How to get Free Internet with Psiphon Pro on Android

in this discussion I will discuss about how to get free internet using psiphon pro internet application

  • Understanding the IP address

Internet Protocol Address stands for IP address. Understanding the IP address is a numerical identity that is labeled to a tool such as a computer, router or printer contained in a computer network that uses internet protocol as a means of communication. IP address has two functions, namely:

As a host identification tool or interface on the network.

This function is illustrated like a person's name as a method to recognize who that person is. in a computer network applies the same thing.

Psiphon is an open-source web browser where the goal is to outsmart the censors faced by users in many countries, where freedom of expression is prohibited, and access to certain websites is blocked.

just the first step :

1. Download Psiphon Pro in the Play Store

psiphon pro

2. Once you download psiphon Pro, Open Psiphon Pro
3. Set which countries you will use
psiphon pro

4. click start, wait for the process to finish
ip address

5. When finished and connected, the color of the letter P in Psiphon pro will change to Blue color
free internet

But do not let when you change the ip, while logging your gmail, because you will get a message from google, especially if you have forgotten the first mobile phone number you register to make gmail.

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If you can not link after connecting, check your internet network again.
easy enough please try and good luck

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