Understand the Work System of VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

Assalamualaikum friends meet again with me, in this article I will discuss what VLAN is or the extension of (Virtual Local Area Network), as we know the VLAN function is very important or VLAN Itself has a very important Role in a Network.

A VLAN allows an Administrator to create a group of equipment that is logically linked to each other. With VLAN, we can share the switch network logically based on functions, departments or project teams.

VLAN is a small piece of logically separate IP networks. VLAN allows multiple IP networks and small networks (subnet) to be on the same switched network. and its functions In order for the computer to communicate within the same VLAN, each computer must have an IP address and a Subnet Mask that corresponds to the VLAN. The switch must be configured with the VLAN and every port in the VLAN must be registered to the VLAN. A switch port that has been configured with a single VLAN is referred to as the access port.
Virtual Local Area network

The benefits of a VLAN

The application of a VLAN technology allows a network to be more flexible to support business goals. Here are some benefits of using VLANs:

  • Security- Departments that have sensitive data apart from existing networks will reduce the chances of infringing access to confidential and important information.
  • Cost reduction - Cost savings is generated from the unnecessary cost savings for network upgrades and the efficiency of bandwidth and uplink utilization available.
  • has higher performance By dividing the 2 network layer into multiple logical working groups (broadcast domain) reduces unnecessary traffic on the network and improves performance.
  • Broadcast storm mitigation - By dividing a network into VLANs reducing the number of equipment that participates in the broadcast storm.
  • Improved IT staff efficiency - With VLAN network management easier, because users with same network sharing share the same VLAN.
  • Simpler project or application management - Having separate functions simplifies the management of a project or works with specialized applications.

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that's a little explanation about Understand the Work System of VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

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