Understanding Complete SEO On Page and Seo Of Page in Developing Website

Understanding Complete SEO On Page and Seo Of Page in Developing Website, in this article I will discuss What is SEO and How to SEO on our Website is not Wrong Target.
SEO Of page SEO On Page
SEO On Page SEO of Page

SEO itself is divided into 2 SEO On Page and SEO Of page.

SEO Optimization is done from within the website. There are various ways can be done for On page SEO Optimization, namely:
  • Domain URL: before creating an important website to analyze the website first to be built. Then the purpose of the website must have a clear direction in accordance with the Domain URL that has been set. Because the main basis for the website continues to increase its performance starting from the selection of Domain URL. When it comes to increased Keywords, it is necessary to take into account the Domain URL that corresponds to the targeted keywords. If the URL of the Website is in accordance with the target keyword, then we are ready to compete more easily on the keyword. Avoid using domains with Hyphens sign (-) and avoid using numbers inside the Domain URL. One example of this website has a Domain URL www.arycurve.com, then indirectly I have come to compete in building or increasing keywords: SEO Arycurve, SEO, and Arycurve.
  • Template: we have to build or select SEO Friendly template for blog or website. Nowadays there are many free premium templates that have an SEO Friendly structure. But if you want to build your own SEO Friendly template, be sure to know the elements that have an impact to make our website into the category of SEO Friendly.
  • Title Tags: an important element for defining post content. Title Tags are often used by Google Search Engine to be displayed on livelihood pages. We recommend that Title Tags have a length of 50-60 characters. If you have multiple Title Tags under 55 characters, then at least 95% of the title of the article will be displayed correctly on the landing page. One of the important things is to get used to including relevant keywords in Title Tags. Here is the learning reference Title Tag (W3Shools HTML Title Tag | Moz HTML Title Tag | W3 HTML Tag Title).
  • Meta Tag: This element consists of Meta Description, Meta Keyword, and other Meta Content that helps our website indexed Search Engine faster. Meta Tags will provide important information about our website page to Google Crawler. This Meta Tag is not displayed entirely on the home page of the website but will work on Google's livelihood.
  • Format H1 - H3: Search Engine will read the whole website page starting from top left to bottom right. It is therefore important to place the H1 Tag in the first sentence of the website content. H1 is generally placed in the Title Tag of the article. besides the H1 is also important to put H2 and H3 on the content residing on the page. As an example of this website puts H1 in Title Tag and H2 in Tag Title Widget, or on Subheading.
  • Internal Link: has a good function when applied in every article or in the structure of our website menu. Why Internal Link is so important? because the main purpose of Internal Linking is to help the Search Engines navigate through the entire article and read through the structure of our blog. Neat structure makes all our articles will be indexed well in Search Engine. One example is to have a neat website menu and go to related articles with relevant and not excessive. Generally, a good article has 1 Internal Link to related articles. It can also help the readers or users who access the website and find articles that users need. Users will feel at home for longer access to other articles. For SEO's own articles that have Internal Links to other articles have keyword values that indirectly help improve the presentation of keyword articles.
  • Image ALT Text: not just text in articles that can be SEO Friendly, any image in the article we can do SEO Friendly to be indexed by Search Engine with ease. It helps our website get more Traffic and useful to give trust to the user that our website is convenient to be accessed because of having pictures that user want. First before uploading the image make sure the name of the image is a short description to describe the image. For example (logo image of this website) has the name of the image "Seo-Gereggi-logo.png". Both add ALT Text to each image we display in the article. The information we provide on each image will make it easier for Search Engines to know what images we display in the article. The good description of the image has a length of 5-15 words. If the description is too long it will make it difficult for the Search Engine to define the image. For SEO we can include keywords in the image, but the words must remain relevant to define the image.
  • Article Optimization Articles: Having SEO Friendly Article URLs is very important, as Google itself provides information that the URL of a page should be Logical and Easily understood by humans [G]. Good Pages URLs provide clear snippets of words in redirecting Title Tags. As an example of "www.domain.com/pengertisesepage", we recommend that the article URL be "www.domain.com/pengerti-seo-onpage" separated by hyphens "-". This will make it easier for Search Engines to index articles according to keywords built on various elements that have been done.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline: in the article, we write the use of Text Bold, Italic and Underline Formats useful to speed up the article can be indexed Search Engine. Get used to using this Text Format in every article creation. Text Formatting helps improve the quality of our On page SEO website and helps users more interested in reading the articles we create.
  • The sitemap is a link that contains the data link all the pages on the Website. The sitemap makes it easy for users to be able to find the desired article easily. With the Sitemap provides the ease of Search Engine Google to index every page of the website. Submit a website Sitemap link to Google Tools Webmaster, in order to expedite indexed articles and targeted rankings, can go to the first page of Google Search Engine.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): is one of Google's projects released on February 24, 2016. AMP was developed with the aim of speeding up the performance of a website in order to display any data quickly. This is due to on-page optimization which makes loading a page with a small data consumption. Although new but effectiveness with the AMP makes various websites competing to update the website coding in accordance with AMP standards. Lots of SEO who do not trust the effect if their website using AMP can improve the ranking in Google Search Engine. But this can happen because AMP is not only designed for User Interface + Loading without effect to SEO a website that uses it.

SEO Optimization is done on the website. First WhiteHat means doing a safe action (Natural) against the rules issued by Google, and both BlackHat means executing off page SEO development action in a way that is quite dangerous for our website because if not understand and know correctly the existing rules can make the website exposed penalties by Google. There are various ways can be done for Offpage SEO optimization, namely:
  • Social Media: is a medium for sharing various data, one of the articles or article link. Get used to sharing articles on various Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and others so that users know our website. Websites that always share their articles on various Social Media have a greater chance to be able to win keywords and certainly more quickly indexed by Search Engines. Social Media helps our website become better known by users. One example when our website has articles about "SEO" then we share the article to Social Media with an appropriate and appropriate group, it will speed up the website establish good communication for the group "SEO" is.
  • The backlink is one of the Off Page SEO that affects the level of PR (Page Rank), and increase the desired keyword. Backlink that we will build should be good and not Spamming, because if our website violates the existing provisions to make our website will be exposed penalty by Google Search Engine (Panda - Penguin). Many ways to build Backlinks, like Pyramid, Dummy Blog, Automatically, Social Bookmark, Edu - Gov, Web 2.0, Forum, Blog To Web (1 way), Blog To Blog (2 directions), Blog Walking, Review, Web Directory, Submitter , Ads, and other means appropriate to the analysis and calculations that have been made. Want to know more about Backlink? check Backlink articles and How to Make it.
  • Google SEO Tools: In developing the Website, we can take advantage of various Tools provided by Google such as Webmaster, Analytics, Trends, Adwords Keyword Planner, Consumer Surveys, PageSpeed Insights, Content Experiments, Places for Business, Alerts, Tag Manager. Learn and use the Tools provided by Google, because it will help us in building a website that Friendly SEO.
  • Share Picture: re-upload images from related articles on general image storage website, as well as provide information in the form of backlinks to the article. This can help increase Backlink and the number of website visitors. Another way is to provide a Watermark website link in the image.
  • Another way we can develop itself from the previous way. In establishing Off Page (Keyword) required a clear goal and analysis. Use tools to complement each other's needs in building Off Page techniques. Be sure not to use Software BlackHat excessively. Always monitor the development of Offpage SEO properly. Many people are slowly finding easy ways to improve keywords by using self-made formulas, but still, the Google Search Engine algorithm becomes the basis.
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