Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed

Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed Slow, On Smartphone Masakini Especially Android but not infrequently also most Android especially in MTK Processor Spek and Ram 1 Gb to the Bottom often experience Ngelag or slow, even when we press Smartphone back button like not working for some time sec, of course,use make us feel annoyed and uncomfortable to our Android Smartphone, just open the Android Specifications factor but also there is a serious Application Error Installation and filled with Ads and the following I will discuss Increase Android Speed.

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The first thing you should do is.
Android Slow
  1. Removing Applications that if not very Important, this proved powerful because the existence of the Android Application is very consuming RAM capacity, especially if the application has a fairly large size.
  2. Clear history and Cache Browser, History and cache Browser is the Internet Search History we have done so long as it has Android Smartphone, it can be imagined if 1 year we have Smartphone it will be a lot of History or History that accumulate in Browser, and then cache.

    You could say the cache is the Account and password stored in the Browser in the sense that any account we ever input in the Browser will be saved if we select the Save Mode, this will certainly be a lot of piles of stored accounts Like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and many others.

  1. Deleting existing files memory Internal, internal memory or commonly mentioned is the memory of this phone is also very influential on the android primarily especially suspended on the Smartphone with Internal 8 Gb to the bottom why, Internal 8 Gb down it is Empty memory space that is completely unfilled Anything including the ROM itself so it can be ascertained when you first bought the android The internal space listed on the Box was a room that was not intact.
  2. Avoid Installation of Apps that display a lot of Ads, these are often encountered when using or running Internet mode in addition to annoying Ads also Quotably Quota consuming, so Avoid installing Applications that contain lots of Ads.
  3. Number of Applications Running or Running, this also has a big effect on the Android Smartphone in question is often we do open more than 2 or 3 applications whereas when we want to end it using only the Back or back button, this will cause Stacking applications Running or running, or Read Also How to Eliminate Ads on Android when Data on Enable.

    If the above steps we have done and still no change the last thing I suggest Is restart your Android to factory settings But do not Forget Backup first \ your important data Like Photos, Videos, Contacts and others why should be in Backup first first, because After we do Reset tau restore Factory all data on Android will be Deleted unless you save the file in SD card or Memory External and Here are 6 Ways to Increase Android Speed Slow version Arycurve may be useful

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