This is the Difference Between Intel Processor and AMD Processor

Did you know about the type of processor that you may not know like the type of Intel Processor and Type AMD Processor, before we go to the main discussion Let's find out what it is Processor.

What is Processor?
Intel and AMD Processor

The processor or in the Indonesian language called 'Processor' or better known as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) or the brain of the Computer is an IC that controls the entire course of a computer system used as a central computer controller that serves to perform calculations and perform tasks. The processor is located on the socket that has been provided by the motherboard and can be replaced with another processor as long as it suits the existing socket on the motherboard. Without it, your Computer or Pc cannot work/run.

History Processor

At first, AMD did just make the processor by imitating Intel technology and the permission of the Intel certainly. However, because there is something, there is a fierce dispute between Intel and AMD and the courts require AMD to develop its own processor-making technology. Since then the AMD engineer was forced to work hard to make their own processors so as not to be accused of plagiarizing Intel processors. And finally, they managed to create a processor that can keep up with Intel, even in a certain period of time their processors are able to outperform Intel.

Until now both are still a prima donna in terms of sales and marketing. But if you are still confused in choosing between Intel or AMD processor, consider the following reviews because both are as good and have the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of each.

And here's a Difference Intel Processor and AMD Better Which? see the following review:

  • Intel wins in its brand image and marketing.
  • AMD prices tend to be cheaper than Intel.
  • For multimedia and office needs, Intel may be better than AMD.
  • For the needs of 3D games and graphics, AMD is recognized better than intel
  • In the performance test turned out to be more powerful Intel processors than AMD processors.
  • Intel is believed to be more power-efficient than AMD
  • Actually, AMD also has a performance that is not lost on Intel. AMD processor can also be as fast as lightning. Unfortunately, AMD processors absorb more power.
  • intel can regulate its own temperature so that when the heat speed can decrease.
  • Quick hot, but now the problem has been repaired AMD.
  • The lack of intelligence is definitely difficult to repair when it is damaged. This is because of the processor and motherboard together. Anything can be fixed requires a high cost.
  • The advantage that AMD has over Intel is the incredible data transfer rate because it uses bus technology.
  • AMD can also access memory directly without passing through the northbridge chipset.
  • The ability to detect AMD virus processor should be considered to choose this product. With these capabilities, he will not open the access be the virus so more secure or away from damage. This capability is not owned intel processor.
  • AMD uses Cool n 'Quiet system that enables the use of effective power and a quieter system while using performance as needed
  • not all games are compatible with AMD processors.

    and that's the Difference Between Intel Processor and AMD Processor

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