How To Post Disqus Comment On Blog free

How To Post Disqus Comment On Blog free.hi friends On this occasion I want to give tutorial how to put disqus comments on blog. karna emang again the trend of bloggers put disqus for his comment column replaces the default from google. so every visitor who wants to comment or give an opinion must have a disqus account first. without a long start we just start working on it

1. First your must login in here Disqus
2. Next to the right corner of your profile click settings then the contents that you think need to fill.


3. Click the gear located in the top right corner. then click Add Disqus To Site then scrol down to see the picture and click Get Started


4. Then click i want to install disqus on my site


5. then Create a New Website. contents of the name of your website / blog you are also its category then create site
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6. after it will appear like this you click the Blogger logo because it will be installed in blogger


7. Then will appear Blogger Install Instruction. then Add to my Blogger site continue Import your existingBlogger commentinto disqus, so the comments in google will move automatically to disqus. then click Configure

8. When you click add to my blogger site will come out window like this you just add Widget
9. then to his comment click import comment from blogger then click Enable Syncing

10. Done. this is Disqus yanga da comment on your blogger.


If you have finished try you see your own post that there are comments will be moved automatically from blogger to disqus. if still not appropriate try to follow detai. if anyone wants to ask please dikolom comments available.How To Post Disqus Comment On Blog free

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