How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website

in this post I will discuss about How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website, as we know Alexa Rank is very important for a blog or website, in addition to river in search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, Amazon and others, Alexa rank will also convince visitors of our blog or website to our work or post, and here I will provide a way to increase Alexa rank.

How to Increase Alexa Rank
  • Diligently post or Update Blog

Diligent blog updates means making pages constantly.A website should regularly publish pages or posts. For that, if your website only focuses on selling a product, make a blog (eg: "" or "") on the website. That way you can create articles regularly.
How to Increase Alexa Rank on a Blog or Website

We recommend that articles are made not by copying someone else's. In addition, make a quality article, meaning original and helpful or beneficial to the reader. In addition to the need to increase Alexa rank, it is also favored search engines like google. Google will be happy with a fresh website, a website that regularly creates new pages.
  • Find More Visitors

This is the most important thing in an effort to increase Alexa rank, Alexa will calculate web traffic and page views to rank the parameters. For that, if you really seriously want to increase Alexa rank, look for the end as much as possible. can be through Social media, advertising or anything else

If the website is good in search engine optimization then visitors will flood the website. With the record, should make a lot of quality articles and much sought after. Due to the large number of articles, the chances of the emergence of these websites in search engines will also increase and will increasingly in demand by the readers
  • Get quality backlinks

Alexa through his blog suggested finding backlinks from sites related to the site owned (related site). This is one way that can be done to increase Alexa rank. One way that can be done to get backlinks is to comment on other blogs, whether it is Dofollow blog or Nofollow. The best way is to comment on blogs that have similar topics to the website owned. In addition, another way to get backlinks can be by exchanging links. But remember backlinks must be obtained from relevant sites (have the same niche or topic) and not done excessively means backlinks too if too much and too often do not like google and other search engines, To find out various errors in getting backlinks, see direct article from google about Link schemes. In addition to affecting the ranking of Alexa, get backlinks in large quantities and quality also affects the SEO. Google will see the relevance of a website's backlinks. Thus the position of your website on search engines will get better and better.

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That's some way that can be done to increase the Alexa rank of a website.
hopefully useful, if any questions please Comment below.

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