Collection of Best Internet Marketing & SEO Tools

In running internet marketing business or SEO optimization on blogs, sometimes we need the help of software or tools to facilitate the activities that we will do it.As we all know that internet marketing software and SEO tools are usually not free, even if it is free may be only a few days trial. But take it easy, do not worry, because I've put together a list of internet marketing software and free SEO tools that will help you in making money via the internet.

Although the collection of internet marketing software and SEO tools that I will inform you the price is free, but the quality is no less good with software or tools paid (premium).
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Probably right away, here are 3 internet marketing software and 3 free SEO tools that I think is best so there will be a total of 6 best Tools and Software to support your internet marketing & SEO blog business.

Free & Best Internet Marketing Software


Software Internet Marketing MailChimp

The first internet marketing tool required by internet marketers is MailChimp. MailChimp itself is a tool for managing messages.

What is meant here set can be interpreted in many ways, for example, we can set or schedule when we will send messages to subscribers or the term scheduled post. So we need to again bother to always send messages because there is already a feature scheduler.

MailChimp offers 3 membership packages, the first is Entrepreneur (free), Growing business (paid) and High volume sender (paid).

The third option of the package certainly has advantages and disadvantages, such as Entrepreneur package though free but the number of emails that can be sent per month is limited, for Growing business package the advantages can send email to unlimited (unlimited) but the weakness is expensive, the price can be up to $ 10 per month.

But I think for businesses with small-scale, Entrepreneur free package is good enough.


Software Internet Marketing InstaPage

InstaPage is a tool to make it easy for users to create landing page. As for the definition of landing page is a static page created by internet marketers to offer and sing visitors to immediately buy products sold.

Steps using InstaPage to create landing page is actually very easy, where we only need to choose a template (there are 70+ templates) and just set the appearance by drag & drop.

Another plus is, InstaPage can we combine with MailChimp, so later when visitors fill out the registration form, then we can automatically send email to the registered email account.

Just like MailChimp, in addition to providing a free package (not trial), InstaPage also provides three upgrade packages that are Basic, Professional and Unlimited.


Software Internet Marketing Buffer

A buffer is a tool for scheduling post on social media accounts. What's interesting about Buffer besides its free price is the ease with which to navigate the post. So there will be time-sharing (hours, days, years) and there are also groupings based on the social media account you use.

As far as I know, BufferApp currently only supports 5 Social Media that is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and did not close the possibility of future will increase.

What I like about BufferApp is the Connect RSS feeds feature, so later we can update the post automatically by using feeds.

Unfortunately, the Buffer software or app is only available for mobile users (Android and iOS). As for laptop or computer users only available extension for Google Chrome only, which you can download free of charge in Chrome Web Store.

Free & Best SEO Tools

Open Site Explorer

Tools SEO Open Site Explorer

I think personally, Open Site Explorer (OSE) from Moz is the best SEO tool to check backlinks of opponent blogs or to check backlinks that lead to our own blog.

In addition to the tools to see the backlinks of opponents, is also available Keyword Difficulty feature to find out how the level of difficulty of competition for a keyword.

Back to the backlink, there is also a feature 'group links by subdomain' as the name implies, the function of this feature is to group the links based on the main domain, so the term can be more concise, and suitable for bloggers who want to implement Link Building.

Actually there are many other features that exist in OSE, such as Inbound Links, Just-Discovered, Top Pages, Linking Domains, Anchor Text, Compare Link Metrics, Link Opportunities, and Advanced Reports, but unfortunately, all that can only be accessed by Pro members. And for regular members (free) can only use Inbound Link feature, but this feature is also good enough to flow backlink.

The OSE tool is also available in the Mozbar Extension for Google Chrome which you can download for free directly throughChrome Web Store.


Tools SEO SimmilarWeb

SimillarWeb is a tool for web browsing. This tool is also suitable for analyzing competitor blog website, such as find out what keywords are the mainstay of competitors, there is also information about the estimated number of visitors along with the origin of these visitors and many other features.

Seeing the many features presented by SimmilarWeb site, it seems no exaggeration if I call SimmilarWeb as one of the Best Free SEO Tools today, especially for the purposes of analysis of competitors.

SimmilarWeb also provides information about Mobile App Rankings, so later there will be a list of best android applications based on the number of users and ratings.

CuteRank dan SerpFox

Tools SEO CuteRank

CuteRank is a free SEO software to monitor, monitor, check and to know the position of blog rankings in google, bing, and Yahoo based on certain keywords. While for SerpFox is an online SEO tool to check blog rankings.

CuteRank software deficiency is only allowed to monitor 1 website/blog only, the advantages we can See more keywords at once.
Tools SEO SerpFox

For the free version of SerpFox is also not much different from CuteRank that only allows to monitor 1 blog, the advantages of SerpFox is we do not need to waste quotas to check, because the data retrieval process in Google, all done automatically (real time) by this site.

More or less that is free internet marketing software and the best SEO tools that I use most often, if I will try to update software and other free tools (but I do not promise).

That's it from me, hopefully the information about the Best Internet Marketing Software & Tools SEO Tool above can be useful for blogger friends and internet marketers.

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