Powerful Ways to Accelerate Loading Your Website

Powerful Ways to Accelerate Loading Your Website - You certainly do not want to experience it, accessing a website to get information but instead encounter a page with loading a long time. All will have a negative impact on your website visitors will soon leave it. Not only that, the speed of loading the website is also one of the parameters to determine whether or not good SEO optimization on a website.

1.Delete Plugin Useless

Make sure you only use plugins as needed. Plugins that you do not use but still installed will slow down your website.
The more you use the plugin, the more resources you need. This will certainly affect the performance of the website. Therefore, use the plugin optimally and sufficiently.
Website Plugin

2. Use Fast Hosting

In addition to using plugins to taste, the selection of fast hosting is also very influential for your website storage. So do not until you choose the wrong hosting package.

3. Choosing A Light and Fast Theme

When choosing the theme you want as your website template, you should choose a theme that is light and fast, of course, SEO Friendly, very unfortunate if your website visitors have not got important info website because your theme is too heavy.
Website Theme

4. Do not Live Upload Video on Your Website, We recommend using Embed URL

This is what most people often do to upload large videos on their website, you should use embed URLs only, or upload videos elsewhere, such as youtube, DailyMotion, and More.

5.Change Number of In-depth Content

Should you display content A total of 3 to 5 posts only, would be more ease than 8-12 posts on each page. Pay close attention to this and your website can show up faster.

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