How to Get Free BitCoins with Minergate

How to get free BitCoin with Minergate | Minergate is a GUI-based Miner Cryptocurrency application and gets run on the computer. As the name implies the function of this application is to do Mining a Cryptocurrency currency like BitCoin. Although it can be Mining Cryptocurrency, Minergate actually can only Be Mining Cryptocurrency alternatives like XMR, BCN, or Dashain, which is certainly Cryptocurrency other than BitCoin and LiteCoin.

How to get free BitCoin with Minergate

How Minergate works are not much different from the Mining BitCoin tool in general (eg Antminer S7), the first application will find the Pool of Cryptocurrency after that Minergate does the Mining Pool commands using Computer Hardware and then the results of the mining is obtained and can be Exchange into BTC or USD.
In Minergate, there are 3 pieces of Cryptocurrency currency that can be in Mining to get a lot of Profit XMR, BCN, and Dashain. Compared to Mining BitCoin or LiteCoin, XMR or BCN Mining is more profitable because the level of difficulty of Mining Pool Cryptocurrency second is not high so it can still get profit even though the Hash used for mining is not high.

Minergate application size is also not large, the raw file size around 10mb. This application also has a complex menu, simple, and easy to use. In addition, there are also features Merged Mining where you can Mining up to 8 Cryptocurrency simultaneously (if you have 8 Core Processor).

In order Mining performance in Minergate maximum, Minergate offers 2 Mining version of CPU Mining and GPU Mining. Both versions use different hardware as well, CPU Mining uses your Processor and GPU Mining using your VGA. I think higher Hash is gained if using GPU Mining, but the GPU Mining function only supports one VGA vendor (AMD Radeon update can also) that is NVIDIA Geforce and only VGA Geforce in 2012 upwards (eg GPU Laptop I Geforce GT650M or Geforce GTX700,900 Series) that can run this feature.

But if you have a computer or laptop that has high-processor, you can run CPU Mining. In Menu CPU Mining there is a choice of Core Processor that can be used. If you have a processor with 8 Core (ex AMD FX-9000 Series or Intel Core-i7 5000x Series), you can get Hash up to 200H / s or maybe 1KH / s.

Excess Minergate in my opinion:

  • Using the account so the management process is easy
  • Support all types of processors
  • Simple and easy to use
  • GUI-based
  • Can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux Platforms
  • Safe from Hackers
  • Merged Mining (Can Mining up to 8 Cryptocurrency)
  • Can Web Mining (Meaning pairs of scripts in Blog so when there are automatic visitors they help us do Mining)
Minergate Deficiency:

  • No Intel HD GPU Support
  • Performance Mining is not perfect, there are still many untapped Hardware Resource
  • Interested, please follow the steps below to register Minergate and How to use it:
How to register Minergate
Because using an account to use Minergate please you Minergate list here.

Minergate - Sign Up

After registering you will be automatically directed to download Minergate, please download Minergate according to the platform you use. Install after that, how easy the installation is just stay Next just continue until the installation process is complete.

Minergate - Download

How to use Minergate

How to use Minergate is very easy, because after Login you can use auto mode for Mining Cryptocurrency which has high profit or more using manual mode. Here's how to use Auto Mode:

1. Run Minergate

2. If prompted to Login please Login with Minergate account that you list earlier

3. On the Dashboard press the Smart Mining Start button

Minergate - Smart Mining
4. And auto mode is successfully executed
Minergate - Smart Mining2

To use Manual Mode is also easy, How to please follow the steps below:

1. On the Dashboard move to Tab Miner
Minergate - Manual Mining1
2. After that press the Play button or Start Mining on Cryptocurrency you want
Mining.Minergate - Manual Mining
But you have to remember how many Core Processors you have because if you run 6 Mining but you only have 2 Core Processor the results obtained are not good. My suggestion runs only one Mining but CPU Cores was changed according to many Core Processor owned.

Benchmarking Mining with Minergate
There is also a feature of Minergate that offers us to do Benchmark or testing how good our computer if used for Mining. Benchmarks can also determine how many Hashes we can get. How to do Benchmark is easy, just move to Tab Benchmark and press Start Benchmark button.

Minergate - Benchmark

My Computer Benchmark Results

Minergate - Benchmark2
Previous benchmarks

Minergate - Benchmark3

How to Withdrawal Mining results in Minergate

This may be a lot of questions, How to Withdrawal in Mine gate. I think Withdrawal is very easy because the Withdrawal menu is already provided. To make Withdrawal the most important you must have a Wallet to save the money. My suggestion uses to store all your Mining results in HitBTC because it supports all Cryptocurrency contained in Minergate such as XMR, BCN, ETH, etc., please open my Post here to see guide register on HitBTC. Here's how to do Withdrawal:

1. On the Dashboard move to the Wallet Tab

2. If your Account Balance is enabled for Withdrawal, please click Withdrawal

Minergate - Withdrawal
3. After that there is withdrawal form, please fill withdrawal data is correct. Here is an explanation on the Form in the Withdrawal menu

  1. Amount: Many Balance/money to be taken
  2. Address: Your Wallet address is Hash like 24xb56jdj (Remember!) Withdrawal only to the correct Wallet, if you are Mining BitCoin then Withdraw to Wallet BitCoin If you want Withdrawal BCN then Withdraw to Wallet BCN Because this error is not borne by Minergate or No Refund means)
  3. Payment ID: Fill if necessary (Payment ID is a Payment ID used to track your payment)
  4. Verification Code: Google Authenticator Code (If using)
Minergate - Withdrawal2

If already press the Withdraw button.

My suggestion if you want to Mining with Minergate you must have a computer or Desktop PC so that the components inside the computer do not get damaged quickly because I have my laptop experience broken because of Mining Laptop wear after that I moved Mining with Computer. In addition to getting a high Hashrate, it is advisable to use GPU / VGA from the red team vendor (AMD Radeon).

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