Backlink Planting Tutorials For Beginners

Backlink Planting Tutorials For Beginners

Maybe this is a trivial thing for a person who is used to engaged in SEO.tapi actually this can not be disepelekan.karena many new bloggers who are still confused in understanding the backlink properly.bahkan not only the old blogger.blogger who still lay with things SEO. Sometimes still make mistakes. Like what is the mistake?
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The mistake is sometimes they plant dead link.padahal free dead links will not be detected search engine.what is a dead link? I will discuss later.makanya see carefully this article.but earlier I will discuss first about the reason I post this article.

The reason I post this article is as follows:

1. Request From Another Blogger

Actually this is a request from brother Budi Wiarta.beliau commented in my article entitled How to Plant the Right Backlink.dalam comment. He asked to be explained about the planting of backlinks along with gambarnya.dan in this article. I will answer the question so for those of you who are still confused the problem of SEO. You can submit it in comment.nanti I will help to answer it.

2. Misunderstandings about backlinks

It turns out a lot of bloggers who still misunderstand about backlink. What are the mistakes? Some are planting backlink dg dead link. What is a dead link? Dead link is just a url just for example And can not be klik.and life link is a link that can be in the click for example free SEO Learning

. There is again one mistake I often see for example saja. There is a blog that deliberately put a link that leads to google, facebook, yahoo with hope will get a backlink from the installation this link,and this is a big mistake. They do it is outbound links instead of inbound links / backlinks.

So please refer to the tutorial along with gambar ini.agar you do not experience any misunderstandings about backlink.pada tutorial this time I will practice to plant backlinks on blog berplatform blogspot.

1. Search Blog blogspot, then open the article in it.

2. select select profile> Name Url (must blog that provide name url)

3. Fill in the Name and Urlnya.dg url of your blog, then click continue. Examples can see picture below.

And the link "MWB Blog" is called backlinks. And that's what is called live link.bagaimana, already understand about planting backlinks? If you already understand you can read tips on planting the following backlink:

1. Planting Backlinks Do not Have to Go to the Main Url

Usually people plant backlinks direct to the homepage (main url). If we redirect link to url posting.sebenarnyaal this can also have good impact for the ranking of posting in search engine.jadi besides we plant backlink that lead to main url, we also have to plant Link that leads to the post url.

2. Plant your blog link on dofollow blog

What is a dofollow blog? Dofollow blog is a blog that allows search engines to follow links embedded in it. So if we plant our blog link on dofollow.dan blog if dofollow blog is being crawled by search engine. Our blog links are embedded therein will also be searched search engine.lalu problem "How to Find and Find dofollow blog?" Just calm because I have prepared it in the article How to Find and Find Dofollow Blog.

3. Real and Relevant

Remember that search engines are very concerned about reality and relevance. What does that mean? The point is search engines are very concerned about the activities of a site that is reasonable or unnatural. For example site A in a day generate 1000 backlinks (auto backlink). And this is what makes the search engines see the irregularities of the site A so that search engines can just remove the site A from the search therefore look for a reasonable backlink about 10-15 links per day.dan try to link on blogs pembahasanya same With our blog. It aims to form a relevant. So the search engines see our blog as a blog that is reasonable and qualified

Backlink Planting Tutorials For Beginners Maybe this is a trivial thing for a person who is used to engaged in SEO.tapi actually this can no...
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