GOOGLE WEBMASTER FUNCTION AS A BLOG CONTROL, this time I want to review how important Google Web Masters to the bloggers. Before at the core I will discuss below later, I would like to explain in more detail about the functions of Webmasters. Webmasters are one of the applications provided by Google, to control our Blog account. Its existence is also needed because it can improve the stability of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Blog, and has an increasingly easy effect on searches in Google Search.
Google Web master As Control Website
Besides, that is no less important, you can delete the URL in a robot.xl considered as spam, which in the end our blog into the white sand aka Google Sandbox. Speaking of Google Sandbox, Google sandbox is an Application of a strike against a blogger who is deemed not to comply with the policies in the set. The impact is also quite, Feel Blog that you fill with a good article, it has been in the freeze while, can even be affected by the severest sanctions, ie Blog you manage permanently deleted by the Google Party.

The most common cause of a Blogger being exposed to Google sanbox:

  • First - The blog is full of plagiarism and worse, they abuse.
  • Second - Usually attacking Blogger beginner, it's too much editing the article to look easy to read. That's what I think, triggers the Google Robot to suspect unusual activity.
  • Third - Without being aware when feeling Euphoria has a new blog, many of us are changing domains.
  • Fourth - Many links do not work properly that unconsciously stick to old articles, and it is considered as SPAM, due to point number 3 and above explanation.

Google WebMaster Functions as a Blog Control

The first, second and subsequent images below, I intentionally created so that you who have not registered in Google Webmaster easier to register.

  • The first time you sign in to your Gmail Account, then go to a stopover for an ascetic, find out, and go directly to the official Webmaster site, from Google.
  • Second tip - On the home page there is a note like a red logo search that says "Add Property". Please fill in the official url address of your Blog site, on the left side then Click.
  • Third - When you arrive at the page as shown in the number 2 look at the arrows that I mark. There written Google Index and some other useful functions nan options, choose the needs that are in need.
  • Fourth - If you are really exposed to the white sand I mentioned above, then I suggest removing the blog URL that is considered wrong here, not in his Blogger account.

For the SEO functionality of Google Webmaster, do not forget Email Confirmation first, so that the optimization is impressive and please check in inbox then Verify.

Then go in and check the resources as the picture on the side, go in the data structure and then check! Do not rush into the validation before you understand.

Take a look at some of the 5 6 pictures on the side and bottom, that my Blog has a problem with SEO optimization image problems.
I myself am trying to fix, so that my blog can work properly, by reading the blogs of the masters in Indonesia.

Well I think pembahsan about Google Webmaster Functions As a Control Blog up here first, then I will write articles that can be made as a demand. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my Blog.
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