History of Internet on the World

History and Development of Internet in the world

            How we know the internet has become a necessity in the world is very important  Maaya , fine in commercial terms or in terms of business .
but do you know the history..see it

History of Internet on The World

Soviet Union (now Russia) launched spacecraft, Sputnik.
As the aftermath of the "defeat" the United States in launching spacecraft, formed a body within 
the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which aims to be 
the United States could increase the science knowledge and technologi the country. One target is 
technology pc.
Internet history in this th ie one J.C.R. Licklider posting an article about the fruit of a vision in 
which computers can be interconnected to one another with the global way so that each computer 
is capable offered access to programs and data. In this th and RAND Corporation began research 
on this concept (distributed computer network), which is intended for military purposes.
Theories regarding packet-switching is able to be implemented in the real world.
The term "Hypertext" issued by Ted Nelson.
Tymnet network were made.
ARPANET network members increased to 23 pieces of computer nodes, which consists of a 
computer-that computer to research the United States government and the campus.
A working group labeled with the International Network Working Group (INWG) made for 
improving computer and network technology also creates standards For computer network, 
which includes the Internet is. Inaugural speaker of this organization is Vint Cerf, who once 
was named as the "Father of the Internet".
So Many commercial database services such as Dialog, SDC Orbit, Lexis, The New York Times 
databank, and others, to register it to the ARPANET through dial-up networking.
ARPANET outside the United States: in this yr, members of the ARPANET grew again with the 
influx of so many campus outside the United States is the University College of London of England 
and the Royal Radar Establishment in Norway.
Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn publish detailed spec protocol Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in the 
article "A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection".
Bolt, Beranet and Newman (BBN), pontraktor For ARPANET, access a commercial version of
ARPANET they call which is Telenet, which the public service of data packets early.

There has been a 111 pc fruit that is already open to the ARPANET.
TCP split into two sectors, the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).
Prime Usenet discussion group created by Tom Truscott, Jim Ellis and Steve Bellovin, a graduate of 
Duke University and the University of North Carolina, United States. then, the use of Usenet has also 
increased by drastic means. It is interesting, in this yr and emoticons proposed by Kevin McKenzie.
Early 1980s
Personal computer (computer) outbreak, and so did little sector of human life. Yr is written ARPANET 
already had 213 members to access the host's mouth. Services BITNET (Because It's Time Network) 
begins, with services provide e-mail, mailing lists, and any File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
CSNET (Pc Science Network) is also built on this yr by scientists and experts in the sector of computer 
science from many different campus.
The term "Internet" early times used, and TCP / IP protocol is adopted which is universal For the network.
Introduced domain name system, which today is known with DNS (Domain Name System) which serves 
For a uniform naming system on a computer network address.
The Internet is growing so rapidly, these factors capable dibuktikkan with the advent of the billions of websites 
in the world. & Digital business has also been a trend in thanks to the development of the Internet
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