How to Root Sony Xperia Z3 Easily

How to Root Sony Xperia Z3 with Easy and Fast, before we go to stage Root We should first know what is Root

Understanding of root

Root is an account system that has absolute power to access and execute all command fileLinuxnux-based operating systems, and systems, essentially this root has unlimited access that can delete, add and even modify everything in the android system, root hack our Smart Phone system so that can access the root account, so we are free Modify "or modify our Smartphone. for those who like Modify " android would have been familiar in the ears about what it is root..root can remove the official warranty our phone so all the decisions, the choice is on mblaur blog friends respectively.
How to Root Sony Xperia Z3 Easily

Root function

Root function itself is to give full rights to Android users to be able to enter the system. by doing root users can add, reduce or modify file files and data located on the Android system which when in a state of standard or not in the root file cannot be accessed when in analogical windows computer operating system, root function is to give administrator rights to the user

Excess root on android
  • Unlimited access to the android system
  • Installing applications on memory cards and installing applications that need root is certainly a lot of application applications that require root access.
  • Unistal vendor default app (system app)
  • Backup app + system
  • Installing rom custom
  • Access to full android file system files
  • We can modify our phone according to our wishes
  • We can modify android application applications for example .. modify power amp free so pro, hack Psiphon pro so full speed unlimited, hack titanium backup free so pro. and many more advantages if we root android

  1. First Stage Before Performing Sony Xperia Z3 Series root through pc. Make sure you have downloaded software ERoot HERE.
  2. After successfully download the next install ERoot software on your pc. Make sure the battery is fully charged (at least 60%) If you have just activated USB Debugging and connect the hp to pc with USB cable.
  3. Make sure the USB driver has installed True automatically When Driver Not installed then my friend can install the driver itself.
  4. Next step open ERoot program and usually hp already detected. If not then unplug and re-plug the USB cable.
  5. After SmartPhone has been detected just click the root in the green column.
  6. The process of root Sony Xperia Z3 is in progress, Wait a while until everything Check
  7. Restart your Sony Xperia Z3's HP and look at the application menu if there is an application called SuperSU. If there is then on make sure your Sony Xperia Z3's pal has been at the root.
  8. The last sgoesp just go to check your root android root condition by using root checker application.

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