Type of Computer Based on Transmission Technology

The term computer comes from the word compute, which means counting. That is, every process performed by a computer is a process mathematical count. So, everything that a computer does, whether displayed on the screen, sound, images, and others are processed in such a way as to calculate electronically.
Type of Computer Based on Transmission Technology

The computer serves as a tool for writing, drawing, edit pictures or photos, create animations, operate programs scientific analysis, simulation, and for control of equipment. Originally, the computer is expensive and large equipment. Finally, arise a smaller computer and designed for use by one user with the ability to operate diverse programs. The computer like this is called Personal Computer or abbreviated as PC. Lately has been created also mobile PC that is often known as notebook or laptop. This computer is easy to carry and move (mobile).
Types of Computers
In general, the types of computers today are divided into as follows.
  • Supercomputer
Supercomputers are a type of computer that has the speed the most powerful process. Usually used to handle which applications involve complex calculations, such as weather forecasting and rocket design. This supercomputer is composed of 9152 Pentium processors P6 with a speed of more than 1.3 trillion instructions per second. In the year of 2004 IBM has completed the Blue Storm supercomputer project with speed of 20 trillions of instructions per second.
  • Mainframe or Large Computer
The mainframe is a very large computer with speed 50 to 20,000 MFLOPS. The price reaches millions of dollars and has the size of more than one room. Its usefulness is dealing processing of data with very large volumes. Examples of this computer is the IBM S / 390.
  • Minicomputer or small computer
Minicomputers are often called Midrange systems, they are the powerful machine. Usually serve the network with a simple terminal, as a server on a scale enterprise medium, has a speed of 3-1000 MLOPS. An example of this computer is IBM AS / 400.
  • Workstation or working terminal
A workstation is a powerful machine. Computers it has the ability to complete the calculation application which is complicated at 50-500MLOPS. These computers using a UNIX or NT operating system. This type of computer is equipped with powerful RISC processors like Alpha or MIPS digital.
  • Microcomputer
Microcomputers are better known as personal computers personal, is a cheap and made/produced computer lot/bulk, with speed 1-50MLPOS. Usually use DOS, Windows, or similar operating systems. This computer is used for standard applications. Microcomputers are divided into Desktop
PC, Tower PC, Notebook, Palmtop, PDA, and Laptop.
  1. Desktop PC is a large and common type of PC used in home or office with a case (CPU box) inside sleeping position placed on the table.
  2. Tower PC is a PC with case standing. Generally, CPU box is placed next to or under the table.
  3. Notebook (mini-laptop), is a type of computer that has properties like a laptop, it's just a bit smaller in size than the laptop.
  4. Palmtop or Handled PC (Hand PC), is a computer sized slightly larger than the calculator so it can be put on over the hands.
  5. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), is a type of handheld computer use the pen instead of the keyboard.
  6. The laptop is a type of microcomputer that is easy to move or taken traveling.
  • Microcontroller
The microcontroller is also called Embedded Computer, which is a microprocessor the small size that is usually installed on the equipment smart electronics, cars, and elevators. The advantages of this microprocessor are to make the equipment programmable. Computers consist of the so-called physical supporters of hardware or hardware that includes a processor, RAM, keyboard mouse, and many other components. In addition to supporters physically, there are also non-physical support components or often called with software or software. The software is a program that used to control a computer function.

The existence of software (software) is very important. No devices software, a computer cannot be enabled. Software (software) is an instruction stored on disk or CD ROM. With this software then the computer can determine What are you doing? The software is generally used for control the hardware (often referred to as device drivers), perform the calculation process, interact with that software more basic (such as operating systems and programming languages), and others.

So, a computer that only has electronic equipment or software alone will not work. With the existence of hardware and software, then the computer can serve as a useful tool.
Personal Computer and its Supporting Components
In the era of free trade, Personal Computer (PC) is also developed with open standards so a lot of companies are making hardware. Any kind of hardware can be made by the company which is different, but the hardware still can still be used. Components of supporting devices of a personal computer consist of the following key supporters.
  1. Monitor
    The monitor is the screen used to display the program and data being processed.
  2. Keyboard
    The keyboard is a useful keyboard to give commands on the computer.
  3. Mouse
    A mouse is a tool used as a pointing device that isto click on a menu or button displayed on the screen.
  4. Casing
    The casing contains many devices that are used for processing. In the casing, there are devices, including hard drives, RAM, CD / DVD Drive, processor, mainboard, and others.
  5. Speaker
    Speakers are devices used to generate sound.
  6. Printer
    The printer is a device used to print data to in paper documents.
  7. Scanner
    A scanner is a device used to scan images or writing.
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