How to Remove a Virus From a Flash Drive | Removing Virus Shortcut In Flashdisk

Now, with a flash disk/Flash Drive, you are easy to store your data into this small tool and move to another laptop in a fairly fast way. With this tool, you are also facilitated to carry your data in a small storage.Selain useful for moving files practically, flash is also one of the entrances of the computer Virus other than the Internet. Through the flash, the virus can be spread easily to many computers. For that suggested do not carelessly enter our flash to another person's computer, or vice versa. Check first whether your friend's computer is secure. before we get to that stage let's get a deeper look at what a Flash drive is
Virus on flash Drive
Understanding flash disk/Flash Drive
Flash disk is a flash memory data storage tool that has an integrated USB interface. This flash drive usually has a small size, light and can be read and written easily. (source

Well, you just read the sense. But it's not complete it feels without knowing also what its function. Maybe for those of you who already have this flash disk, you most certainly have to know. But for those of you who do not know yet, again you have to read it below.
Flash disk/Flash Drive drive function
Flash disk is a tool that has the main function to store data. Of course, any data, whether photos, office files, master applications, video, and other files as long as the size does not exceed the storage capacity of the flash disk.

For storage capacity, the flash drive has a variety of sizes. Starting from 512 MB, 1 GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8 GB, and 32 GB. Every year, flash disks are always developed with greater storage capacity. In, a fact I've read that there is a new flash disk that has a capacity of up to 1 TB or 1024 GB equivalent. Wow.
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Not only to store data alone, flash disk is now used as a tool to facilitate the installation of software applications into the computer. Even this tool can also be used to install the computer operating system easily without having to use the DVD again.

For entertainment, flash diks can also be used to store music files, so it can be used to play music on the car tape, or on speakers that already provide a USB slot.

This small external storage medium, has non-volatile memory in it. That is, the data stored in the flash disk will not disappear, although there is no power on the flash disk.

But what if your flash is infected with a virus? generally the flash that has been infected like viruses there are shortcuts, files / folders weird, and hidden. This time I will give tips to remove virus shortcuts in flash without antivirus software.

  • Enter the flash is exposed to the virus.
  • Select "View" menu, check "Hidden items" (Window 8.1), for Windows 7 Select "Organize", choose "Folder and search options" then select "View" and check "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".How to Deleate Virus on Flash Drive
  • Here are the files and folders that come from viruses.
Virus Flash Drive
  • Run CMD, go into the drive where your flash is located, for example in (E :).
  • Enter "attrib -s -r -h / s / d" (without quotes) and hit enter key.

Virus on flash Drive
  • Delete permanently on all files and folders that are in the flash Drive

Virus on flash Drive
  • Done

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