Causes Unindexed Articles | Not Found In Search Engines

Have you ever experienced this already made the article as much as possible but when we search does not appear in the Search Engine, Articles that are still on the blog, but not indexed by Google? Why?! Though already using keywords that are really similar to the contents of the article, but still can not be found. Upset? Of course. Because automatically, visitors will not be able to access the articles you have posted with the reason not to find it in the search engine.

Causes Unindexed Articles | Not Found In Search Engines

Articles that are already on the first page of search engines may be lost because it is not indexed by Google. As this is the cause:

1. Have Title Similarity

A blogger has the obligation to post an article at least once a day and did not rule out articles that are shared share the same title. If you can not make the title of the article more unique again, it could be the position of the article in the SERP will decrease. Use long-tail keywords. Make the article more qualified so it is not easy to decline from the SERP or even lost in other articles he-he-he.

2. Comments and Spam Backlinks

Do not be happy with the number of comments or backlinks you get. Because at this time, Google has not considered comments or backlinks as a condition of staying on the first page. In contrast to quality backlinks, it will remain a priority. Articles will remain on the first page when getting comments or quality backlinks.

3. On Page SEO Inappropriate

Usually, how to improve the article to stay in SERP by building internal links. Connecting between articles one with another article. However, inappropriate implementation of internal links may aggravate the blog. meaning that when we make the Internal Link must be in accordance with the theme of our article.

and that's Cause Unindexed Articles | Not Found In Search Engines Hopefully Helpful.

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