This is the Criteria of Backlink Planting that Must be Known

this is the 9 Backlink Criteria You Should Know, Quality Backlink is required for off-page Optimization, which is optimization to increase the SERP (search engine results page) done from outside the site concerned. In practice, off-page optimization is closely related to backlinks.

Bulk backlink models using automated software have been largely abandoned, because although it can raise the rankings of sites that are backed up quickly on the search pages, it is also very vulnerable to Google's algorithm detected which can be fatal, ie a drop in search engine rank (usually almost for all keyword) up to penalty to deindex (if bulk spamming done is brutal enough).

this is the Criteria of backlink planting that must be known

Google algorithm to handle the problem of excessive backlink optimization is commonly known as Google Penguin. In recent years, this algorithm has resulted in many casualties falling especially on those who build their sites with various types of backlink spamming, bulk and low quality.

The Best Quality Backlink Criteria that you can set up in the following off-page optimization guide below.
  •  Relevant

The reason for backlinks coming from relevant topics / niche is very good and quality is because these types of links look more natural to search engines. In terms of user experience (UX), links on relevant websites also do not interfere with visitors, even very likely to get clicks of course into visits (traffic).
  • Contextual Links

Contextual links are links within content (articles). The reason this type of backlinks is high quality is because the links that are in the article are usually related or relevant to the content of the article (written topics). And as has been explained in the first criterion, links from relevant topics are highly favored search engines.
  • High PR (DA PA)

Google rewards its authority and trusted websites with Pagerank, the higher the pagerank the higher its authority. Thus, backlinks that come from a domain with high Pagerank also of course have a better quality than the backlinks from sites with low PR, PR0 or PR N / A.
  • Aged Domain

If a web authority is high, usually the age domain of the web is also long. There is rarely a web that can get PR4 or PR5 in a matter of months (except for web whose domain comes from domain drop, redirect or fake).

Another advantage of the old website is usually faster indexnya. Although the website is not necessarily a large authority, getting backlinks from this type of domain I think is more secure than getting backlinks from websites that are new age corn with an unstable index.
  • High Traffic

People say, "google follow people". In some cases, links on websites with high traffic have better quality than links on websites with low traffic, because links on websites with high traffic are more likely to get clicks from visitors on the website.

Sixth Criteria: Low Outbound Links
This is related to Link Juice. Getting backlinks with outbound links (outbound links) that pretty much will reduce the effectiveness of the backlink because it must be shared with other links within the same page.

In contrast to low outbound links, backlinks that can be from this page are much more powerful because the Link Juice directly goes to your website without too much fragmented into other links.

Too often get backlinks from websites with many outbound links is also quite dangerous for your website because high outbound links are vulnerable to be regarded as spam pages (which enter this category is usually spamming blog commenting type).
  • Unique (Different C class IP's)

Getting backlinks from websites with different hosting and different IPs also affects our website ranking in Google search engine.

Logically, if the backlinks from different IPs, most likely backlinks are not manipulative as well as if we create backlinks from our own websites (with IP and hosting the same).

At least, that's what's most likely to be embedded into the mind of the Google Penguin. Although in practice, still different IP backlinks can also be manipulated (with PBN for example).

Getting backlinks from dozens of websites with different IPs is much better than hundreds of backlinks but from the same website.

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  • Dofollow Attributes

According to the theory, Dofollow is a link that counts google as a 'vote' for your website, whereas nofollow does. So if you get a lot of quality backlinks with 7 criteria above but the link is not dofollow, then it is a big loss.

Some say nofollow still counts as a backlink, there yag say no. I think personally, this link is still possible to count, but the percentage is very small when compared with dofollow link.

In order to keep it looking natural, I suggest in build backlink dofollow percentage nofollow you are in numbers around 80: 20 to 95: 5. Do not all the backlinks you are looking for just dofollow because it will look unnatural for search engines, nor do most links nofollow than dofollow because the backlinks you build will be less powerful.
  • One way links

One way links or one-way links.

A few years ago link exchange (exchange link) among fellow bloggers is a common activity and very often done. This activity is quite effective to increase Pagerank and strengthen the backlinks from sites that do link exchange.

Unfortunately, in Google's algorithm which is now reciprocal links of this kind has much reduced its 
value (probably because it has been too much abused)

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