List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto

List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto
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Welcome the Bitcoin hunters. On this occasion, I will share a list of the best, trusted and proven bitcoin producing sites I have selected based on positive reviews by members of the bitcoin forum.
List of Best Free Bitcoin Producing Website Withdraw Auto
list of Bitcoin sites that pay
You need to know 1 bitcoin at this time if Dollar ranged from 91 to 99 million, depending on the current sale and purchase price, to update the current bitcoin price you can check it in Bitcoin Indonesia

For those of you who have become a partner of google adsense do not need to kwatir to juxtapose this ad network, because all bitcoin sites below is compatible with google adsense.

Best List of Bitcoin Generating Ad Network Sites

Anonymous Ads is a bitcoin advertising network that I recommend most, because here you do not need to send your personal data, they identify its members by tracking it through IP address, HTTP header, bitcoin address, cookies, etc.

This one site is very transparent and open to the public except your password. And the good news is the auto withdraw payment system, which means after the minimum earnings that you have automatically get will be sent to your bitcoin address.

If you do not have a bitcoin address please register to Bitcoin Indonesia to withdraw your income later from anonymous ads.

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Furthermore, Bitmedia is an advertising platform, where the ad network is created within a bitcoin community network, this is a niche area, which allows for blog or website owners to buy and sell thematic traffic.

Bitmedia is the best bitcoin advertising network in the field, with teams already experienced in advertising, and commission types based on CPC.

The way it works is quite simple, when there are visitors, their system selects the most relevant material to display to them. But before showing ads to visitors, the ad engine checks the various parameters when the page is being loaded in that visitor's browser. And the choice of ads is based on various factors such as bid, visitor, ad topics, etc. based on system analysis, they select and serve the most relevant ads to visitors.

Mellow ads are a very simple advertising network, with geo-targeting that can show the most relevant ads to visitors according to the country of the visitor.

Here you can create text ads according to your creations and create a banner according to your styling. Mellow ads based on CPM, CPC, and Pay Per Day.

But for your blog or website owners who want to be publisher should at least in the top 200,000 Alexa ranking, it's reasonable because commission per day is large enough offered to the publisher.

, just be a member you will still have the opportunity to get 5000 satoshi or 10,000 satoshis or even 50,000 satoshi depending on your luck, 1 day 1 chance to make the claim and cannot be cashed, the credit can only be used for network campaigns.

RunCPA is the only CPA ad network that uses bitcoin as the internal currency. All you need to become a member just by registering your email.

Here will get bitcoin with a variety of ways very easily, with a minimum payout of 0.005 you can withdraw it to your bitcoin account or directly to your PayPal account.

Please visit RunCPA so you better understand how it works

CoinURL offers interstitials, from those types of ads you can monetize links by shortening your links, even if you do not have a targeted website for your short you can still place it on a webpage with an overlay script, which still allows you to get bitcoin just by asking visitors to visit the page.

CPM based commission system, PPC that you can get by installing a banner on your blog or website. And minimum cashout of 0.01 bitcoin.

Bitfun is the next bitcoin-producing site that you can use to get free Bitcoin every 3 minutes just by doing Claim, besides in Bitfun you can also get Bitcoin by filling out surveys, playing games and various other rewards that will speed up your bitcoin collection process.
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