How to Hide Files on Android Easily | hide Photos, Videos, Files

Currently, the popularity of Android smartphone is no doubt its ability, there are so many advantages given android to the user and may not be owned by another smartphone. One example of the advantages of this android system is to give the user the freedom to change the look or fiddle with the look and so forth.
How to Hidden File on Android
However, despite the freedom of the Android smartphone still puts the security of privacy, one of them is a feature that allows users to hide files, documents, video, or others that are private. So others cannot access the files freely.
On the Android system there are some important files that are hidden automatically, such as files that sent Whatsapp or other social media to others, then we will not be able to find the file in the file manager.
But if we want to show hidden files on the android system we can do without having to do the root process first on the Android smartphone, because the rooting process can cause the Android system to fall apart and even crash, and requires us to re-install the android system , but there are other events to be able to access hidden files on android that is by installing the QuickPic application that we can download on Android Google PlayStore.
Here's How to Show Hidden Files on Smartphones.
  1. Open the play store app on your android smartphone.
  2. Find the QuickPic app from Google PlayStore.
  3. Install QuickPic Application to complete.
  4. Then run the already installed QuickPic application.
  5. If you want to view hidden or hidden photos or files, then click the menu icon located on the top right screen, then select Show Hidden menu.
  6. If there is a hidden file, then the file can be seen in the QuickPick gallery.

How easy it is not to see or show hidden files on android smartphone, with QuickPic we do not need to do rooting first. Well enough so many articles on How to Show Hidden Files on Smartphone, hopefully, useful and good luck.
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