Increase Traffic to Blog Visitors in a Simple Way

this is the article favored by SEO and quickly increase the traffic of visitors to a blog and website, as we know the quality article is one of the most favored articles by Search engines, and this is the main key number 1 either Goole, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Ask , and many more. but for some Bloggers are less aware of what the quality of the content is so they prefer Many Few Postings Visitors, Instead of Few Posts but flooded by visitors this is certainly the opposite. and let's learn.

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lazy person to write so that happening now is the rise of Copy paste an article with one another, indeed for the umpteenth people use this way, but if in my opinion this way that will make you lazy to work produce quality articles and liked by ole SEO therefore let's find out SEO preferred article and quickly increase visitor traffic of a blog or website

  • the first Make a Post Original, in the sense we are required to make our own posts not by way of copy and paste articles of people
  • Add URL or Link Address Our Articles To Webmaster, in the sense that every new Post newly completed it would be nice we Submit first to the Web master, this can increase traffic visitors a blog because Search Engines or Search Engine will better recognize our Blog.
  • Notice the Title of the article in the meaning of the title that we created for the article whether interested people or only interested by us alone, this is the first important thing, for example your goal to make Blog is to get Dollar, means we must be ready to play outside Hobby and our expertise, why what we like not necessarily other people or blog visitors like, for example you are very happy with the computer, whereas Now More Ngetrend Android automatically Your blog will be quiet visitors this is because the reader will see interesting things that update
  • The next is to pay attention to every word, this also includes Important Point, because Search Engine especially again Google Likes An article with a Word count of at least 400 Words, or as much as possible So Clever Lengthening an arikel so our articles are liked by google, if our preferred article will be easily indexed and appear on Google's main page
  • plant backlinks correctly, sometimes we just plant backlinks without knowing the impact to our blog, this will certainly make our work in vain. because planting backlinks on blogs that are not just just a waste of time.
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  • Include images that attract the attention of visitors, this also becomes a factor, in the sense that not everyone when looking for a reference or an article with only rely on the top Link, but there is also a view of Good image in a sense, the image of an article also become Important Point to increase Visitor or Blog visitors
and that is SEO preferred article and quickly increase visitor traffic of a blog may be useful

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