8 Best Operating System For Hacking In addition to Windows

For you who are obsessed about hacking, surely dong watch TV series Mr. Robot? The film tells the story of a hacker named Elliot is indeed making you think hard after watching every episode of his. You're wondering baseball hell what operating system used by world class hackers while in action?
Hacking activity can not run without the help of computers, one of which plays an important role is the operating system. Professional hackers or newcomers may use different concepts and program codes when hacking, but it turns out the most widely used operating system by them is Linux-based OS. Reported by TechViral, the following Jaka serve 10 best operating system used by hackers in the world.
8 Best Operating Systems Used by Hackers In addition to Windows

1. Kali Linux

best Operation System for hackers
Times Linux is one of the most popular and best OS for hackers to launch their attacks. OS used by professional hackers is practically using Linux Times, and some even make their own OS. This OS is a reincarnation of BackTrack, a Linux distro created specifically for the purposes of penetration and testing of a computer security system. Times Linux was staying digadang more stable and powerful than previous generations.
The OS also provides privacy and security from other OS vulnerabilities and is fully developed to the Debian development standard. Excess Linux Times among which tools used are always updated. You interested? Times Linux can be learned, there are many sites that discuss the operating system of this successor BackTrack.

2. Backtrack

Best Operation For hacker
Before the presence of Kali Linux, Backstrack is a very popular operating system by hackers. This backtrack has tools that can support the hacking process, with a wide scope ranging from scanning, enumeration, exploitation, forensics, reverse engineering, wireless hacking, and others. The Evolution of BackTrack does take a lot of time in its development. Unfortunately this OS is not developed by the manufacturer, but you can still taste OS based on Ubuntu distro this.

3. Pentoo

sistem operasi hacker terbaik Pentoo
Pentoo is one of the best operating systems for hackers who are just Live CDs. Live distributions with live CDs are built for security testing and are based on Gentoo. Linux distro is accompanied by tools for hacking such as Backported WiFi stack, XFCE4 and so forth. You just need to make bootable USB to run Pentoo and there is no special requirement to install it.

4. Nodezero

best Operation System for hackers
Nodezero is also a complete operating system for hacking based on Ubuntu, which is used for penetration testing on a regular basis. NodeZero uses the Ubuntu repository so our system will always be up to date. So every time you get an update for ubuntu, then Nodezero also get it. In NodeZero there are about 300 tools for penetration testing and set the basic services required in penetration testing.

5. Parrot-sec Forensic OS

best Operation System for hackers
This Operating System is a combination of Debian-based GNU / Linux OS combined with FrozenBox OS and Linux Times which aims to provide the best and powerful experience while penetrating and also testing security in a system. Parrot-Sec OS is also commonly used by IT security experts.
Parrot-Sec Security has a fairly complete tool with the MATE desktop as its default view. With so much support in the Parrot OS community, there is no harm in learning to use this OS to perform system security testing.

6. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

best Operation System for hackers
Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a Fedora Core based operating system that can be used for hacking or security testing with Live CD form. Live plug can boot directly on your computer. The toolkit is designed to provide easy access to the best-of-breed open source network security applications and should run on x86 platforms. The purpose of this toolkit development is to provide Network Security Administrator with a set of open source network security tools.

7. Arch Linux

best Operation System for hackers
Arch Linux is a Linux distribution for IA-32 based computers and x86-64 architectures. The operating system is open source and there are free software supported by the community. Arch Linux is one of the OS or even the only OS that gives freedom to its users to modify freely about OS to be used.

8. BackBox

best Operation System for hackers
BackBox is an Ubuntu-based distro used for hacking purposes. According to the developers, this OS is made for penetration testing to make it easier to do. This Ubuntu based operating system has a lot of penetration applications commonly used for penetration into the system, computer forensics, sniffing, exploitation and much more.

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