existing socket on the motherboard. Without it, your Computer or Pc cannot work/run.

History Processor

At first, AMD did just make the processor by imitating Intel technology and the permission of the Intel certainly. However, because there is something, there is a fierce dispute between Intel and AMD and the courts require AMD to develop its own processor-making technology. Since then the AMD engineer was forced to work hard to make their own processors so as not to be accused of plagiarizing Intel processors. And finally, they managed to create a processor that can keep up with Intel, even in a certain period of time their processors are able to outperform Intel.

Until now both are still a prima donna in terms of sales and marketing. But if you are still confused in choosing between Intel or AMD processor, consider the following reviews because both are as good and have the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each.

And here's a Difference Intel Processor and AMD Better Which? see the following review:

  • Intel wins in its brand image and marketing.
  • AMD prices tend to be cheaper than Intel.
  • For multimedia and office needs, Intel may be better than AMD.
  • For the needs of 3D games and graphics, AMD is recognized better than intel
  • In the performance test turned out to be more powerful Intel processors than AMD processors.
  • Intel is believed to be more power-efficient than AMD
  • Actually, AMD also has a performance that is not lost on Intel. AMD processor can also be as fast as lightning. Unfortunately, AMD processors absorb more power.
  • intel can regulate its own temperature so that when the heat speed can decrease.
  • Quick hot, but now the problem has been repaired AMD.
  • The lack of intelligence is definitely difficult to repair when it is damaged. This is because of the processor and motherboard together. Anything can be fixed requires a high cost.
  • The advantage that AMD has over Intel is the incredible data transfer rate because it uses bus technology.
  • AMD can also access memory directly without passing through the northbridge chipset.
  • The ability to detect AMD virus processor should be considered to choose this product. With these capabilities, he will not open the access be the virus so more secure or away from damage. This capability is not owned intel processor.
  • AMD uses Cool n 'Quiet system that enables the use of effective power and a quieter system while using performance as needed
  • not all games are compatible with AMD processors.

    and that's the Difference Between Intel Processor and AMD Processor

Did you know about the type of processor that you may not know like the type of Intel Processor and Type AMD Processor, before we go to th...
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The Basic Technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Hello, Friend meet again with me, in this post, I will discuss the basic technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as we know SEO is needed by Website Developer The goal is to increase Page Rank in search engines and improve Quality and SERP.
The basic technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Understanding and Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is a series of processes performed systematically and automatically so that the web/blog that you create is in the top position on search engine sites (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) aimed at increasing the number and quality traffic from a search engine to a specific website address by utilizing the natural mechanism of the search engine's algorithm.

The specific goal of SEO is to place a website address in the top position (or at least on the first page) of search results based on a particular subject. Logically, the site address that occupies the top position of the search results has a greater chance of getting visitors.

The key to success a web/blog one of them is the traffic or the number of visitors who Visitors web/blog. A blog will be successful if able to bring visitors as much as possible. High traffic is a sign that the blog is favored by loyal visitors. Most visitors will choose a website that is in the top position. One effective way to bring visitors to search engines by entering certain keywords or keywords in the search engine.

There are several common ways you can do to get the best position in the Search Engines, including:

  1. Content.
    Most people fill in a website any information that gets more with Copy Paste. For example, you want to fill the website about health information, there can be 100 or even more websites with the same title from the form of writing, writing the language with copy paste. Search Engine System will only choose one website with form, language, and writing style more interesting and unique. So create a website with your own language as interesting as possible to bring in more visitors.
  2. Selection of keywords that want in the optimization
    make sure we choose keywords that have a medium and small competition, do not try to compete with big keywords (eg keyword cellphone) unless you have big funds. Here's where to create keyword research: Free Wordtracker, Keyword Suggestion Tool, SEOBook Keyword Tool.
  3. Use the appropriate Title and Meta
    Make sure the title on your website page matches the target of your targeted keyword, or at least each page has a unique title with the title of the page include also Meta keywords, Description installed
  4. Link building
    In addition to the content/content of interest, Link Building is good and true is also an important factor for the website is positioned up and attract more visitors. Here there is a trick that your website or website you have created on someone else's website:
  • Submit to the directory
  • Link exchange
  • Create articles, submit articles (in the article there is our website link):, etc.
  • Submit comment - comment, signature forum etc.
  • Create themes, templates, include your URL link in the footer.
    So SEO (search engine optimization) must be owned by the Your web/blog so that the visitors or the internet users can easily find the required information, make it as good and interesting as possible for the web/blog that you create indexed or recognized by all internet users in the whole world.

    so the article about the basic SEO Technique Learn (Search Engine Optimization), Thank You Been Been

Hello, Friend meet again with me, in this post, I will discuss the basic technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as ...
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List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto

List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto
Any curve Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Welcome the Bitcoin hunters. On this occasion, I will share a list of the best, trusted and proven bitcoin producing sites I have selected based on positive reviews by members of the bitcoin forum.
List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto
list of Bitcoin sites that pay
You need to know 1 bitcoin at this time if Dollar ranged from 91 to 99 million, depending on the current sale and purchase price, to update the current bitcoin price you can check it in Bitcoin Indonesia

For those of you who have become a partner of google adsense do not need to kwatir to juxtapose this ad network, because all bitcoin sites below is compatible with google adsense.

Best List of Bitcoin Generating Ad Network Sites

Anonymous Ads is a bitcoin advertising network that I recommend most, because here you do not need to send your personal data, they identify its members by tracking it through IP address, HTTP header, bitcoin address, cookies, etc.

This one site is very transparent and open to the public except your password. And the good news is the auto withdraw payment system, which means after the minimum earnings that you have automatically get will be sent to your bitcoin address.

If you do not have a bitcoin address please register to Bitcoin Indonesia to withdraw your income later from anonymous ads.

Please continue reading How To Post Anonymous Ads Ads On Blog

Furthermore, Bitmedia is an advertising platform, where the ad network is created within a bitcoin community network, this is a niche area, which allows for blog or website owners to buy and sell thematic traffic.

Bitmedia is the best bitcoin advertising network in the field, with teams already experienced in advertising, and commission types based on CPC.

The way it works is quite simple, when there are visitors, their system selects the most relevant material to display to them. But before showing ads to visitors, the ad engine checks the various parameters when the page is being loaded in that visitor's browser. And the choice of ads is based on various factors such as bid, visitor, ad topics, etc. based on system analysis, they select and serve the most relevant ads to visitors.

Mellow ads are a very simple advertising network, with geo-targeting that can show the most relevant ads to visitors according to the country of the visitor.

Here you can create text ads according to your creations and create a banner according to your styling. Mellow ads based on CPM, CPC, and Pay Per Day.

But for your blog or website owners who want to be publisher should at least in the top 200,000 Alexa ranking, it's reasonable because commission per day is large enough offered to the publisher.

, just be a member you will still have the opportunity to get 5000 satoshi or 10,000 satoshis or even 50,000 satoshi depending on your luck, 1 day 1 chance to make the claim and cannot be cashed, the credit can only be used for network campaigns.

RunCPA is the only CPA ad network that uses bitcoin as the internal currency. All you need to become a member just by registering your email.

Here will get bitcoin with a variety of ways very easily, with a minimum payout of 0.005 you can withdraw it to your bitcoin account or directly to your PayPal account.

Please visit RunCPA so you better understand how it works

CoinURL offers interstitials, from those types of ads you can monetize links by shortening your links, even if you do not have a targeted website for your short you can still place it on a webpage with an overlay script, which still allows you to get bitcoin just by asking visitors to visit the page.

CPM based commission system, PPC that you can get by installing a banner on your blog or website. And minimum cashout of 0.01 bitcoin.

Bitfun is the next bitcoin-producing site that you can use to get free Bitcoin every 3 minutes just by doing Claim, besides in Bitfun you can also get Bitcoin by filling out surveys, playing games and various other rewards that will speed up your bitcoin collection process.
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List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto Any curve Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Welcome the Bitcoin hunters. On this occas...
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Understand the Work System of VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

Assalamualaikum friends meet again with me, in this article I will discuss what VLAN is or the extension of (Virtual Local Area Network), as we know the VLAN function is very important or VLAN Itself has a very important Role in a Network.

A VLAN allows an Administrator to create a group of equipment that is logically linked to each other. With VLAN, we can share the switch network logically based on functions, departments or project teams.

VLAN is a small piece of logically separate IP networks. VLAN allows multiple IP networks and small networks (subnet) to be on the same switched network. and its functions In order for the computer to communicate within the same VLAN, each computer must have an IP address and a Subnet Mask that corresponds to the VLAN. The switch must be configured with the VLAN and every port in the VLAN must be registered to the VLAN. A switch port that has been configured with a single VLAN is referred to as the access port.
Virtual Local Area network

The benefits of a VLAN

The application of a VLAN technology allows a network to be more flexible to support business goals. Here are some benefits of using VLANs:

  • Security- Departments that have sensitive data apart from existing networks will reduce the chances of infringing access to confidential and important information.
  • Cost reduction - Cost savings is generated from the unnecessary cost savings for network upgrades and the efficiency of bandwidth and uplink utilization available.
  • has higher performance By dividing the 2 network layer into multiple logical working groups (broadcast domain) reduces unnecessary traffic on the network and improves performance.
  • Broadcast storm mitigation - By dividing a network into VLANs reducing the number of equipment that participates in the broadcast storm.
  • Improved IT staff efficiency - With VLAN network management easier, because users with same network sharing share the same VLAN.
  • Simpler project or application management - Having separate functions simplifies the management of a project or works with specialized applications.

LAN Switching and Wireless, CCNA Exploration 4.0, Cisco Systems, 2007.

that's a little explanation about Understand the Work System of VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

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Read to: Basic Configuration of Cisco Routers
Assalamualaikum friends meet again with me, in this article I will discuss what VLAN is or the extension of (Virtual Local Area Network), ...
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What is Network Analysis on The Internet

hi, friends meet again with me in this post I will discuss what is Network Analysis (Network Analysis)?
Network analysis (also known as protocol analysis) is the art of listening to data and network communications is usually done to ascertain how the devices communicate and determine the health of the network.
What is Network Analysis?

Some of the tasks performed during the network analysis session are as follows:

  1. Tapping the network
  2. Capture the desired traffic
  3. Seeing the traffic that has been captured
  4. Filter and only see the traffic that interest
  5. Documentation of findings

For example, we might be interested in traffic to and from an HTTP server on a network. Some steps that need to be done to analyze traffic to and from an HTTP server on a network are:

  1. Connect the analytical equipment to the interface connected to the server
  2. Capture all traffic to and from the server
  3. Pay attention to the traffic to recognize a useless package
  4. Filter and only pay attention to broadcast traffic from the server
  5. Documentation of the cause of broadcast.

packet_package analysis
Figure 1. Package Flow Analysis Process (Source: Laura A. Chappell, 2001)

The usual analysis is done on traffic data of a captured network using tcpdump, sniffer, and others. A capture filter also known as a pre-filter can reduce the amount of traffic captured into the trace buffer (where packets are placed). If the catch filter is not applied, all network traffic flows into the trace buffer.
Display filters allow building a small set of packets in a trace buffer based on several criteria. For example, if we capture all broadcast traffic on the network into the trace buffer, we may want to apply a display filter to create a small set of trace buffers that contain IP-only broadcasts.

Network analysis is usually used for three things as follows:
Troubleshooting (troubleshooting) on the network

  • Performance optimization/network performance
  • Planning and testing (planning/testing) network
hi, friends meet again with me in this post I will discuss what is Network Analysis (Network Analysis)? Network analysis (also known as ...
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Basic Configuration of Cisco Routers

in this article, I will discuss about Basic Configuration of Cisco Routers.

You want to learn how to configure a Cisco router? do not worry, this time I will give you a little experience on how to configure Cisco router. But on this occasion, I will only discuss about the basic configuration, which is a configuration that is generally done by an administrator. Ok, see, the following discussion.

Basic Configuration of Cisco Routers
Cisco Router

To configure the router is done, the first step that needs to be done is, build a console session. Console session is formed by connecting the console port on the router with COM 1 port on PC.

After the console session is formed, next activate the emolution terminal, which is commonly used in Windows Operating System is hyper terminal (router configuration via minicom in Linux see here). Enable hyper terminal, make sure the selected port is COM1, then configure:

Bits per second: 9600 bps
Data bits: 8
Parity: none
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: none

Then turn on the router (power on), the router will boot up, after the boot process is complete the router will display the message "Would you like enter initial configuration dialog?" Should answer "no". then the router displays the message "Press return to get a start". To start we press the "Enter" key. In the router that has not been configured then the router will display a prompt "router>" which indicates we are in EXEC user operation mode.

to start the configuration enable "enable" like the following example:

Router> enable
Router #

Currently, we are in the EXEC privilege operation mode, the configuration is usually done in global configuration mode, meaning that the configuration done in this mode will affect the whole system. If we were in EXEC privilege mode then to switch to global configuration mode the command is:

Router # config terminal or
Router # conf t

Some basic configurations that need to be done are:

a. Hostname

Its function is to name the router


router (config) #hostname desired router name

eg the name of the desired router is cisco, then the command form

router (config) #hostname cisco
cisco (config) #

b. Enable password

Its function is to enable the password in enable command


cisco (config) #enable password passwords are desired

eg the password-word is cisco, then the command form

cisco (config) #enable password cisco

c. Enable secret

Its function is to enable secret word in enable command, its function is same as enable password command, but enable secret has higher priority and secret word in encrypted form.


cisco (config) #enable secret the desired secret-word

for example, the desired secret word is the class, then the command form is

Cisco (config) #enabel secret class

c. Line console

Enable the password on the line console, so that only people who know/have my password that can access the router through line console. The router only has 1 line console.

cisco (config) #line console 0
cisco (config-line) #password password-word is desired
cisco (config-line) #exec-timeout 5
cisco (config-line) #login
d. Line auxiliary

Enable the password online aux, so that only people who know/have my password that can access the router through line aux. The router only has 1 line aux.

cisco (config) #line aux 0
cisco (config-line) #password password-word is desired
cisco (config-line) #exec-timeout 5
cisco (config-line) #login

e. Line Virtual Terminal

Enable passwords on the virtual terminal line, so only the person who knows/has my password can access the router through the virtual terminal line. The router only has 5 virtual terminal lines (vty).

cisco (config) #line vty 0 4
cisco (config-line) #password password-word is desired
cisco (config-line) #exec-timeout 5
cisco (config-line) #login
in this article, I will discuss about Basic Configuration of Cisco Routers. You want to learn how to configure a Cisco router? do not wo...
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Understanding Complete SEO On Page and Seo Of Page in Developing Website

Understanding Complete SEO On Page and Seo Of Page in Developing Website, in this article I will discuss What is SEO and How to SEO on our Website is not Wrong Target.
SEO Of page SEO On Page
SEO On Page SEO of Page

SEO itself is divided into 2 SEO On Page and SEO Of page.

SEO Optimization is done from within the website. There are various ways can be done for On page SEO Optimization, namely:
  • Domain URL: before creating an important website to analyze the website first to be built. Then the purpose of the website must have a clear direction in accordance with the Domain URL that has been set. Because the main basis for the website continues to increase its performance starting from the selection of Domain URL. When it comes to increased Keywords, it is necessary to take into account the Domain URL that corresponds to the targeted keywords. If the URL of the Website is in accordance with the target keyword, then we are ready to compete more easily on the keyword. Avoid using domains with Hyphens sign (-) and avoid using numbers inside the Domain URL. One example of this website has a Domain URL, then indirectly I have come to compete in building or increasing keywords: SEO Arycurve, SEO, and Arycurve.
  • Template: we have to build or select SEO Friendly template for blog or website. Nowadays there are many free premium templates that have an SEO Friendly structure. But if you want to build your own SEO Friendly template, be sure to know the elements that have an impact to make our website into the category of SEO Friendly.
  • Title Tags: an important element for defining post content. Title Tags are often used by Google Search Engine to be displayed on livelihood pages. We recommend that Title Tags have a length of 50-60 characters. If you have multiple Title Tags under 55 characters, then at least 95% of the title of the article will be displayed correctly on the landing page. One of the important things is to get used to including relevant keywords in Title Tags. Here is the learning reference Title Tag (W3Shools HTML Title Tag | Moz HTML Title Tag | W3 HTML Tag Title).
  • Meta Tag: This element consists of Meta Description, Meta Keyword, and other Meta Content that helps our website indexed Search Engine faster. Meta Tags will provide important information about our website page to Google Crawler. This Meta Tag is not displayed entirely on the home page of the website but will work on Google's livelihood.
  • Format H1 - H3: Search Engine will read the whole website page starting from top left to bottom right. It is therefore important to place the H1 Tag in the first sentence of the website content. H1 is generally placed in the Title Tag of the article. besides the H1 is also important to put H2 and H3 on the content residing on the page. As an example of this website puts H1 in Title Tag and H2 in Tag Title Widget, or on Subheading.
  • Internal Link: has a good function when applied in every article or in the structure of our website menu. Why Internal Link is so important? because the main purpose of Internal Linking is to help the Search Engines navigate through the entire article and read through the structure of our blog. Neat structure makes all our articles will be indexed well in Search Engine. One example is to have a neat website menu and go to related articles with relevant and not excessive. Generally, a good article has 1 Internal Link to related articles. It can also help the readers or users who access the website and find articles that users need. Users will feel at home for longer access to other articles. For SEO's own articles that have Internal Links to other articles have keyword values that indirectly help improve the presentation of keyword articles.
  • Image ALT Text: not just text in articles that can be SEO Friendly, any image in the article we can do SEO Friendly to be indexed by Search Engine with ease. It helps our website get more Traffic and useful to give trust to the user that our website is convenient to be accessed because of having pictures that user want. First before uploading the image make sure the name of the image is a short description to describe the image. For example (logo image of this website) has the name of the image "Seo-Gereggi-logo.png". Both add ALT Text to each image we display in the article. The information we provide on each image will make it easier for Search Engines to know what images we display in the article. The good description of the image has a length of 5-15 words. If the description is too long it will make it difficult for the Search Engine to define the image. For SEO we can include keywords in the image, but the words must remain relevant to define the image.
  • Article Optimization Articles: Having SEO Friendly Article URLs is very important, as Google itself provides information that the URL of a page should be Logical and Easily understood by humans [G]. Good Pages URLs provide clear snippets of words in redirecting Title Tags. As an example of "", we recommend that the article URL be "" separated by hyphens "-". This will make it easier for Search Engines to index articles according to keywords built on various elements that have been done.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline: in the article, we write the use of Text Bold, Italic and Underline Formats useful to speed up the article can be indexed Search Engine. Get used to using this Text Format in every article creation. Text Formatting helps improve the quality of our On page SEO website and helps users more interested in reading the articles we create.
  • The sitemap is a link that contains the data link all the pages on the Website. The sitemap makes it easy for users to be able to find the desired article easily. With the Sitemap provides the ease of Search Engine Google to index every page of the website. Submit a website Sitemap link to Google Tools Webmaster, in order to expedite indexed articles and targeted rankings, can go to the first page of Google Search Engine.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): is one of Google's projects released on February 24, 2016. AMP was developed with the aim of speeding up the performance of a website in order to display any data quickly. This is due to on-page optimization which makes loading a page with a small data consumption. Although new but effectiveness with the AMP makes various websites competing to update the website coding in accordance with AMP standards. Lots of SEO who do not trust the effect if their website using AMP can improve the ranking in Google Search Engine. But this can happen because AMP is not only designed for User Interface + Loading without effect to SEO a website that uses it.

SEO Optimization is done on the website. First WhiteHat means doing a safe action (Natural) against the rules issued by Google, and both BlackHat means executing off page SEO development action in a way that is quite dangerous for our website because if not understand and know correctly the existing rules can make the website exposed penalties by Google. There are various ways can be done for Offpage SEO optimization, namely:
  • Social Media: is a medium for sharing various data, one of the articles or article link. Get used to sharing articles on various Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and others so that users know our website. Websites that always share their articles on various Social Media have a greater chance to be able to win keywords and certainly more quickly indexed by Search Engines. Social Media helps our website become better known by users. One example when our website has articles about "SEO" then we share the article to Social Media with an appropriate and appropriate group, it will speed up the website establish good communication for the group "SEO" is.
  • The backlink is one of the Off Page SEO that affects the level of PR (Page Rank), and increase the desired keyword. Backlink that we will build should be good and not Spamming, because if our website violates the existing provisions to make our website will be exposed penalty by Google Search Engine (Panda - Penguin). Many ways to build Backlinks, like Pyramid, Dummy Blog, Automatically, Social Bookmark, Edu - Gov, Web 2.0, Forum, Blog To Web (1 way), Blog To Blog (2 directions), Blog Walking, Review, Web Directory, Submitter , Ads, and other means appropriate to the analysis and calculations that have been made. Want to know more about Backlink? check Backlink articles and How to Make it.
  • Google SEO Tools: In developing the Website, we can take advantage of various Tools provided by Google such as Webmaster, Analytics, Trends, Adwords Keyword Planner, Consumer Surveys, PageSpeed Insights, Content Experiments, Places for Business, Alerts, Tag Manager. Learn and use the Tools provided by Google, because it will help us in building a website that Friendly SEO.
  • Share Picture: re-upload images from related articles on general image storage website, as well as provide information in the form of backlinks to the article. This can help increase Backlink and the number of website visitors. Another way is to provide a Watermark website link in the image.
  • Another way we can develop itself from the previous way. In establishing Off Page (Keyword) required a clear goal and analysis. Use tools to complement each other's needs in building Off Page techniques. Be sure not to use Software BlackHat excessively. Always monitor the development of Offpage SEO properly. Many people are slowly finding easy ways to improve keywords by using self-made formulas, but still, the Google Search Engine algorithm becomes the basis.
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Understanding Complete SEO On Page and Seo Of Page in Developing Website, in this article I will discuss What is SEO and How to SEO on ...
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