The Basic Technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Hello, Friend meet again with me, in this post, I will discuss the basic technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as we know SEO is needed by Website Developer The goal is to increase Page Rank in search engines and improve Quality and SERP.
The basic technique of Learning About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Understanding and Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization is a series of processes performed systematically and automatically so that the web/blog that you create is in the top position on search engine sites (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) aimed at increasing the number and quality traffic from a search engine to a specific website address by utilizing the natural mechanism of the search engine's algorithm.

The specific goal of SEO is to place a website address in the top position (or at least on the first page) of search results based on a particular subject. Logically, the site address that occupies the top position of the search results has a greater chance of getting visitors.

The key to success a web/blog one of them is the traffic or the number of visitors who Visitors web/blog. A blog will be successful if able to bring visitors as much as possible. High traffic is a sign that the blog is favored by loyal visitors. Most visitors will choose a website that is in the top position. One effective way to bring visitors to search engines by entering certain keywords or keywords in the search engine.

There are several common ways you can do to get the best position in the Search Engines, including:

  1. Content.
    Most people fill in a website any information that gets more with Copy Paste. For example, you want to fill the website about health information, there can be 100 or even more websites with the same title from the form of writing, writing the language with copy paste. Search Engine System will only choose one website with form, language, and writing style more interesting and unique. So create a website with your own language as interesting as possible to bring in more visitors.
  2. Selection of keywords that want in the optimization
    make sure we choose keywords that have a medium and small competition, do not try to compete with big keywords (eg keyword cellphone) unless you have big funds. Here's where to create keyword research: Free Wordtracker, Keyword Suggestion Tool, SEOBook Keyword Tool.
  3. Use the appropriate Title and Meta
    Make sure the title on your website page matches the target of your targeted keyword, or at least each page has a unique title with the title of the page include also Meta keywords, Description installed
  4. Link building
    In addition to the content/content of interest, Link Building is good and true is also an important factor for the website is positioned up and attract more visitors. Here there is a trick that your website or website you have created on someone else's website:
  • Submit to the directory
  • Link exchange
  • Create articles, submit articles (in the article there is our website link):, etc.
  • Submit comment - comment, signature forum etc.
  • Create themes, templates, include your URL link in the footer.
    So SEO (search engine optimization) must be owned by the Your web/blog so that the visitors or the internet users can easily find the required information, make it as good and interesting as possible for the web/blog that you create indexed or recognized by all internet users in the whole world.

    so the article about the basic SEO Technique Learn (Search Engine Optimization), Thank You Been Been

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