How to get Change ip Address use Psiphon Windows

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Before going to the core I will explain a bit about ip address

  • Understanding the IP address

Internet Protocol Address stands for IP address. Understanding the IP address is a numerical identity that is labeled to a tool such as a computer, router or printer contained in a computer network that uses internet protocol as a means of communication. IP address has two functions, namely:

change ip address

As a host identification tool or interface on the network.
This function is illustrated like a person's name as a method to recognize who that person is. in a computer network applies the same thing.

As the address of the network location.
This function is illustrated as our home address indicating where we are. To facilitate the delivery of data packets, then the IP address contains the information of its existence. There is a route that must be passed so that data can get to the destination computer.

Any computer or laptop connected to the Internet connection must have an IP Address. So that we can surf the internet more safely, we can hide our external IP Address with Proxy or VPN. Hiding IP Address has several advantages, such as more secure from hacker attacks, can open blocked sites (internet positive), and many more. This time I will discuss how to hide IP Address with the help of Psiphon software
How to Use Psiphon:

1. Download Psiphon 3 here
2. Run Psiphon 3, then wait until the check mark appears
3. Now your IP Address is hidden
4. Done!
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