How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G Marshmallow + Install TWRP

hello, friends meet me again curve, in this post I will explain How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G Marshmallow + Install TWRP before we go to Root stage it would be nice we know the function and risk Root on Android.
How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
Function or Excess of Rooting Android
  1. Allows you to set up wireless tethering disabled by the default setting (not in the root).You can easily access any file system.
  2. You can install all applications that require rooting first.
  3. Can help you to do custom flash ROM on the device.
  4. Can increase the performance of mobile or tablet android.
  5. Allows you to add additional features to the device.
  6. Finally can easily grant or deny the permission of the application installation.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, many apps allow you to automatically backup all your apps and all data when you root your device.
Some apps allow you to automatically backup all your data, block ads completely, make secure tunnels to the internet and create wireless hotspot devices.
  1. Risks Of Rooting (Root) Android
  2. Device Warranty Will Be Missing

Once you root your device the first thing you should know is, lose the warranty on your mobile phone. But do not worry you can unroot your device back with flashing the original ROM backup.
Security Risk
Things that can not be considered easy and worth the calculation is the security of the Android device, especially for those of you who use an android phone for business purposes. the system in the android device, it's the same as allowing all can freely access to our system, including malware and virus. The worst possibility is our personal data such as username and password will be stolen via walware that has been entered in the system on the device.
Android OS System Becomes Unstable
This is not uncommon in devices that have been rooted. ROMs dubbed by the amateur developer have been widely circulated on the internet and can be downloaded free of charge, and tempted by good display design makes many people download this Custom ROM, and do not heed the possibility of risks that will arise. The worst possibility is to have a boot loop or crash on the system, but remember, do not blame the manufacturer, back to yourself, want to use a good looking ROM with potential risks, or with a proven safe default system.

Not All Features Can Work Optimal

Of the many Custom ROMs that exist, not all made appropriate for your android device, because the maker does not necessarily know clearly about the Android device you use. Some users are willing to sacrifice some features, such as a camera that is not runninBluetooth not working, or wi-fi that can not connect just to get the latest custom ROM with an interesting appearance. But if you are also willing to have a smartphone with a broken camera, but if you use your camera's built-in stock ROM can work?

Can not Get Official Update

I think this is the biggest risk in the android shooting, especially for those of you who use Android blend directly from Google. Depending on your gadget manufacturer, some major Android smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Sony etc. will release their official Android OS update periodically. And if your device has been diroot, then you will miss the opportunity to the get this OS update. You should rely entirely on your custom ROM maker, about when to release a new ROM (if any).

First, we must first download some files. This file is important and used for the root process, including:

Well, then there are some things done, including:

  1. Install Samsung USB Driver first on our PC.
  2. Then Extract also Odin file on PC in the folder we have prepared.
  3. Copy also the TWRP Recovery file into PC into the same folder as Odin.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your smartphone, by pressing 7 to 10x Build Number in Settings> About.
  5. Connect the smartphone to PC using the data cable, use original data cable for data processing speed.
  6. Next, open the Odin app on your PC, and if you do not find your smartphone connected to your PC, you can repeat the above steps.
  7. Then select Select AP / PDA, and also select the TWRP file that has been downloaded earlier. select Auto Reboot as well.
  8. Smartphones will be automatically entered into the process and wait a while.

Install SuperSU on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G Marshmallow

Well, then we have to do next is to install SuperSU dismartphone this, with the following steps:

  1. Download and copy it to the smartphone's internal memory.
  2. Then turn off the smartphone, and go into recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power button.
  3. In the menu that appears, we select Wipe and Select Cache Data.
  4. Log back into the start menu, and we do the SuperSu installation.
  5. Perform a smartphone reboot.

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