How to Get Rid of Ads on Android Easily

Hello friend meets again, in this post I will discuss how to remove Ads that are Shown on Android with Easy.
To address the following 'ad intrusions' we provide ways to remove ads on android. Although there are many other tutorials on the internet are scattered like a fly, but most of the way remove ads on android applications still require root to be able to block incoming ads smartphone. In fact, not all smartphone users can do the rooting because the smartphone is difficult to root, or already in the root cannot claim warranty if there is damage also many who do not want for fear of virus/malware.
Well, it's right you see this article because tutorial how to remove ads in android version do not need to root first. Users just run the app busting / blocking ads then the ads will disappear instantly and disappear. Curious to immediate with AdBlock Plus App.
  • Download and install the AdBlock Plus app via Google Play Store (This app is an incoming ad blocker).
    Once terrinstall open the application. Then on the main menu enable Filtering by changing it to On condition.

iklan adblock plus

  • Next, go to settings menu Settings - WiFi. Select WiFi you want to use (to remove ads in android without root must use WiFi connectivity because if using data packets, this application can not run unless it must be root first). Then a popup will appear, just select Modify network.
  • Check the Show advanced options option. Then replace Proxy from None to Manual. In the hostname field fill with localhost, Proxy port column filled with number 2020. If you have saved the settings with tap Save.

iklan adblock

  • Finished,

If you remove the ads on Android as above, they will not appear again when we open an app or game. In addition to AdBlock Plus, you can also use a similar application called AdFree. How to remove Android ads using the AdFree app is very easy also Its use is also very easy. The first step you just download and then install the application. Once successfully installed in your gadget, select the application to block ads then select remove Google Ads and select Google Ads patch. Then select resizing ads to null / zero or can select resizing ads to the smaller size. For null or zero means to remove ads in full. While the size to change the size of the ad becomes smaller but still appear.
Usually, the ads that appear are in free android games, antivirus, and Android browser. Hopefully how to remove ads on this android app can be useful.
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