How to Save battery or extend Battery life

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Do it to 6 This way in order for your Android Battery Durable Not Fast Out, the increasing need for teknoloi make us can not be far from the name Android Smartphone, let alone android can also be said is a major need for information seekers and technology, and therefore because too often used or used at any time of course will make our Android Battery will run out quickly, and of course will hamper our work and pleasure, and to avoid it, Do it to 6 This way in order for Android battery can not run out.
Save battery long life
Turn off Cellular Data
This is the No 1 way from the other because if the Android mobile data is still alive the signal frequency will continue to weaken the battery power especially if you are in the area with 4G Signal range, turn Mobile data as needed
Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth
When not needing a WiFi connection we should turn off our WiFi connection. Because if WiFi is alive then hp android we will continue to actively look for WiFi signal and this will make drain android battery hp. Likewise with the Bluetooth facility, facilities for us to exchange this data should be turned off when we do not need it and it sure makes our Android battery power is exhausted.
Turn off GPS
Actually, GPS on Android is very rarely used unless you are demanded work or other, but the use of GPS is not too often, we do not every day lost instead is not it? So turn off your hp android GPS facility, and turn it on only when you need it so your Android Battery power will be more durable
Decrease Volume & Turn Vibrate off
For this one point may be very commonly used on all phones, almost everyone knows that the vibration feature on the hp can drain the battery, so it should turn off the vibrate feature and reduce the volume to be more battery efficient and no longer need to be back and forth Charge Android you
Turning off the Sync Feature
Hp Android allows you to know email notifications, Facebook and other applications live, but if you do not really need it like during the holidays or traveling then you should turn off this sync feature, but the consequences you will not receive these notifications. Do not worry, you can still see the latest updates by going to the application you want to see update, and in addition to extravagant to Battery this feature also Boros to your Quota, and of course the quota will quickly run out of regular use
Reduce Screen brightness
the brighter the brightness of your Android's Android display screen will be getting sharper and better, but the effect of it Battery will quickly decrease and besides that your Android will also be fast. However, this great screen includes the biggest factor of your android hp battery being drained, so humble it on the dark conditions and bounce off a bit if the conditions are too lightroom.

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